How to close apps on iPhone iOS 7

How to close apps on iPhone iOS 7 is probably one of the first questions that come to mind after taking the plunge and upgrading to Apple’s latest mobile operating system version. After all the excitement dies down, you may realize that you cannot close your apps the old way you did with iOS 6. The trick is in understanding the new multitasking view and how to access it.

Close apps on iPhone

The basic steps to closing apps on iPhone are as follows.:

Step 1

Swipe left the “slide to unlock” slider and enter your phone’s security code if needed to unlock your iPhone home screen.

Step 2

Double click the Home button to enter multitasking view.

Step 3

Swipe left or right across the screen until you see the app you wish to close.

Step 4

Touch the app you wish to close and swipe up until it disappears from the screen.

Step 5

Repeat steps 3 and 4 to close additional apps until finished.

Step 6

Click the Home button again to close the bottom tray when finished.

Bonus tip 1

You can close up to three apps at a time by using up to three fingers when swiping up. Just put one finger on each adjacent app that you want to close and swipe them up simultaneously.

Bonus tip 2

The multitasking view is also for just that purpose, multitasking. Instead of swiping up on the app you would normally close, just click on the app icon below it to switch to that particular app.



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