How to Get More Likes Yo Your Facebook Fan Page

Thought I would do a quick post on How to get Free Likes on your Facebook Fan Page. The main aim of anyone with a Facebook Fan Page is to increase fans/likes/followers as well as increasing your page’s engagement so that Facebook gives your page a good edge rank. If you have a small budget then paid methods such as Facebook ads might not be an option. So many look for free methods to increase their Fan Page following.

Below are just a few free methods you can utilize to start getting some more likes to your Fan Page.

Select build audience option on the fan page and pick invite email contacts to invite anyone you know that you have their email address, you can also upload a text file of any email contacts you have. You are allowed to upload a file once every 24 hours. The bigger the file the longer it takes to upload. If you extract user emails on Facebook to target a specific niche you can also invite people using this method by uploading your text file of email contacts.
Invite friend’s to like your page is another free method you can utilize. You can also share your page to your wall. Another free method you can use is by searching for Fan Pages in your niche, looking for relevant posts on those fan pages and commenting on the posts. For this method to be effective you need to comment as your fan page. Aim to do this a few times daily on different pages. Try and write more than one worded comments and try and offer value. That is just a few free methods you can use. Remember that you need to be consistent, likes are not going to flow by just doing the odd method here and there.

The more engaging your content is the more likely you are going to get likes, comments and shares which can also bring in free likes.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this and that you have got some helpful tips.

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