Channeling: What It Is And The Notable Experiences Through Magical History

You will undoubtedly come across less than provable things in the realm of magic. Channeling is one of those things. What is it, exactly?

Channeling is the act of a person who somehow, some way, alters their consciousness so that they can communicate information from beings other than themselves. Some enter a trance state, others do not. Those beings usually are no longer living human spirits, spiritual beings and/or alien beings.

But before dive into channeling and some examples. theory of channeling begins with how one views consciousness. If you view consciousnessness as a static event, i.e. you are conscious or you are not, then the theory of channeling will not make sense.

If, on the other hand, you view consciousness as existing on a spectrum, you might be able to understand channeling. What do we mean by consciousness on a spectrum?

The Spectrum Of Consciousness: In Everyday Life And In Scientific Terms

When you awake in the morning, your consciousness is leaving a “sleeping” state and entering a waking state. We all know that it does not do this instantaneously. The transition from sleeping to waking takes at the very least a few seconds. Without disturbance or the necessity to rush off somewhere, the sleep/wake transition can take many minutes. Eventually, you get out of bed and begin processing close to normal capacity. The same is true for the end of the day except in reverse. While we may not remember the experience, your consciousness does not jump into sleep right away. Indeed, this middle ground between sleeping and waking is a huge secret within the occult movements of history. Magically oriented people are always interested in unusual forms of consciousness and you can do some bizarre things in this state, some of which we will cover in another lecture 1).

When we interact in the world with complete attention, our consciousness becomes heightened. Look at Michael Phelps as he swims in an Olympic sporting event. The intensity of Tiger Woods' demeanor as he goes through is pre shot routine is practically palpable through the T.V. set. Watch a confident actor perform on stage in front of thousands of interested viewers and critics. These people are demonstrating incredible acts of **attention**. Their will is so focused on accomplishing one thing that the rest of us look on in awe at what they can accomplish. They are not just in another “zone” figuratively, their consciousness is operating on another level. They don't look like that when they are eating dinner afterwards with friends.

What does “another level” mean, scientifically speaking?

Scientists can detect electrical signals coming from the brain, and those signals carry different wave patterns. The lower the frequency of the signal, the more deeply the brain is in a state of sleep or a trance. It could said from an outsiders perspective that they are with “less” consciousness of things relating to our shared environment. They are essentially lessening their focus on the the outside world and the brain is turning its focus into subjective realms. When the frequency is higher, their is higher perception and a state of alertness or wakefulness that is witnessed. There are five generally recognized brain wave levels, seen below.

Levels of Consciousness

  • Gamma waves- 27 to 100 Hertz-Language, memory, forms of learning
  • Beta waves- 12 to 27 Hertz- higher levels are quality alertness, lower levels are general wakefulness during the day
  • Alpha waves-8 to 12 Hertz- Wakefulness in the most basic sense, hardly processing information
  • Theta waves- 3 to 8 Hertz- Extremely relaxed waking state, light sleep state, trance and hypnotic state
  • Delta waves- .2 to 3 Hertz- Completely unconscious, deep sleep 2)

The most interesting thing about this knowledge is that **most people are unaware** of how their brain shifts between the levels. They are using the first model of consciousness mentioned earlier, the “static” belief. Since we know that the brain is changing how it operates everyday, one can use this knowledge to their advantage **and learn how to change their brainwave patterns at will**. Practicioners of meditation (and by logical extension, magical ritual…see here 3)) have long demonstrated that they are not merely closing their eyes and thinking of white roses. Their brain is actively moving from the more wakeful frequencies and down into the alpha and theta frequencies 4). Perhaps like the ancient Chinese who recognized something “vital” was moving through the bloodstream that came from the lungs but couldn't know it as oxygen, ancient and modern meditators have continued to practice without “scientific” proof of what they were doing was beneficial; they could just sense it. Sure enough, the very states that most meditations bring the brain into, alpha and sometimes theta, are now known to reduce anxiety and promote healing of pain (both emotional and physical) 5)6)7)

When a hypnotherapist brings someone into hypnosis, he is attempting to lower the brain wave function of the individual to the theta state. From there, scientific experiments have demonstrated that the mind is in a very receptive state and will receive information from the hypnotherapist that can offset deeply rooted learned material that the patient wants to/needs to unlearn 8).

