How Beautiful Was Robin Quivers In The 1990s?

Written by Devtome contributor Bomac

“Don't it always seem to go, that you don't know what you got 'til it's gone…” Joni Mitchell - Big Yellow Taxi

In this contribution to the Devtome project, I will attempt to answer the musical question, “How beautiful was Robin Quivers (Howard Stern's co-host for more than 3 decades) in the 1990s?” In a word though, “Extremely.”

My amazing mother died recently, and as my step father was going through her things, he came upon some pictures that he gave to my brother and me. It's was great to see us as adolescents & young adults.

I always knew my brother had been dashing good looking in an Elvis Presley kind of way back in the day, but I had not realized what a handsome devil I used to be. There were even photos where I was trim, which I had thought I had never been, since the start of sixth grade.

“Whoa,” my brother exclaimed, “look how good looking you were!”

“Wow,” I replied. “Who knew?” 1)

I bring that up here to try to convey the point that I'm not being cruel by talking about how gorgeous Robin looked in years gone by. I'm not being sexist either. Everybody gets less good looking with the passage of time, regardless of gender. (Although, after watching the Netflix sitcom, Grace and Frankie, I have to say how impressed I am with what appears to be Jane Fonda's eternal beauty. I don't know how much is makeup, lighting and lens filters, but wow. When I say I'd do her, I'm not just speaking for the 58 year old me, but the 20 year old me as well.) 2)

Pictured Below: Jane Fonda in 2015, 77, demonstrates her uncanny preservation of beauty


Howard Stern talks about how, on multiple occasions, he and Quivers would be walking down a street, and black men would yell and catcall her from all the way down the block. Some would come running after her to ask for her phone number. It wasn't even a matter of them knowing who she was at the time. They were simply that attracted to her how she looked.

I figured it might only have to do with her most curvaceous figure, but after recently coming across these images of her that I've posted here, I can believe it goes beyond that. Furthermore, I'm surprised it was only black men who shared in that behavior. She was absolutely stunning.

The bulk of the images of Quivers on this page are from around 1992 to 1994. Looking at them reminds me of looking at those old photos my mom had of me, in that I was surprised how good I used to look. I had seen pictures of Quivers during that time. How had I missed it at the time? I thought she was alright, not unpleasant to look at in the least, but I was probably far more impressed with her hooters than her countenance.

Pictured Below: Howard Stern's partner in crime flashes her impressive over the shoulder boulder holder

Now though, I look at the pictures of her face, and I'm bowled over. I“m blown away. I can't even fathom how I didn't used to realize she was truly an incredible beauty. She was absolutely breathtaking.

Weight Gain & Weight Loss

Pictured Below: Before & After. (Guesstimates on the years are 2005 and 2007, respectively. Quivers is looking pretty damn sweet in the after photo, if you ask me.


Quivers had started gaining weight, I guess sometime in the late 90s. (I'm not sure, actually.) In 2006 or so, she amended her lifestyle in a way that Stern used to make fun of, but the results were undeniable. She lost most of her extra weight.

I saw pictures of her at a baseball game that had comments from fans of the Stern show. They said things like they found it surprising she still had a “gunt” Profanity alert. This footnote contains profanity 3) As far as I was concerned, she looked so much better, it seemed silly to focus on the relatively few extra pounds she still had.

Dr. Dukan

I don't know if it was her intention to get down to the weight level that weight charts have for women based on height, but the truth is, it's often best to leave some extra pounds on when you lose weight. The French weight loss guru, Dr. Dukan (whom I don't even know if Quivers is aware of or not), says in his book, The Dukan Diet, that a person who needs to lose weight, often will have a different true weight, a higher weight, than they would have if they had never gained those extra pounds.

There are a number of factors beyond her height, including her age, her body type 4) and her overall average weight throughout her life since she was full grown, and how many times she has lost and regained weight, that determine her true weight. 5)

The reason Dukan came to the conclusion that most dieters shouldn't strive to attain the listed weight on weight charts is that he discovered that almost always, people who attained that goal, were unsuccessful in keeping it off permanently. It's better to live with being a bit heavier than you would be in a perfect world, and maintain that weight for the rest of your life, then lose all the weight, be only keep it off temporarily. For all we know, Quivers may have achieved her true weight, according to Dukan's calculations.

