Here is one method, perhaps not the best method - but a working method on how to acquire bitcoins without leaving a trail


Step 1. You will want to burn TAILS onto a Live DVD or USB stick usng this link and the instructions that are provided on that webpage.

2. Once you have tails installed, you'll want to restart the computer with the Tails Live DVD in the Optical Drive, and boot the TAILS Operating System onto your computer.

3. Now you should be able to start using tor in a safe environmental situation. This is when you will want to create an e-mail address with false information. Do not use any of the same screen names, usernames or pseudonyms, passwords, real name, etc. that could ever link you to your real identity or other identities that might eventually lead to revealing enough information that can lead to exposing your real identity. This email address is needed for a Bitmit account.

4. Now what you'll want to do is go create an account on bitmit. So go to and create a seller account. Again do not put ANY real information about yourself. ALL information must be fake and not be linked to your identity in anyway shape or form. ( to buy or sell USD Cash)

5. List one or more $20 (or other) dollar bills for sale on for their approximate value in bitcoins. To make a sale happen sooner, obviously sell them for a discounted price so it is logical for any person to buy the item from you.

6. After you have completed all of this, what you'll want to do is to close down TAILS and wait until your items sell, and someone has purchased them. Once the $20 bill, or other items have been sold, which is visible to anyone when the item gets delisted on (This could potential take up to a week to sell, and might be for more or less then the value of the money)

7. Once it has sold, restart computer again with Tails live DVD - Get address of buyer, and put on envelop with $20 bill inside. DO NOT put address on envelop. ONLY put their address. This risks them scaming you, but they probably wont and the risk you are avoiding is greater then losing a bit of money. Selling several/many $20 instead of a single lot worth $500 obviously lowers your risk. Hardly anyone is scamming anyway.

8. At this point you now have access to a bitcoin wallet on that has bitcoins in it. It is completely anonymous and cannot be traced back to you. They seller will need to confirm they receive the money and Bitmit will release the BTC from their escrow.

9. Again, always using TAILS, transfer these Bitcoins into the Silkroad wallet - and purchase the items.

When buying from Silkroad: Make sure to:

1. Never use your real name.

2. ALWAYS use TAILS. It is better IMO then just installing Tor for a variety of reasons. I could be wrong.

3. When you receive the item, put “Return to sender” on it, and wait for a few days to weeks – if you do get raided (highly unlikely esp. with one time small orders), all that happened as far as you know or that the evidence suggests is that a stranger sent you a package with someone else's name on it and you put return to sender on it and never got around to returning it. You'd probably be safe in court because of plausible deniability, etc. I am not a laywer though - and I don't really know – so Google the shit out of this stuff before you actually do it. Also watch this video:

4. If you buy something small, like 1 gram of DMT, you will likely get it in a small envelop. This is better then a large package, and all that jazz that you might need to go pick up, sign for, or has more potential to have been modified and have tracking/light sensitive devices implanted in it from the DEA/FBI/etc…

More and better info here when it comes to buying from silkroad:

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