Step by step instructions for setting up earning devcoins by writing

So if you are still having trouble getting setup for earning devcoins by writing then follow this simple step by step guide on how to make sure you have done all you need to do to earn your devcoins by writing.

First read here: Earn Devcoins by Writing but I assume you have possibly come from that link so lets get right onto the guide.

There is also online help available in the IRC devcoin chat room

1. Get Wallet


The Devcoin Wallet is free, open source software. You can download the Devcoin source code to compile the wallet yourself, or download a precompiled binary for your operating system. Devcoin GUI is the client (wallet), Devcoind is used for mining Devcoins.

FreeBSD, Linux, Windows and Mac versions are available to Download.


Help and Information

Should you need any help with setting up your Devcoin wallet, please see this thread where someone will gladly provide you with assistance.

Need a Devcoin address that can be used to accept generation shares

Firstly you will need a devcoin address that can accept share generation payout rewards. Note that addresses from Vircurex and Cryptostocks do NOT accept generation shares directly and you can NOT use these as your Tip address directly.

Don't worry though you can send the coins to these sites and use them there from your wallet once the share generation blocks have been deposited in an appropriate wallet.

I installed a devcoin wallet onto my Ubuntu 12.04 laptop from the source code and wrote these handy instructions install_devcoin_ubuntu.

2 Request an account on Devtome

Well if you are reading this then you have already found devtome :) so congratulations!! To get a devtome writers account you will need to request one from a devtome admin.

If your username starts with A-F please message Dinkleberg on, If your username starts with G-L please message FuzzyBear on, If your username starts with M-R please message Papacrusher on, If your username starts with S-Z please message Wiser on,

In your message include your email address, a bit about yourself and your best complete article (minimum 300 words). If your application message and article meets Devtome standards, then the admin will create your account and send you the password, and you will be able to create pages and edit the wiki. If you have a preference for a username, please indicate that in your signup request message. Otherwise your signup admin will use your Forum ID as your Devtome username.

3. Post Wallet here

Setup your devtome userpage

Last thing to do is link your writing on devtome to your wallet payout address, and this is done in your userpage (once logged in click the red link in the top right hand corner to take you to your userpage) the url is in this form so you can see you can change the user name from 'fuzzybear' to 'your user name' Once on your userpage, click the 'Create this page' link and put in the following template of text



Coin Address: 18xskifRMWUtMzbHSzQi7rEWF5upmktgF2

and that's it!! You are all successfully setup to start writing your articles and start earning devcoins.

4. Write your articles and reference your work on your userpage

Now that you are ready to write an article, go to the url of the title of your article; so for example if your article is on the precious metal Gold, go to the url and create the page for your article. Now every original source of text you can reference in your userpage by adding the following line to your userpage under the Original section

*[[:Gold]] - Source: First published on devtome

Now your wallet corresponding to your tip on devtome will receive devcoins in the round of shares you will be entitled to once the countwords python script has been run, a way of viewing when you will get paid is that it can be between 3000 and 7000 blocks from now on the devcoin chain, which is between 1-2 months roughly. Here is an overview of how devtome earnings are paid out.

Here are two examples of userpages that are set up correctly:

How_to computing

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