How To Live Anywhere In The World

What is it that stops about fifty percent of people from packing their bags and shipping themselves off to where they wish to travel, live, work and play? It is simple: money. This alone, has the biggest impact on whether your move, travels or vacation will be successful. There are many factors though: it depends on where you travel to, how long you are planning on staying abroad and if you are doing it independently or with an organisation. Let us break this down.

What about the money you’ll need while living abroad?

This is what scares people away, the amount of money they think they need. Though you will be surprised at how little you really need. Follow these steps, and you will find yourself travelling soon to the destination of your desire.

1 Figure out where you want to go, as soon as possible. 2 Check your savings, if you have no money in there you need to make sure you have at least four digits. (If you hold a decent amount of Bitcoin, Devcoin, or other crypto and want to travel - what's stopping you!?) 3 START saving money now. Put at least sixty percent of your money earned away as soon as you get it, don’t think you need to go and buy anything for your trip, yet. 4 As soon as you have enough money, buy your passport if you don’t already have it. 5 Make sure to make a side account for clothes, you will need to buy some. 6 Purchase a suitcase (or two).

Where are you travelling to?

This really depends on how soon you could leave. Lets say you have USD and you want to convert them to the local currency, if you lose value when you convert, then you will need to wait a bit longer. If you gain money, then usually you can leave early. Of course, if you are holding Bitcoin or Devcoin - perhaps you can leave sooner than you think!


● In some African countries and Asian countries you can get live a whole week on a few dollars, you could even buy a house or place to stay with what would seem chump change. ● The Euro, Pound and maybe the Australian dollar all have a value greater value than the USD, so when you convert, you will lose money. Life is more expensive in these areas and harder to do independently. ● Visas! Contact the countries government and ask them about travelers insurance and how to obtain a visa, if you need one.

How long are you travelling abroad?

This is simple, if you are staying a few months, you won’t need to find a steady income but if you are staying for the long term, then this is needed.

● Make sure you check with the country about visas, this is vital, especially if you are staying for the long term. If you are American, then there is a chance that the country may give you a tourism staying period of around three months. ● Make some friends abroad, they will help you, maybe even give you a place to live. ● Country hopping: If you have enough money and don’t want to pay for a Visa, then you could attempt the joyride of country hopping in Europe. Stay in each country one to three months then move at no later than three months. You will stay on a tourist visa as long as you don’t stay over three months.

Are you doing this independently or with an organization while travelling?

Simply said, if you are doing it with an organisation, chances are you will have to pay them or at least pay the flight yourself (unless you have a university degree, then your chances of it paid all together go up).

As well as travelling independently, you can always travel with an organisation.

● There are plenty of courses where you can become an English Teacher (TEFLA and EFL) and these will pay you weekly and even sometimes give you housing. ● You can be an Au Pair, an Au Pair is essentially a live in babysitter. You will be given board, food and usually paid weekly. You will have a contract also. European or English speaking countries are usually the best to do this in. ○ Example: In Austria, you get boarding, food, vacation, sick days and get paid almost 100 Euros weekly. ● Check job listings, if you have the correct skill set you can find yourself living abroad quickly. ● Think Peace Corp or Red Cross.

Let us put this all together. To be an equipped traveler you need to know exactly where you are going, how long you are staying, if you want to do this independently, if you need a visa before you get there, you’ll need a place to stay, to make some friends and have money! Now with making money remember, almost anyone travelling abroad has a language to teach (unless you are going to somewhere where the majority speaks your native tongue) and you don’t need classes for that. Now of course you’ll need to know what to pack, and that varies, so make sure to research where you are going and what the essentials are.

For everyone, it is different, though anyone can say they had a memorable experience while living abroad. If you set your priorities straight then you could be gone in months, if this has been your goal and all this was was a simple review, then you are ready to live abroad.

I can honestly say it easier than you think to travel to wherever in the world you are feeling that mysterious pull.

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