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How to close apps on iPhone iOS 6

How to close apps on iPhone? That is a question I get all the time. In fact, I was wondering the same thing not so long ago as I will explain. Today I will show you how to do just that. I will walk you through step-by-step with helpful screen shots to show you the process in detail.

How to close apps on iPhone

The basic steps to closing apps on iPhone are as follows.:

Step 1

Swipe left the “slide to unlock” slider and enter your phone’s security code if needed to unlock your iPhone home screen.

Step 2

Double click the Home button.

Step 3

Hold down any one of the open iPhone apps that appear in the strip at the bottom of your iPhone screen until they start to shake and you will notice that a red circle with a white minus sign appears in he upper left corner of each app icon.

Step 4

Touch the red circle with a white minus sign on each app that you wish to close.

Step 5

Repeat to close each app or swipe to the left to view and select individual apps to close.

Step 6

Click the Home button again to close the bottom tray when finished.


When I first got my new iPhone 5 it was amazing. Especially since I was upgrading from a very old iPhone 3gs. My new phone was sleek and fast. Until one day, after about a month’s time, it became very sluggish and apps were crashing all the time. A friend suggested that I close some of my apps. I wondered how to do that. After some searching and practice I figured it out. I realized that I actually had 100 apps open at the same time! No wonder I was experiencing problems. Once I was able to close all apps iPhone, it was all good.

Now that you are comfortable closing iPhone apps, doesn’t that feel better? I thought so. It sure beats powering down and powering up in the hope that it helps like in the case of your PC or Mac.


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