How To Make Grocery Money To Feed Your Entire Family While Learning To Speak A New Language


Fully Exploit The Life Changing Magic Of Audio; Books & Courses + Brainwave Workouts, Meditation & Stress Reduction Soundtracks While Being Paid By The Hour

You are either going to love this idea or absolutely hate it. With this entry to the Devtome wiki, I have the potential to become a hero to you, or be viewed as a less than zero by you. Well then; let the chips fall where they may.

The fact is, you can use audio programs to help to transform your life. Millions of people have done it. Why not you? The trick I found is to find a means of income that allows me to focus on the various courses, books, and soundtracks, without cheating the folks who are paying me to do the job.

I found it. It doesn't bring in a ton of money, but the title of this article is accurate. It is possible to make enough money to feed your entire family, (unless it's huge and/or you don't know how to shop for food bargains.)

If you are single, and you have low rent & a frugal lifestyle – like many millions of people – you could possibly make enough money to totally live on; including food, shelter, utilities, etc. Furthermore, you don't have to learn a new language, if you don't want to. That's just an option.

You could be paid while enjoying home study courses, or reading books you've been wishing you could get to, or meditating, or setting goals and strategizing home based business plans.

You could also get paid to listen to music or talk radio, or, for that matter, you could be paid to become that person who calls into every talk radio show on the dial. On the other hand, you might prefer to get paid for streaming movies on a tablet or smart phone. (Hopefully, you'll watch some documentaries, in keeping with this strategy of; learning, growing, transforming, developing, improving, self helping.)

Yet ultimately, it's up to you regarding how productive you want to be. This income opportunity allows you to collect money for (or at least, while) doing just about anything your heart desires. I personally hope you spend the bulk of your time on personal development.

As for me, I like to to take a number of home study courses in audio MP3 format, or listen to audio books. I really do get paid to improve my bad Spanish. Sure, some of the time is spent enjoying sports and other talk radio shows, which, admittedly is not generally categorized in the personal development field.

Sometimes I get paid to listen to sporting events, live. If I want to pay the streaming fees, I could even be paid to watch sporting events, rather than just listen to them on the radio.

I listen to a lot of brainwave entrainment recordings. Those things have the ability to force your brain do the same thing that Tibetan monks get their brains to do, after 30 years of learning how to meditate at the deepest levels. You just pop on headphones, hit the play button and relax.

Brainwave entrainment is proven to have all kinds of positive effects on your mind as well as your body and general state of health. It reduces stress, and even exercises your brain in ways that allow you to endure more stress without actually feeling stressful.

If you have yet to begin your foray into brainwave entrainment yet, you really owe it to yourself to get started ASAP, even if you aren't in a situation where you can be paid for doing it. Of course, if you use the strategy I'm writing about, then that is even better, because there is something incredibly special about being paid to improve yourself.

This strategy is good for your health in a variety of ways. It requires some exertion of calories, so there is a bit of an exercise element. In effect, you get paid to burn calories. Don't worry, it's not hard physical exertion, but you do end up expending quite a few more calories than if you were just sitting on the couch at home watching Jerry Springer.

It is done outside, and that is incredibly healthy because it gives you exposure to sunlight. The powers that be lied to us about the need to be afraid of the sun. The fact is, you have a much greater chance of getting cancer if you make it a point to stay sun free, than if you make it a point to get a good amount of sunshine every day.

Drinking a lot of water is good for you to, and you certainly can do all of that you want, all long as bring it with you. So, don't be surprised if you find your health improving and if you lose some excess weight while taking advantage of this plan. Have you guessed it yet?


To make this happen, log into the World Wide Web. Navigate to the CraigsList page in your area. Go to the JOBS section and type in SIGN HOLDER.

Obviously, you're not going to get rich, but you might get $10 an hour. It won't be too much less than that, and in some cases, it could be a bit more. If you live in a metropolitan area and have a car, you might not have to wait long before you find an opportunity.

If you only have a bicycle, chances are you'll be limited to an area within 5 miles of your home, unless you don't mind a longer ride. It will add to the health benefit portion of this strategy.

Really, you just need to call (or email, if the ad says not to call), and show up at the exact time (or a little early) when they tell you to come in for the “interview.” There is rarely any kind of interview. They mainly want to see you and make sure you don't look like a meth head/crack head.

If you are simply unwilling to work as a sign holder, I have another possibility for you, later in this article. However, I must say that if the reason you can't see yourself doing that is because you wouldn't want people you know to see you, then perhaps you have issues preventing your self development and success that audio courses will not be able to help you with.

