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RIFT’s new Unicornalia event takes place in Moonshade Highlands, culminating in a battle against Ezmodeamus. As a reward for this event, you can obtain a limited edition mount: Onyx Unicorn! Read on for the guide on what you need to do (and also how to obtain the Opal Unicorn)!

Ways to Obtain the Onyx Unicorn Mount

The special edition Onyx Unicorn mount can be obtained by opening the limited edition item Sparkle Trove. This can be obtained in one of three ways:

  • Obtain it as a reward for taking part in the Hooves and Horns zone event
  • Purchase it from the RIFT Store
  • Complete the achievement Rainbow in the Dark

The achievement is pretty easy to complete, and involves three different quests that must be completed:

  • Eternally Helpful – simply use a Sparkle Wand on an enemy player. This is extremely easy to do. Just go into a warfront and you will find plenty of enemies. Target one and use the quest item while close enough to get credit for this quest
  • Returning Hope – for this you need to collect a Stolen Alicorn. This is done by entering the Instant Adventures, and working on them until you get it as a reward. It shouldn’t take long, though the quest claims it is not a 100% chance on each quest (mine was on the first)
  • Friend of Wyredode – this quest just requires completing the zone event Hooves and Horns in Moonshade Highlands. There is a trick to this, though, which is that you must be eligible to receive experience from the final boss, Ezmodeamus. This requires mentoring down to a lower level. I went ahead and did this for the entire zone event, though it’s not clear if this is a requirement or if you just have to do it for the final boss (and due to the rare events, it isn’t worth risking)

The good part about knocking out the achievement is that you can also get another Sparkle Trove from the zone event in the last part, so it has the possibility of doubling your chances of getting the mount! Note also that the Sparkle Trove will be sent to you via mail when you finish the achievement, so you will need to visit a mailbox to pick it up. It may be instant or could be slightly delayed, so be patient with it.

Settling for the Opal Unicorn Mount

If you go through the work to get the Onyx Unicorn mount and don’t achieve it, or simply want to skip the process and get a guaranteed mount, you can also settle for the Opal Unicorn. While it doesn’t carry with it the same prestige, it is still a nice new mount! This can be bought directly from the RIFT Store, utilizing Sparkle Essences. The cost? Only 850. As long as you’re able to knock out the daily quests each day (which should only take a couple of minutes – excluding the rest of your Warfront time), this isn’t a problem.

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