How to Grow Healthy Tomato Plants

Many people have wondered why their tomato plants have died while they were trying to grow them. There are four main factors that affect the growth of a plant. They include sunlight, water, nutrients, and pests. The first two factors are necessary for photosynthesis, which occurs when carbon dioxide and water react in the presence of sunlight. This reaction produces the plant’s food (glucose). Without photosynthesis, the plant will not be able to make food, and it will die.

The plant should be planted in nutrient rich soil because after the seed feeds off of its own nutrients, it will need an external source of nutrients to grow and flourish. The plant must be fertilized so it will have enough nutrients to support fruit and have healthy stems and leaves. If the soil that the tomato plant is planted in has supported many tomato plants before, you may need to add extra fertilizer because the soil will be lacking necessary nutrients. If the plant does not have enough water, the plant will die. Also, if the plant has too much water it will have that same effect. The proper amount of water to add to the plant may be determined by adding water until the soil feels moist to the touch. Another way that the proper amount of water may be determined is that the owner of the plant keeps adding water until it just starts to leak out of the bottom of the pot. After the water just starts to leak, stop adding water immediately. A drainage device can be created to ensure that rain can’t drown your plant.

While the tomato plants are still seeds and have not germinated yet, sunlight is not a factor. However, when they do germinate the plant owner should check for an area that receives direct sunlight a few hours a day and place the plant there. If this is not done, the plant will eventually wither and die (if there isn’t enough sun for photosynthesis). However, placing the plant in full sun all day will mean that the owner of the tomato plant will need to add a little bit more water than usual. The climate needs to be warm but not too hot or the tomato plant will eventually become limp or it may die by loss of water. If the tomato plant does not have enough sun, and it survives, it will grow to be spindly and weak. Do not place a glass or plastic cover on top of or around of the plant, because of the built up heat inside the cover is very capable of killing the tomato plant.

Pests are very dangerous to tomato plants that are out in the open without protection. Aphids will suck on the plant’s nutrients, killing your plant across time. Caterpillars, slugs, and snails will eat the plant and its fruit, eventually killing it. Wildlife will probably only eat the plant’s fruit, harming it but probably not killing it. Plants might also grow in window sills, and greenhouse cages. There is not much that can be done about the pests, but the tomato plant owner could put a cage around the plant, and/or check for pests daily.

Tomato plants, like other fruit bearing plants will flourish and produce delicious fruits given the correct combination of water, sunlight, and nutrients. Although it may take several attempts to produce healthy plants, the result will be worth it.

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