Bringing it back full circle, channeling is a process by which a person purposely alters their brainwaves into an alpha/theta state and then…something happens. Most people who are pagan or magically oriented accept without too much difficulty that some spirit other than the person themselves begins to communicate. That is rather difficult for non magiclaly oriented people to accept. Psychologists believe that the process of leaving the higher states into the lower ones begins to turn off the conscious brain and bring the subconcious into more focus. So it's possible a person who is “channeling” may actually be tapping into a deeper wisdom of themselves rather than a disembodied spirit or alien being. In fact, going deep into a trance state may take a person well within their mind to places that they have never been or don't recognize. They are existing mostly in a subconscious state and its quite possible the only way the brain knows how to categorize the source of information in this new place is by giving it an alien and/or spirit like quality. If that were the case, the channeler may actually believe they are channeling spirits or aliens because their brain seems to be telling them that. It doesn't mean that has to be the case, however.

How can we tell if someone is actually channeling another entity or if they are spewing out content from their own minds? Thus far, we cannot tell. A scientific minded person would take that ambiguity and call it all a hoax. A religiously minded person (particularly a Christian) would see too much danger in the prospect of channeling and declare it a worthless and dangerous endeavor. A magically minded wouldn't care exactly **what** was happening; they would work with the results and see what acn be gained from them. The fact that “something” was happening was good enough to investigate for some. Let us take a look at some of the most well known channeler's of information (be it deep within themselves or from another entity) throughout history.

Famous Channelers In History

Ed Kelley

  • 1555-1597
  • being channeled: Christian Angels

John Dee and Ed Kelley are probably the most well known occult figures in history. Dee was a court astrologer and secret agent (of sorts) for the Queen of England. Kelley was a much more fringe character and prone to find himself in scam artist situations. Both of ears were lobbed off, indicating he had been caught trying to perpetrate a scam.

We profile Kelley here because his “scrying” of messages from angels comes close to the consideration of channeling.

Kelley met John Dee in 1582 and found Dee urgently searching for someone who could contact angels through a scrying mirror or ball. Kelley became his seer. He claimed to receive messages from angels in an “Enochian” language. He would see the words being written in our alphabet and dictate this to Dee; sometimes the words came out backwards. Dee and Kelley would then translate it after the reading was done 9).

Things eventually went sour when the angels supposedly began demanding the importance of Dee and Kelley to wife swap. Dee, a bizarrely devout Christian, tried it out but was completely torn up inside. He broke off the scrying relationship and Kelley never released any material of his own without Dee after this fact.

Helena Blavatsky

  • 1831-1891
  • being channeled: various ascended masters, Koot Humi, Morya

Helena Blavatsky, sometimes known by the abbreviation H.P. Blavatsky, was one of the original founders of the Theosophical Society. Before that society could be formed, however, Blavatsky had to write her great works on occultism. She wrote Isis Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine with most of the knowledge supposedly coming from a great Brotherhood of ascended masters that she channeled.

Blavatsky's ascended masters claim seeped into the rest of early 20th century occultism. Other famous occultists from the likes of Aleister Crowley, Alice Bailey, and Max Heindel also claimed to be in connection with these people, now known as the Secret Chiefs 10). Arguably the most popular of the magical orders at the turn of the century, The Golden Dawn, used a three tier hierarchy to structure their organization. First was the Outer Order, mainly composed of neophytes and advancing students. A Second Order existed where the official heads of the Golden Dawn chaired the organization, such as W.W. Westcott and S.L.M. Mathers. Beyond them was the Third Order composed of the Secret Chiefs who were non physical spiritual beings 11). Other magical orders formed that had the same kind of structure.

Aleister Crowley

  • 1875-1947
  • being channeled: Aiwass/higher self

Crowley is the God among mortals in the annals of magical history. There was a plethora of magical activities associated with The Beast, but his most famous event was the channeling of the Book of the Law in Egypt with his wife in 1904.

Crowley had practically abandoned his magical practice up until that point and couldn't help himself in the presence of the pyramids of antiquity. But it was his newly wed wife, Rose, who began randomly channeling some things that got Crowley's attention. Rose on multiple occasions mentioned that Horus was wanting to communicate with Aleister. Later, Rose led Crowley (at the behest of “Horus”) to a museum holding an ancient Egyptian stele. The stele had a number fixated to it; number 666, which Crowley had already identified with himself. Crowley then realized Rose probably was communicating with someone/thing and prepared for a magical ritual.

The actual moment “Aiwass” spoke to Crowley, he said this…

“It seemed to echo itself in my physical heart in a very strange manner, hard to describe. I have noticed a similar phenomenon when I have been waiting for a message fraught with great hope or dread…The voice was of deep timbre, musical and expressive, its tones solemn, voluptuous, tender, fierce or aught else as suited the moods of the message. Not bass –perhaps a rich tenor or baritone.

