How I imagine the conversation between Darth Vader and the chief engineer of the Death Star

“Lord Vader, we ran a security check on the Death Star. It’s totally impenetrable, except for one thing.”

“Go on.”

“There’s this one exhaust port, really small. The thing is, if somebody fires a missile into it, it’ll hit the main reactor and blow up the entire Death Star.”

“Really? Huh, that’s quite serious. How do we fix it?”

“Oh, it’s real easy. We just weld a grill over the cover – problem solved. Costs about fifty bucks. We could do it today.”

“You know what? Firing a missile down the exhaust port is, like, what, a one in a million shot?”

“Probably something like that, unless you’ve got the Force-”

“Enough with the Force. I’ve waited long enough for this thing to be operational. Forget about the grill. It’s time to go blow shit up.”


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