Do you really want to go through life, making decisions based on the opinions of other people? I definitely know I don't. I could never be free if that is how I chose to live.

Besides, I don't get the stigma some people have about sign holding. I know people who would rather work at Walmart making less money and enduring a ton more hassles and pressure, and they have no time to improve themselves, learn new things and expand their proverbial horizons. I guess it's a matter of, to each her own.

At any rate, if you answer an ad and get an appointment to come in to discuss the job, be sure to get there on time. Have a clean body, clean hair, clean clothes and be able to understand the language they are speaking to you. Chances are overwhelming you will have the coveted position. You might even start getting paid for personal development right then.

Most jobs are part time, but there are quite a few that are full time, if you keep looking long enough. You might find one that is 5 or so hours on the weekdays, and later, if you need the hours, find another one that is 8 hours both weekend days.

If you just don't see any sign holder jobs listed in CraigsList, try entering different keywords, because it needs to be an exact match. Do a separate search for each one, like; SIGNHOLDER (no space between the words), SIGN SPINNER, SIGNSPINNER, SIGN WALKER, SIGNWALKER, HUMAN ARROW, HUMANARROW, HUMAN DIRECTIONAL, HUMANDIRECTIONAL, SIGN TWIRLER, SIGNTWIRLER, SANDWICH SIGN, SANDWICHSIGN, SIGN FLIPPER, SIGNFLIPPER.

Of course, you can just enter, SIGN, and you will get a lot of listings that aren't looking for a sign holder, but that just happen to have the word, sign in it; like a listing for an experienced sign maker. However among those listings, you might find some that are looking for a sign holder, but none of their text matched any of the suggestions listed above. For instance, it might say: “We are looking for someone to spin a 4' X 2' sign outside our restaurant.”

You also can just click on the GENERAL LABOR category in the JOBS section and read each ad. You would miss any that might have been listed in another category, but that is where most of the sign holder listings are found.

You don't have to look exclusively in CraigsList. If you have want ads in a local paper, you can try that. You also can go into stores and let them know you are available. You could do some research online and be prepared with some statistics that show how so many businesses use this strategy and that it is a ever growing trend, year in and year out.

If you really want to go the extra mile, you can have white poster board, and some black stencil letters that you can tape onto the poster board. Go in with a sign already made and tell them you are going to give them a free hour (or more) in order to see if you bring in some customers.

Good stores to do that with are stores that sell expensive items, like bed and mattress stores. All you would need is to have the words MATTRESS SALE, along with an arrow pointed toward the store. The letters should be at least six inches high. If you can get 12 inch stenciling, all the better.

If you can only find stencils that you have to use a marker to fill in the spaces to make the letters, it is going to take a bit more time to make each sign. So be it. Do what it takes to make this happen. It's time well invested.

You might want to just start holding the sign before you even go into the store, and then after an hour, when you see they they aren't busy and will have time to speak with you, go in and tell them you are donating some time, trying to get them some customers.

When they ask why, tell them you are a small guerrilla marketing business owner and this is a promotion you do to let local businesses know about your service. You can have cards made up and give it to them. They might be quite intrigued and ask about your rates, or say they will run it by the owner.

You could go on to the next store and keep doing that an hour at a time. Every day, go by everyone you donated to the day before and tell them hello. Keep finding new prospects and checking in on the older ones. Your persistence will be very likely to pay off.

This is an opportunity to really do this from the small business owner model. What if several of your prospects called you back all wanting to hire you. You're only one person, so you couldn't work for all of them.

Yet, what if you had friends who could use some extra money? They might want to get paid to work on themselves, or learn a new language. You could be your own little employment agency, so to speak.

Have the businesses pay you $11 an hour and you pay your friends $8. What if you had 15 people making you $3 an hour, each? (I have yet to do that, and most people don't, but keep your mind and your options open. Go with the flow. You never know where you'll end up.)

Previously, the topic of the sun was brought up. It's true that cultures with sun paranoia are more sickly and have more cancer than cultures that celebrate the sun, but the fact is, too much sunlight can hurt you.

A great way to protect yourself is not with standard sun screen. Ironically, that stuff is often carcinogenic. How wicked it that? The powers that be tell us to be afraid of the sun due to skin cancer fear – thus, actually causing cancers from our self imposed lack of sunlight – and then they tell us to slather on cancer causing lotions which keep the goodness of the sun rays from penetrating our skin. Evil runs deep, doesn't it?

I have two words for you. Um Brella. Wait, one word. Umbrella.

There are two ways to work this. They both use a big beach umbrella, but not the bottom part of the pole that fits on the top part.