The problem with reducing all the pounds to match the typical weight chart is that the person's body has a mind of its own. It begins to panic that the personality inside the body – the ghost in the machine – is trying to kill the body.

The body is programmed to survive for as long as possible through all kinds of adversity. When it believes it is in danger of starving, it can drastically change the individual's fat and calorie burning thermostat – aka, their metabolism. In survival mode, the body has the ability to gain weight, even when the person is consuming a reduced calorie diet.

The body has the ability to make it a rather permanent change. When that happens, the individual gives up, and starts eating poorly again. That simply makes the person gain a lot more weight, often to the point of morbid obesity. That's why Dukan is adamant about finding your true weight, so that you can maintain it, and never gain back the lost weight. Here's the link to Dr. Dukan's true weight calculator, in case you are interested (or know somebody who might be interested.)

Gaining Weight From Cancer?

A few years ago, Quivers' body manifested endometrial cancer. She battled it for 17 months and was given a clean bill of health. Most people lose weight from battling cancer via “modern” medicine. 6) A very small minority gain weight.

I'm not up on the details of when she regained weight, as I quit listening to Stern when my satellite radio broke a number of years ago. I didn't want to pay for another one and Stern's cluelessness regarding what is going on geopolitically (especially in terms of the move toward a tyrannical world government) was becoming too frustrating for me to put up with anyhow.

I just know that she quit coming into the studio to do the show, but worked from her home while she was battling cancer during that year and a half. If she had gained weight before her diagnosis is currently unknown to me, but when she had come back, she was probably heavier than she had been before she had lost weight. God bless her. Heavy and living, beats skinny and dead any day of the week, no matter how you slice it. Yes?

(By the way, Stern told Quivers that if she needed to quit doing the show, that he was going to retire because he just couldn't imagine the show without her.)

Vegans Get Cancer?

In case anybody thinks it's impossible for a vegan to get cancer, Quivers experience would say that's not true. Although, she had not been a lifelong vegan. It had probably been about 6 years or so.

When Quivers decided to lose weight, she was interested in more than weight loss. She was concerned about her health and the way she felt. It's easy to lose weight in unhealthy ways. She wanted to change to a healthy lifestyle, and lose weight as a result of that permanent change.

So she went vegan. She always committed to juicing & drinking her green drinks daily. In the beginning, she went through a series of coffee enemas. It is a way to detoxify the liver. You may know that the liver is a single greatest organ for detoxifying the body. When the liver gets overloaded, it can no longer do its job. However, did you realize that the liver is also the single greatest organ for burning fat? Detoxing your liver is not just one of the best things you can do for your health, it's among the best things you can do for your metabolism. It's a great way to start your weight loss regimen.

Amazing Benefits Of Coffee Enemas

Many people have done wonders for their health with coffee enemas. A lot of people have been healed from cancer. The reason is that it allowed their liver to get the toxins out of their body. A properly functioning liver is a huge part of a properly functioning immune system. A properly functioning immune system, does not allow ones body to contract illness, including cancer.

Whenever somebody is ill, their immune system is not functioning up to par. There are many reasons other than an overloaded, toxic liver that suppress the immune system. A rejuvenated liver from coffee enema therapy does not automatically and summarily heal all cases of cancer & other ailments, and it doesn't magically provide immortality, but the fact remains, many people have been healed of cancer by coffee enemas, despite the denials of the medical system. Keep in mind that the medical industry makes money by managing illness. If you think the people who run the medical industry want to wipe out cancer or any other chronic disease, you have another think coming.

Cynical Medical Industry

The medical system loves to spread the meme that what & how you eat has no effect upon your health. They (minions of the medical industry) tell us that veganism and organic food will do nothing for our health. They laugh at the idea of coffee enemas and virtually every other form of alternative health protocol.

