House Arrest Season 2 Episode 11

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House Arrest is the 11th episode of season two of The Sopranos; the episode is largely concerned with increased pressures from the FBI requiring that Tony spend more time at his legitimate business operations. During House Arrest Junior struggles with his reduced social interactions and home confinement. Junior gets Richie to start trafficking cocaine along their legitimate garbage routes.

Episode Recap


Uncle and Nephew Clash

Junior has Richie start selling cocaine along the garbage routes. When Tony discovers the unauthorized activity he has a talk with Richie. Tony gives Richie the hard line about mixing illegal activities with the families legal business ventures. Tony is already under heavy FBI surveillance and the cocaine trafficking will only bring more prying eyes. Junior hears from Richie that Tony orders a stop to their joint venture and decides to ignore Tony because he needs the extra funds to help with his legal issues. Junior tells Richie to keep the cash coming in while he struggles with his new house bound restrictions.

FBI increases their pressure

The FBI continues to try to indict him even after the failed accusations over the murder of Mathew Bevilaqua. Neil Mink, Tony’s attorney suggests that he spend time at his legal business operation Barone Sanitation in order to take some of the heat off of him. Tony reluctantly complies, but becomes increasingly bored as things progress. He misses hanging out at Bada Bing and acting like the Boss. Tony begins to flirt aggressively with the company receptionist. He is eventually successful and there is an intense sex scene. In a continued attempt to find interesting things to occupy his time at Barone sanitation Tony starts a sports betting pool.

Therapist & Tony’s Anxiety

Tony experiences an anxiety attack after a company party and has to be rushed to the emergency room. Tony develops a rash on his arm which he struggles not to scratch. He blames his increased stress on Dr Melfi’s poor treatment. His therapist Dr Melfi is also feeling the tension between them and begins drinking between sessions to deal with her own anxiety over their arrangement. Dr Melfi has a drunken escapade were she embraces herself and her son Jason as they try to have dinner at nice restaurant. After an incident with a patron and a cigarette Melfi is asked to leave the restaurant. During Tony’s next appointment with Dr Melfi he learns that he may be exhibiting systems of a condition known as alexithymia. Dr Melfi passes this information along to him by asking him if he knows why sharks are always in motion. She tells Tony that this is a condition that affects individuals with anti-social personalities. She implies that when someone with this condition has their level of activity curtail they have time to reflect on how their actions have hurt others and this may increase stress levels.

House arrest takes its toll on Junior

Junior is dealing with his own mounting legal issues and the stress of isolation and confinement. He experiences an episode where he has difficulty breathing and is allowed to go see Dr. Douglas Scheck. A special breathing mask is recommended to prevent oxygen deprivation at night while he sleeps and to help reduce stress on his heart. While at the hospital Junior is inconvenienced further when a court officer places a tracking bracelet on his ankle. Junior is experiencing his own kind of stir crazy from his reduced level of activity at home. Junior is visited at home by the widow of an old friend. He tries to make excuses when she suggests they go out. He is forced to tell her why he cannot leave under the terms of his house arrest. Junior tells her about his experience being stuck at the sink trapped by the garbage disposal for six hours. Catherine seems to understand and lets Junior know that she enjoys spending time with him and is not bothered by his legal troubles. Junior lets Catherine massage him and help him put on his new breathing mask.

Too much Barone Sanitation

Tony has enough of Barone Sanitation and decides to return to work. He is welcomed back by his crew, which is interrupted by Agent Harris who drops by to introduce his new partner. Tony hangs out with his crew at Satriales’s Pork store when a crash is heard outside. They go to investigate and discover a car has crashed outside the store. The episode ends with Tony and his crew outside chatting with Agent Harris and his new partner.


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