How To Be More Popular In Any Setting

Unless you're blessed with perfect looks, a dynamic personality that just beams and a host of other desirable characteristics, you probably would like to find ways of becoming more popular. Not popular in the shallow sense, but in the way that enriches your life. It's what most people are after, and that's a good thing, because it usually means becoming a better person first.

Be A Great Listener

Ask anybody what the most coveted quality in a best friend or significant other is, and they will most likely “listening skills”. This is because we feel important when someone listens to us attentively. Talking also releases stress and emotions, meaning the person chatting away feels relieved and even enlightened following the conversation. Do this for the people in your life, particularly to new people you meet. You will be instantly likeable and sought after.

Always Be Yourself

No matter how desperately you want to include more people in your personal circle, or how delighted you'd be to get to know someone better, never pretend to be who you are not. This will backfire 99.99 percent of the time, leaving you with only regret. While it's okay to tone down certain aspects of your personality, such as an obnoxious sense of humor or a tendency to be very critical with others, keep it real. It's better to win a few friends with your true self than to be surrounded by pretense.

Step Out Of Your Usual Routine

Becoming more popular may mean breaking out of your comfort zone, because you're going to want to expand your social circle. Be seen in new places. Wear an outfit that prompts comments and fawning, or start making amazing first impressions on people. Whatever course of action you choose to break out of the same old same old, make sure you're comfortable with it. If you don't appear natural, people will see you as fake.

Smile More And Be Friendly

People are often so caught up in their own thoughts, they don't even realize they're not smiling. While you're preoccupied with an upcoming meeting, exam or what to make for dinner, you don't look approachable. Start practicing the art of the smile. You look happy, which makes you more magnetic. You are also more attractive than when you're frowning or crossing your eyebrows together in that befuddled look. Don't walk around looking like a silly goof, just meet people's gaze in social gatherings and smile with deliberate warmth.

Have Confidence Without Arrogance

There's a huge difference between confidence and arrogance, with the former being far less attractive. Confidence indicates you're in control, which immediately sets others at ease. It also leads people to believe that you're someone they want to know and be around. Confidence is a beacon that draws others in, usually leaving you in charge of the course of relationships.

Accentuate The Positive

Smile and the whole world smiles with you, be a whining crying pessimist and you stand alone. It's as simple as that. The world today is a very complex and sometimes frightening place. Just read the news, and you'll find all kinds of negativity that just brings people down. As an optimist, you bring them back up. Being an optimist also gives you the opportunity to show people the bright side of their own lives, which can quickly become an addiction for them. Being more popular means being more of an optimist and that will benefit you personally in many ways too.

Be Nobody's Fool

There's a fine line between being there for people and being their fool. You get played, deprived of your time and energy and sometimes get left with the feeling that there's nothing in it for you. Don't be a pawn for people, no matter what it's for or what's at stake. Letting people use you may cause you to feel needed and thus popular, but it's a false positive. Demand quality in your relationships, rather than quantity.

Keep Charity In Your Heart

Being kind and charitable is important, even when you have nothing material to gain for it. It builds real character above all else and keeps you humble. When you are humble, others can relate to you more easily. It will cause you to be more popular because you are down to earth and approachable. Put a charitable event together sometime, asking friends to participate. The joy, positive energy and honest pride you all get in return will forge lasting bonds and instigate new friendships with many more people.

Have Integrity In Your Choice Of Friends

When someone is deciding whether to be your friend or not, they will often evaluate your existing acquaintances. Are you hanging around with gloomy “poor me” types? Do all your friends repel society at large? This is not to say you should abandon your crew, just think about the impression you make on new people because of them. If your goal is to meet, greet and charm the crowd, the folks you are seen with may demand more scrutiny. You might also try to be a positive influence on people you already know who aren't all that happy and who could benefit from cleaning up their act a little.

Change Your Wardrobe

No, a new pair of jeans isn't automatically going to make you more likeable or win you more friends, but they will improve the impression you make on the world. Dressing the part should also lead to playing the part more successfully too. When you look you best, confidence comes more naturally and your appeal increases exponentially. Start paying attention to what's fashionable, and give it your own twist. Look like a trend-setter without being too abstract. Others will gravitate without moving in, because they'll want to know more about you, but feel a little intimidated. Invite them closer with a smile. Mix and mingle knowing full well that you're fit for the red carpet. Clothes won't make you, but they will make becoming more sociable and popular much easier.

Becoming more popular should enrich not just your own life, but the lives of the people you meet. Popularity is usually based on positive characteristics that make everyone happier, laugh more and enjoy the sheer pleasure of each other's company. Learn to let you true self out. Nurture your amazingness into something everyone wants to get to know better.

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