They love it when vegans get sick. They especially love it when vegans get deathly sick. They especially love it even more when vegans get deathly sick, submit to modern medical protocol, and come out of it with a clean bill of health.

To them, Quivers' cancer is proof that a diet free of genetically modified organisms, preservatives, chemicals & toxins, but filled with organic vegetables, juicing and purified water is of no value whatsoever. Quivers doesn't agree, as you might imagine. In fact, she credits veganism, at least as much as her medical treatments for saving her life.

Another Perspective

Most cancer patients who succumb to cancer are actually succumbing to complications from their cancer treatment. Chemotherapy does not magically kill cancer cells and leave everything else intact. It kills cells indiscriminately. It's a total crap shoot. The hope is that enough healthy cells survive to allow the patient to live.

Chemo often brings on death much sooner than the person would have otherwise died without it. Before death, there is generally a ton of nausea and pain. Even when the patient survive, she virtually always has to endure massive amounts and levels of pain and nausea. The nausea of chemotherapy is so bad, it often leads to starvation, or at least the inability to take in the crucial nutrients needed to stave off the damage of the incredibly toxic chemo drugs.

Quivers did not die. She also have zero pain and zero nausea. Her doctors couldn't believe it. They had never experienced anything like it. They kept telling it that the bad stuff may be delayed, for some reason, in her case, but that it was coming. It never arrived. She credits her vegan lifestyle for allowing the chemo to be effective, but not so effective that it killed her, like so often is the case.

I Wonder About The Weight Gain

My personal curiosity has me wishing I knew what the deal is with her weight gain. I had initially assumed that she must have quit veganism when she was diagnosed with cancer, or sometime thereafter. It would certainly be understandable. 7) Regardless, as you can see from the photo below from when she appeared on Wendy Williams TV show, she's large and in charge.

I know she's not thrilled to be so big, but I'm certain she's thankful to still be with us. I hope she is able to lose a lot of that extra weight, but more than anything, I hope she remains healthy and continues in her vegan ways, because every cell in her body has been compromised with deadly toxins from the the chemo drugs.

She needs to rebuild her body from scratch, and nothing can do it better than veganism. It takes about 7 years, I believe, to replace all the cells in your body via the mitochondria process. If you have battled death, & survived chemo, radiation or cancer surgery, I hope you will consider a vegan (or mostly vegan) change. (It's actually a good idea for everybody, of course.)

Quivers book, The Vegucation of Robin: How Real Food Changed My Life, could be exactly what you need.


