How to be smart

All around the world it is obvious that people that are smarter are looked up to. It is really true that being smarter can help you in life to make smarter choices and to quick think in times of need. Everyone has the ability to get smarter than they are and trying to become smarter isn’t as hard as it seems. So if you’re interested in trying to make yourself smarter you should go for it! Knowledge is something that brings beauty in life and will truly show you deeper meanings in everything. Here I am going to be showing you some of my favorite ways to become smarter and if you gave a try it would really make a difference!


I bet that no matter where you are in your life you have been told to start reading more because it truly helps. Enjoying books is a very lucky trait and great for everyone. If you are a reader than that is great because you are already doing this step to be smarter! Reading probably the number 1 way to become smarter and once you start reading more and more, you start to love it! I started reading often when I was younger and never really liked it but to this day I still read very often and enjoy every second of it! So this is something that maybe you should try! Pick up an interesting book that you think you will enjoy and see where reading takes you! Also, it doesn’t have to be a book that you are reading. It can be anything! You could read from history textbooks, to online news, to your favorite gossip magazine! Reading really gets you thinking and will definitely help you become a better reader!

Learn a Second Language

Another great thing that anyone is able to do to become smarter is to try to learn a different language! Learning different languages than you already know really gets your brain moving and really helps with things like memorization. Being able to know a second language not only makes you smarter, but it really helps you with traveling. Imagine being able to travel to a place that spoke a foreign language and you were able to understand it! That would be so cool to be able to do! Learning different languages can really open opportunities for you. Also, you don’t have to think of learning another language as going to expensive tutor lessons or memorizing a dictionary. Learning a language can be simple and fun in many ways. An example of this may be if you own a smartphone or a tablet, you are easily able to download apps that will increase your knowledge on different languages from quizzes to playing games with the language! Learning a second language or more will really help you in life and really open the way that you view different things and will really help make you a smarter person.

Do Brain Activities

Keeping your brain sharp and ready is really important and by doing brain exercises it really helps you become smarter because you are using you brain more to think. Imagine that your brain is your bicep; the more you work it out the stronger it gets. Hence, the more you do workouts on your brain the smarter you get! This is probably the most enjoyable way to become smarter because you can easily do this by playing games or doing things that you already enjoy! First, one thing that you can do is do puzzles like Rubik’s cubes. These are very simple and easy ways to work out your brain and are quite fun and very addicting. Doing these kinds of puzzles will really increase your mental capabilities. There are many forms of puzzles like this too like Sudoku. This is a great way to expand your thinking and completely rebuild the way you look at things! And to start doing Sudoku can be as easy as picking your newspaper! Another easy and simple way is to be artistic! This can include painting, drawing, sculpting, and so much more! Art also really helps because in let’s out your creative side and really helps your problem solving skills. Next, another great way to build up your smartness is by doing math. Being able to do things like speed math and mental calculations is really important because there are going to be many situations that you will face in life that you will need to calculate things in your head. For example, if you are going to be putting on sale’s tax on an item and you want to know if you are going to have enough, you need to do some mental calculations to be able to figure that out! This hard thinking will really help your brain calculate things a lot faster and easier. This is very important skill to have because being able to process things fast will really help you in life. Finally, in this category it is great if you write any kind of poetry or stories. Being able to write is a very important thing in life and will help you in many situations. For example, creative writing forces your brain to work harder with dialogue, characters, deeper meanings, and so much more. Being a good writer will also be great because it will really expand your vocabulary and speech. Not only is writing good for making you smarter, it is also amazing for letting out your feelings and being able to express yourself.


In this category what is really important is being able to listen and being able to understand and communicate with others easily to make you smarter. This is the easiest and can be as simple as trying to focus more on a conversation and understand what people are saying or trying to tell you. This will help you will understanding and being able to explain things better. Finally, be nicer to other people and show some class and that you are polite. Being able to be nice to others will make you be more like and be able to make you smarter because you will be able to formally talk to others and thing can easily earn you a lot more respect from others. As always, thanks for reading!


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