If you have a sign that you hold in your hands, put on a weight lifter's belt around your abdomen. Open the beach umbrella. Tuck the bottom of that top part of the pole into your weight belt, at the back: Instant shade, no matter where you may move around to, the umbrella will be there with you, totally hands free.

On the other hand, if the business uses a large sign that has a wood pole that sits on the ground, find a way to fasten that top part of the beach umbrella to the sign. If you're wondering why not just use the first umbrella technique with the large stand up sign, it's because the umbrella is so large, it's problematic (if not impossible) to hold the sign up.)

Those signs are usually double sided, two signs connected to a long plank of wood. You can stick the pole down between the two signs. You often need to hold the pole and the wood together, to keep the umbrella from flying off in the wind.

If gusts of wind force the umbrella to come up and fold over onto itself, so that you only have half an umbrella to work with, that is alright. You can turn it so that the sun is blocked. Later, when the wind dies down, you can unfold the umbrella back to it's full size.

The umbrella is the trick that can make the job no problem, when otherwise, it would grow old, quickly. I have no idea why I've never seen anybody else using this trick. It's a difference like night and day. If the business doesn't let you use it, (which is difficult to even imagine,) then find another opportunity and get the hell out of Dodge.

The beach umbrella actually makes you stand out from down the street as cars are approaching you. More people will look at you and read the sign, than if you did not have the umbrella. Just try to get it higher than the top of the sign so it doesn't block any of the words.

Keep a gallon of water with you and hydrate regularly. You will generally get more business for the store if you engage with the drivers. Wave and smile most of the time. Yes, you can pay attention to your audio programs and learn new languages as you wave and smile.

When I have meditation programs that work best with closed eyes, I make sure I put my shades on, and I listen to the traffic and have a hand up when I can tell cars are going by. Speaking of wearing glasses, I have found that pinhole glasses that correct your eye vision seem to be most potent when wearing them outside… so I take advantage of the opportunity.

They cost in the range of $20. It's pretty remarkable that in many cases, if not most cases, people can reverse the eyesight damage that normal prescription glasses have done to their eyes, just by wearing pinhole glasses for a few hours a day for a few to several weeks.

That's another benefit I got with this strategy. I no longer require glasses to read as a result of wearing my pinhole glasses while on the sign holding job.

I actually no longer require the income, so I reduced my hours to part time. I don't want to give it up because the intrinsic benefits are so awesome. I don't mean the benefits from the company I work at. I mean the personal transformation and health benefits that come from working the strategy.

However, as the summer sun is making it presence felt, I am considering quitting. I know what will happen, though, if I quit. I will stay indoors 99% of the time, since I work from home, online. After some months, it's virtually inevitable that I will start checking CraigsList, because there is just so much to gain and it forces me to get some sun and physical activity in my life.

Here's my promise to you: If you do this, and really work the strategy, rather than waste the time working on growing a brain tumor, talking on the phone all day, you will be amazed how productive your life will be. You really can learn all kinds of skills and transform your life on a number of levels.

I recently invested in the complete 50 CD multiple modality personal transformation product set. They are audio programs that combine a number of revolutionary transformative techniques all in one.

They have elements of meditation, hypnosis, The Sedona Method, brainwave entrainment, affirmations, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), and dual induction left brain, right brain verbal instruction/story telling. Each program has a particular theme, like overcoming procrastination, self discipline, improving relationships, positive self image, etc.

The fact that I get to be paid while this technology has a profound effect on my mind and life, almost seems like cheating. It's like beating the system at their own game. Make no mistake, the system is set up to enslave us in terms of taking our finances and our time (and so much more.)

Luckily, there are ways to be creative, so we don't have to succumb to the soul stealing matrix that the powers that shouldn't be, are trying to force us all into. Score one for the good guys.



I originally ended this piece here, but I realized I left out the other type of job I've had that, in effect, pays me to develop myself. It's being a security guard, on the graveyard shift.

The ideal posts are usually condominiums. Most condos don't do in-house security. They contract with security companies, so the strategy is to get hired by a company, telling them ahead of time that you are looking for a graveyard position.

A lot of companies will hire you even if they don't have an immediate opening, because they need to have people to come in to replace or fill in for people if the need suddenly arises.

Most people hate the midnight shift because all they do is sit at a desk and there is nobody around to help pass the time. For the most part, you are simply being paid to sit there.

It's may be more perfect than sign holding, because you are sitting down and you are not on display to passing traffic. The downsides are you burn less calories, work less muscles and don't get the incredible health benefits of the sun, but you may prefer how much easier it is to sit in air conditioned comfort.

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