People | Radio | Health Care

So, to any young'uns who may be reading this, may this be a poignant reminder to appreciate what you got while you have it. Of course, it helps if you realize what you have at the time. If I had realized I was so easy on the eyes, I might have tried being more successful with the young ladies. I remember my friend, Keleko Skillman, telling me about 25 years ago that if we live long enough, time will take our looks away. He was speaking about people in general; not particularly about him & me. (Wow. Him and me sounds weird there. Seems like it should be him and I, but I think the grammatical rule is you use whichever you would use if it was only the one individual. In that case, it would be, “He wasn't just talking about me.” If the sentence was, “Him and me went to the store,” that would be wrong on both pronouns, since it would be, “He went to the store,” or, “I went to the store.”) A few years back, I was listening to the Howard Stern show. They had the actor, Howard's old friend, John Stamos on the phone. Howard was talking about how he wished he could have been handsome like Stamos. Stamos had kept his looks for decades and he's cashed in with them, so to speak, when it comes to his dating life. Fred Norris, one of Stern's sidekicks, was unusually vocal that day. He's usually quite quiet, happy to contribute to the show my writing lines for Howard to use as his own, and playing sound effects, among other contributions. However, he took an active role in the Stamos guest appearance, and was telling him that the day would come when young beautiful women would not be attracted to him for his looks any more. You could tell that Norris was looking forward to that day. It was kind of funny & interesting to see that side of Norris, and it drove the point home for me that time doesn't wait for anybody. I was like, “Dayum, even Stamos won't always be lookin' great if he lives long enough.” So take advantage of what you have while you have it. As long as I'm giving advice of the, do-as-I-say-and-not-as-I-did, variety, I will add that if you are a shy, sensitive guy who hates rejection, you really need to get passed that, because you will end up waiting forever if you are hoping that women are going to change and meet you half way. They, by and large, will never ask you out. Even worse, even when they want to go out with you, and they signal their desire in any number of ways, they often will turn you down when you respond to their signal and ask them out. Think of that Aaliyah song, Try Again. It's totally messed up, but it's the truth. There is an enculturation process – largely done via the mother/daughter relationship, as detailed by author Nancy Friday in, My Mother Myself – that pretty much forces female humans to be that way. They will not take you seriously until you prove to them that you can overcome their rejection. Yes, this is tricky, because some of the times gals tell guys they don't want to (fill in the blank) dance/have coffee/do lunch/go on a date/make out/get lucky/go for a long walk on the beach, they really don't want to dance/have coffee/do lunch/go on a date/make out/get lucky/go for a long walk on the beach. However a lot of times when they say no, they don't want to dance/have coffee/do lunch/go on a date/make out/get lucky/go for a long walk on the beach, they really do want to dance/have coffee/do lunch/go on a date/make out/get lucky/go for a long walk on the beach, etc. They just want you to prove your desire for them by withstanding their rejection and asking again (& sometimes, again & again.) The only way you will know if no really means no is to be persistent. Be careful, because being too persistent is stalking, but if you always accept the first no as no, you are going to be missing out on a lot of dancing, having coffee, doing lunches, going on dates, making out, getting lucky and going for long walks on the beach with women who were hoping & praying that you were going to ask them again. You can lament the situation all you want but it won't change a thing. You can say that if you were a woman you'd be different, but the reality is, due to the existence of reincarnation, it is fairly safe to presume you have been a woman, and you actually took part in the ridiculous behavior yourself. There is no easy way to deal with the fear of rejection – let alone the fear of being rejected 2 or 3 times by each woman whom you ask out. You just have to do it if you want to be successful in that part of your life. Think of it as if you are a stand up comic honing your skills, If you are so scared of bombing that yhou virtually never go up on stage, you'll never be successful. I've had comic friends tell me about how there were times they knew they were going to bomb, but they knew it would ultimately be good for them in the long run, so they went up on stage and bombed, if only for the experience of getting through it.
Yes, place your sarcastic retort here about what an incredible honor that must be for Fonda.
That colloquialism is a combination two words; gut & cunt. Thus, when a woman has fat in the lower abdomen region which tends to extend to her vaginal mound area when she sits, it is known as a gunt.
Body type is ascertained by wrapping your thumb & middle finger of one hand around the wrist of your other hand.
I'm using the third person feminine here because that is my writing style, as most people use the masculine, and I feel like I'm trying to help bring more of a balance. Therefore, don't think that this just applies for women losing weight. It's for men as well.
Cancer treatments haven't really changed in more than 100 years, but they are still referred to as, modern.
