Tera online has been around for a while now. It has almost same game system, such as categorization, pvp and pve, or giving limit on certain raids per a day with World of Warcraft. However, as Tera is newer than World of Warcraft, it has better graphic. Since they have almost same system, people are moving to free game, Tera. (You pay about USD 15 a month for World of Warcraft subscription.) Leveling in Tera online is really easy. It usually takes about 3 days to reach the maximum level. Unlike World of Warcraft, Tera online gives you an opportunity to level up faster than you could find in any game. It simply has three major differences: 1. You can upgrade your weapon. This means that, once you upgrade your weapon and armors, you can easily hunt mobs that are higher level than you are. 2. It allows you to use booster pack. In other words, you can purchase 200% exp or 50% exp for real money. (if you have gold, you can purchase with gold as well in trade broker) 3. You can reinforce your damage with crystals which will allow you to have more advantages or abilities. Another tip is that, I recommend you buy charms and scrolls to increase your damage. More damage is equal to less effort in leveling.


Level 60 is the maximum in Tera online, so I will categorize the spots by seven categories.

Level 0~10

Stay in the ‘Island of dawn’. Don't ever think of coming out of the island when you are under level 10 (if you are in PVP server). This is because, when you come out from the island, you will be killed by those high level people. Do the storyline, and finish the quest! You will be able to reach level 10 within an hour.

Level 11-20

Finally, you are out of the island. There are various camps that you can go, but what I am going to suggest you is to do storyline first. If you want to level up without hardship, you probably want to do storyline to reach level 14. If you find storyline boring, you can also go to place, North of lumbertown, and grind Warthogs. When you reach level 14, you can grind Hyenas or Devan in South and north Crescentia till level 20.

Level 23-32

Here is the part where you will find really boring. If you like playing solo, you need +9 avatar or weapons to level up. Till level 28, I recommend you to level with others in Sinestral Menor. After reaching level 28, make your weapon +9, and start running by yourself till level 34. Please note that, you don't have to kill the boss, once you kill the those two mini bosses, you can reset the dungeon and repeat.

Level 33-39

While there are several places to recommend, from level 33 to level 39, you need to go to one place to level up. Go to the north of Tufulan, pass the first camp. On your right hand side, you will see there is a place where its filled with fire mobs. You need to grind them till level 39. I recommend you to change channel since, many people are camping there to kill low level users.

Level 39-45

The most boring time in Tera online. There is no fast way to level, you just need to grind mobs to reach level 45.

Level 46-58

The place that I am going to recommend now can be either really good or really bad. This is because the place requires high skills of control plus your jobs. If you are melee, you might need extra control, since mobs that I am going to tell you have high damage. If you are dps or range, you can use AOE or something that does damage to multiple mobs. Firstly go to Dragonfall. When you go to the place called, Dakonan junction, you will find many mini monsters and normal monsters. Grind as much as you can and kill them all. If you are level 45, I personally suggest you to go with priest since it is dangerous and hard for level 45 to clear fast. Also, do not forget about your crystals. I recommend ‘hunters’

Level 58-60

You can reach 60 within an hour from level 58. As you have been grinding, you need to grind once more with different mob to reach level 60. So, head to Pathfinder Post. When you walk to the south, at the entrance, you will see bears. You need to grind them. If you use 200% booster for an hour, you will be able to reach level 60 within an hour.

I hope you guys find this guide useful, and I am going to post recommendations for items in following post.

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