The English was free of either native or foreign accent, perfectly pure of local or caste mannerisma, thus startling and even uncanny at first hearing.”

Who was Aiwass? Was Crowley simply hearing voices in his head? Initially, Crowley and other took it to be a spirital being in the honor of the god Horus. Later, Crowley believed the voice to be apart of his higher self, apart of his own being (something that we alluded could be the case with channeling).

Crowley had been in the Golden Dawn for a few years but he was still a novice in the practice of magic. Indeed, the great magician channeled this Book completely unexpected and was wowed by the experience; but once the initial high wore off he came to hate the channeled book 12). Crowley attempted to forget about it and leave it out of his life, but he was never able to. Eventually he came to accept the channeled material as true, albeit begrudingly.

Crowley eventually did devote his life to this book and created a religion, Thelema, around it until his death.

Alice Bailey

  • 1880-1949
  • being channeled: Master DK

This one is worth mentioning because of Alice Bailey's popularity within the New Age movement, although if you could ask her she would say she didn't intentionally channel spritual beings. She merely telepathically received messages for 30 years from one spiritual being. This may be splitting hairs so we will include her in this section as a channeler.

According to Bailey, she had two chance encounters with a mysterious man as a teenager. It wasn't until she was a member of the Theosophical society that she was purportedly able to identify this person as Koot Humi, one of Blavatsky's hierarchical masters. As she moved up through the Theosophical ranks, she got to meet another of Blavatsky's masters, that of the “Tibetan”, alternatively known as Master DK or Djwhal Khul. It was a telepathic communication, according to Bailey, and DK was asking Bailey to do spiritual service and put some books into print. It what became a ho-hum telepathic relationship; Bailey would get up in the morning, channel/telepathically receive messages from DK and write them down, and then go about her more mundane activities of life 13). She didn't really think much of it.

Alice Bailey continued in the tradition of Theosophy and purportedly wrote numerous books with the aid of The Tibetan14). Bailey was a voluminous writer with over 24 works to her name. Most of those included a preface stating she received the material for that book from her guide. Master DK was mentioned in the annals of Helena Blavatsky's tomes as someone who was a Tibetan master that was actually living (and not a purely spiritual entity) but capable of entering spiritual realms for the sake of communicating to people continuing his spiritual work 15).

Bailey will be investigated for other reasons, as her work has wiggled all they way up to the United Nations level in the form of the Lucis Trust, her publishing company. Bailey and the Lucis Trust (or was it Master DK?) have plans to scrap most of the world religions and form a new world religion. Their connection at the top of the political pyramid is worthy of more study at a later date.

Guy Ballard

  • 1878-1939
  • being channeled: Count St. Germain

Guy ballard served in the first World War and had a career as a mining engineer 16). By most superficial accounts, this was a regular man. Except for his trip up Mount Shasta in 1930.

Ballard supposedly met someone who identified themselves as the Count St. Germain. St. Germain was a historical person of the 18th century 17) known for toying with alchemy and creating an aura of mystique around his name. To this day, some occultists believe he achieved the philosopher's stone, and thus immortality, and there are spattered visual “sightings” of St. Germain up until present day, 100s of years beyond his birthday.

Germain essentially wanted to communicate to Ballard a simple message; humankind should practice viewing themselves as something that is in action and not static. In a sense, one shoud view themselves as a verb rather than a noun. Ballard took his message and called his subsequent movement “I AM”, a reference to how JHVH in the Old Testament identifies himself. Exodus 3:14 shows Moses asking God how he wants to be identified to others, to which he responds “I am that/who I am” 18). His wife, Edna, also was a channeler, although to a lesser extent than her husband.

Edgar Cayce

  • 1877-1945
  • being channeled: possibly higher self, unknown

One of the most recent and well known examples of a probably genuine channel was Edgar Cayce 19). He was born into a Christian family and he remained a Christain throughout his life, although not without consternation. He was a devout Christian and after doing a number of channeled readings where his “source” revealed the actuality of reincarnation, Cayce really struggled reconciling the two. In addition, many Christians within his circle could not explain his ability to channel information but still condemned it. All in all, Cayce spent his entire life educating people on the possibilities of channeling while still maintaining a Christian lifestyle.

When Cayce was a child he had a terribly traumatic incident of a stick impaling his testicle 20), among other extremely traumatic injuries. He claimed to be able to see spirits and other non physical beings who guided him through these horrible experiences but never cared too much about these things as a child.