Trust me. I know. I gave up my weight loss program after losing 80 pounds, because of nightmare level hemorrhoids. So cancer, definitely gets a pass for taking you off your game, in my book. I share that horror story here in this footnote if you'd enjoy hearing about my misery. Or, if you'd like to how I got over it, keep reading this footnote. Or if you are interested in my current journey to shed 100 pounds and keep it off, keep reading. Or, if you're like me, and you've been able to lose a lot of weight but you've always gained it back, keep reading, because I've found the answer to keeping it off. A few years ago, I dropped 80 pounds, between the HCG Diet and an extended (2 week) phase 1 period of the Dukan Diet. It brought with the weight loss, major constipation, which, in turn, brought about a relapse of hemorrhoids, but this time so severe, I could understand if someone would kill herself to get relief from the pain. I guess the extremely small portions of the HCG diet plan, combined with the healthy nature of the food, inspired the constipation initially. You may wonder how healthy food could cause constipation. I don't have proof, but my body was so used to eating junk food, and in huge portions, no less, I can only assume it was thrown off of it's routine by the combination of good food & small portions. The HCG plan allows 500 calories a day. That small amount of food evidently didn't even register a need for my bowels to evacuate anything. However, after a week, it added up and evidently was so impacted, it was like a log jam and nothing could move out. When I finally had to go, the straining required of the effort brought back hemorrhoids I had not experienced for 15 years, but they were so much worse and longer lasting than I knew possible. After six weeks, I was done with the HCG, so I switched over to Dukan. I thought the constipation would end, because on Dukan, you can literally eat as much as you want if you stick to the food choices. I started eating a lot more food, but still, I would not be able to go to the bathroom for several days at a time, and when I did, it was a nightmare. It got to the point where I was in severe pain not just for 24 after going, but for days on end. Just at the time the pain showed signs of easing, I'd need to go again, and the torture cycle would renew. I guessed that the food was too healthy to give me loose bowels. That is what I needed. I tried all kinds of laxatives, but I built up a resistance almost immediately. Fiber supplements did not help either. My only only hope, as far as I could tell, was that by giving up healthy food, I could return to a normal, pain free existence. I didn't want to, but the pain was unbearable and I didn't know what else to do. I made my first move to unhealthy eating when I got the urge to treat myself to a 7-11 Big Gulp Coke. I was without a car, but it was too painful to ride a bike, so I walked more than a half mile to to the store with my giant thermal cup and got my ice filled carbonated, caffeine, sugar and chemical drink. It was uncanny how much better I felt. The pain wasn't gone, but something profound was changing. It was like relief to my psyche, as opposed to relieving the painful feeling of that cactus plant stuck in my anus. I went home, laid on my side, and drank the soda. I was able to fall asleep for the first time in a long time. When I awoke, I felt the urge to go back to the convenience store and get some junk food. I had the feeling that between the soda and the bad food, it would upset my stomach and break up the log jam with a soft evacuation. So I bought some cooked for you fast food. My plan didn't happen immediately, but it happened. And the pain of going wasn't nearly as severe. I knew I was on the right track. I had found the formula for easing the pain and being able to go to the bathroom. All I needed to do was go back to my former food lifestyle. I previously wrote in this article that Dr. Dukan says if you lose too much weight, your body will think you are starving it to death. It has ways to make you gain weight, (usually by permanently turning your metabolism virtually off.) I believe that my body might have brought about the hemorrhoids as a way to get me to give up my quest to be trim. If so, it was extremely successful for several years. I gained back the 80 pounds I had lost (plus a lot more.) I can understand why my body thought I was starving it. I lost 40 pounds the first 3 weeks of the HCG protocol, alone. Once I gave up, I quickly regained the 80 and raised it another 30, to top out at 315 pounds. I didn't like being that fat, but if I had to choose between the 205 pounds I had gotten down to, but with that debilitating, non stop pain, or 315 pounds without the pain, it wasn't even a competition. I wished I had known about MMS (Master Mineral Solution) back then. Actually, I had heard of it but it seemed too good to be true so I had never looked into it. People report getting over all kind of ailments & diseases, large and small. It has traditionally been used as a water purifier as well as a disinfectant. A man named Jim Humble was looking for something to help his friend recuperate from malaria, so he had them try it at levels higher than purifying water. It worked, so they started telling others who also were healed from malaria, and then people started using it for all kinds of issues. It is said to work by killing pathogens, viruses and parasites, thus helping to rejuvenate the immune system. You need to start out slow because one of the effects is that it kills off so much bad stuff, the body works to get them out of you by giving you the runs. Had I been known I could have loosened