Ranked #47,578 in Internet, #1,397,186 overall How the Influx in Local Online Searches Impacts Your Business Statistics have shown that most people would prefer to do business locally if they could find the products and services that they need and want. Did you know that a large portion of all Google searches have a location included as one of their parameters? That means that a lot of people are looking online for businesses in their local area before they make a purchase. There has also been a sharp rise recently in the number of searches that are conducted from mobile devices, like smart phones and tablets. Studies show that these mobile shoppers are more likely to take instant real world action on what they find than desktop internet users. Because Google Places uses the location parameter to determine which results to show, your business is likely to come up in the search results when someone in your area searches for your type of product or service online. That's only if your business listing has been properly claimed, verified, and optimized for high rankings. Taking advantage of the growth in local and mobile searches will ultimately create more foot traffic to your business. More and more people are taking advantage of the convenience of being able to shop locally. Just this fact alone makes having a well-constructed Google Places listing a very powerful tool for marketing your business in your local area. Adeyinka Adeyanju What is Google Places? Google Places in a Nutshell

Google Places ( is a free service that is a part of the Google search engine that focuses specifically on businesses and their locations. It links to Google Maps and displays a list of companies in the area that offer services or products based on the user's search terms.

For instance, if a search is made for bookstores in a specific location, all of the listed bookstores within that area will be marked on a Google Map with short reviews and often pictures and/or videos related to the business.

Google Places pages are usually generated automatically for any business that has an online presence, such as a company website. They are also generated for businesses that are already listed in other online directories such as the Yahoo directory, Bing Local, and others.

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