Later in life, Cayce had such a bad case of laryngitis that he relegated himself to his parents house for nearly a year. He basically couldn't speak. Then one day, by chance, he attended a public hypnosis session and a hypnotist was able to relieve the inability to speak. This only lasted during the hyponosis, however. Cayce sought further hypnotic treatments and eventually cured his never ending laryngitis through hypnotic means 21).

Cayce's hypnotist straight up asked Cayce in trance what the problem was and what the cure was for his laryngitis, and Cayce responded with something that worked 22). The way he responded pushed Cayce to continue asking his hypnotic self questions that his conscious self didn't know the answer to. His quickly realized there was something worth investigating and he began to practice his craft.

Cayce usually sat down or was laying down on a couch as he slipped into his trance. His assistants would ask medical questions about people in the room, people on the telephone, or even people who mailed in information requesting help. Cayce was purported to have a different tone of voice in trance and a different sense of humor than his wakeful self. The voice speaking did not pretend to be Cayce, either, but implicitly identified itself as something not the same as the wakeful Edgar.

Cayce gave over 13,000 documented readings. He supposedly had another 8,000 that went undocumented.

JZ Knight

  • 1946-present
  • Being channeled: Ramtha from Lemuria

JZ Knight has the dubious distinction of being the only person legally allowed to channel an entity called “Ramtha”. Knight supposedly met Ramtha, being from Lemuria (or Lemurian and Atlantian lore) who channels material to Knight for wisdom and enlightenment of all. No one has ever claimed sole ownership over the rights to communicate to someone, whether in normal communication or extrasensory. This is a scary precedent to set for anyone who believes in channeling.

Knight has maintained a mostly low profile after a couple decades of a very public life.

Helen Shucman

  • 1909-1981
  • type of being channeled: Jesus Christ

Helen Shucman began hearing a voice in her head that wanted to deliver a message. Most of us turn off this voice; she chose to write down everything it said. Boy, did that voice have a lot to say.

Shucman believed the voice was that of Jesus Christ; hence, we classify her as channeling Jesus. Her channeling is cataloged in the a tome known as A Course In Miracles (ACIM), which began making widespread acclaim in occult circles (much to the chagrin of non occult Christians).

As a clinical psychogolist, Schucman was not someone who you would expect to fall for voices in your head. She probably felt this pressure to not be a Columbia University professor and simultaneously an occult quack, so her name was not attached to ACIM until after her death in 1981 23).

This is what Shucman said about how the voice came to her…

“Somebody asked me, “Was it as though your hand was moving?” No. I wrote perfectly voluntarily in response to…I call it a voice, but “a voice” has sounds…or sounds as though it has something to do with hearing. And I didn’t hear anything…I sort of recognized it, it was very rapid, I could even….if I didn’t catch a phrase, I could sort of say, “Would you mind doing that again?” 24)

A Course In Miracles ends up being a number of small lessons that take time to incorporate into your daily life. A miracle is considered to be “the shift in perception from fear to love”. Most people think about unbelieveable things needing to happen for it to be called a miracle, like a mother lifting a car to save her baby. Yet with this definition, miracles become possible for everyone. The goal of the book (and the organization that popped up after it) is to promote self healing, happiness, and engendering spiritual life 25). There are a few mind benders in here, particularly so for some Christian orthodox-types.

Carla Rueckert

  • unknown birthdate-today
  • being channeled-Ra, Q'uo

Many people who are into New Age or other modern UFO/occult topics know of David Wilcock. Purported to be the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, he is the most public face and the most voluminous writer of such topics, frequenting the History channel and other international documentary pieces for these subjects. To what does Wilcock pay homage to the most? The channeled Law of One series, which was channeled by Carla Rueckert.

Rueckert's channeling has been some of the most well sought after in modern times. She channeled Ra for the Law of One series from 1982-1998. In a rather ingenious method, Rueckert would go into trance for channeling and a physics professor, Don Elkins, would ask poignant questions to the channeled being. Another person would be tasked with copying everything down 26).

esoteric and occult

dream class…coming soon
see paragraph on the “how” of meditation and footnotes therein
Nomura T, Higuchi K, Yu H, et al. Slow-wave photic stimulation relieves patient discomfort during esophagogastroduodenoscopy. J Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2006;21(1 Pt 1):54-58
Ossebaard HC. Stress reduction by technology? An experimental study into the effects of brainmachines on burnout and state anxiety. Appl Psychophysiol Biofeedback. 2000;25(2):93-101
18) God identifies himself as something constantly happening, which gives him the flexibility to evolve and move according to his environment accordingly. It's one of God's preconditions for recognizing immortality. The I AM movement attempted to incorporate this notion of existence into the lives of its followers. Ballard channeled some 3,000 ideas from Germain in his time ((

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