my bowels with MMS, I would not have felt the need to go off the healthy protocol. I'm currently eating a mixture of good food and junk food. As a start to phase out the junk food, I feel confident that by the time I'm eating truly healthy, I won't have to experience the issues that threw me off my game last time. I also believe that since I”m losing weight gradually, my body is learning that I'm not starving it. After a few years off letting myself go, getting fatter than ever, about 20 months ago, I decided to give weight loss yet another go. I told myself, this would be the last time I lose weight, since I will keep it off, because for the first time, I will do it slowly. Even before this time, I had lost about 300 pounds at various times, but I had gained about 400, overall. Losing weight, and doing so quickly was never my issue. My problem was changing what I was doing, once I started looking much better. I knew I needed a different game plan. This time, I committed to a gradual change that would turn into a lifestyle that is meant for all time. There is no rush to look good. The emphasis is on permanence and a slow transition toward a healthy lifestyle. No sudden gung ho changes. The only exercise is what I want to do, when I want to do it. I'm not doing anything that I won't want to do. I have no feeling that anything I“m doing is temporary. I'm confident that I have the ability to keep it up as a way of life, because there are no drastic changes. As I wish, I incrementally deny myself bad food and huge portions, unless I feel like it, in which case I go for, but not as much as I used to. This is weight loss based on the tortoise that raced the hare. My goal is to lose 100 pounds. I'm more than 2/3rds of the way there. It has been a slow process. I'm settling for a target of 215 pounds, as opposed to the 185 pounds I feel would be really great for me, and not the 155 pounds that various weight charts say a man, 5' 10” should weigh. When I get to 215, it's not like anything is going to change. I will simply monitor my weight with the emphasis on maintaining, instead of losing. The lifestyle that got me to 215 will keep me there. It will have been a long, slow time coming. There will be no sigh of relief or feeling that now I can let up. The habits that will have gotten me there will be ingrained as my way of life. Last time I lost weight, I got down to 205. While people were calling me skinny, I was actually a bit chubby. This time, I will be 10 pounds heavier, but I'd much rather be there and maintain it, than be thinner but then regain, plus a lot more, like all the other times I've lost weight. Even more than following Dukan's “true weignt” advice, I believe the reason my body is not going to go into panic/starvation mode, is because it will have taken me so long to slowly lose the weight, my body will barely realize how much smaller it is. Here I am 20 months later, 67 pounds lighter. At this overall pace it could take another 10 months – which would be fine. However, most of my loss has been in the past 9 months when I instituted a certain protocol. Thus, I believe I will be at my goal within about 6 months, so it will be a bit more than 2 years to lose 100 pounds. The quickest I would recommend anybody to lose 100 pounds is 1 year. I even considered making it a 3 year goal. Are you wondering about the protocol that sped up my progress? I'm glad you asked. I weigh every day. That's been magical for me. Before I did that, I was having periods where I gained weight. Then, I wouldn't want to see how much I gained, so I'd wait to weigh until I felt I had lost some pounds. Then when I would weigh, I'd weigh more than I thought. There wee a lot of those ups and downs before I committed to weighing multiple times each day. Now I can tell if what I'm doing on a daily basis is moving me in the right direction or not. If not, I know to change it up. It may mean I nave to eat less or better, or it may mean I need to exercise more, or a combination thereof. I will weigh daily for the rest of my life. In the past, I would quit weighing myself after getting to the point I was looking so much better. That was a direct contributor to incrementally gaining weight. Then, I'd be afraid to weigh, so I just put it out of my mind, until my body changed so much, I'd be too depressed, and I'd consciously throw in the proverbial towel.However, when you commit to weighing every day for the rest of your life, you're much more apt to do the right thing. I am 100% committed to weighing every day from now on. Even if I were to gain weight for some reason or another, not a day will go by that I have not weighed, probably several times. There will never come a time when I can say, “Wow. I thought I gained 5 pounds, but it turned out to be 17. Mind you, I'm not even saying I know I will never gain 17 pounds. I hope not, but if it were to happen, I will have seen it happening on a daily basis each step of the way. I feel so much better having dropped 67 pounds over 20 months than I did losing 80 pounds in two months or 40 pounds those first 3 weeks the last time around. I know people want fast results, but for most people, I believe fast results equals temporary results. This is completely new territory for me. I never kept weight off for 20 months before. It bodes well for my goal of making this a permanent change of life. I agree that it will be more impressive when I can say, “It's been 10 years and I haven't looked back,” but nonetheless, it's still impressive as hell for me to be able to say, “It's been 20 month's and I haven't looked back.” I'm not in a hurry. Time is on my side.

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