How To Make Prayers More Effective

Do you know…

How much do you know about the scientific basis of prayer?

Do you know what new scientific research reveals about:

• How and when to pray?

• What kind of requests are most likely to be granted?

• How long to wait for answers to your prayers?

• How to recognize the answers to your prayers?

• What to do if your prayers are not answered?

Recent scientific discoveries reveal how to pray more effectively.

Science has learned why prayer is sometimes effective - no matter what your religious beliefs are - and why prayers sometimes go unanswered.


Scientific research has indicated that people sometimes pray in the wrong dimension. Sometimes they don't get results because they pray for the wrong thing. Sometimes people pray in a way that cannot be heard by higher intelligence. Other times, their prayers get through and are answered.


According to scientific findings, the best time to pray is at night before going to sleep.

The best position is to sit quietly, bow your head, close your eyes and roll them slightly upward, approximately 20 degrees in relation to your face.

Then enter a deep state of physical and mental relaxation.

Which language is best to use for prayer? Does high intelligence understand all languages, all dialects The universal way to communicate is visually. Languages vary, but everyone understands pictures. So use mental pictures.

First, visualize the problem that needs to be corrected, directly infront of you.

Describe the problem in every detail, mentally picturing it as you do. Mentally picture all of the details as you describe them. Recall what each detail of the problem looks like.

After doing this, then shift your attention towards your left, and imagine and describe in fine detail, the solution that you seek. In the mental world, the future is always to your left.

Expect to see some sign of improvement within three days. Use this feedback to guide your prayers in the future.

When you notice an improvement, include this improvement in your next prayer session.


Praying is the mechanism used to obtain help from the “other side” for solving a problem. It is to be used after you have tried and not been able to solve the problem yourself.

The only time you qualify to obtain help is when you have attempted to solve the problem yourself and have run out of things to try. You need to try to the best of your ability to solve the problem yourself before you seek help from the other side.

For instance, if you have anxiety, stress, insomnia, or headaches, before asking for help from the other side, you must apply what exists on this side to correct the problem.


In the first segment of the Mind Development and Stress Control, there are several techniques to help correct the cause of stress.

For chronic problems, when the techniques in the first segment are not enough, you will need to take the second segment.

For trying to solve major problems, when the techniques of the first two segments are not enough, you then need to take the third and fourth segments. The techniques are the most advanced and powerful techniques on the planet for correcting all kinds of problems. If you apply the appropriate techniques from all four segments and still have not corrected the problem, you will have then proven that you ran out of things to try and you qualify to get help from the other side.

We should never bother the other side for help when we can solve the problem ourselves on this side.

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