High Mobility Champions In League Of Legends

There are many high mobility champions in L O L (League of Legends) and these champions ones I am going to discuss in this article because I feel like not only are they the most fun to play, but they also are capable of impacting the game in ways that less mobile champions simply aren’t. Here are a few examples of highly mobile champions in L O L and why they are so mobile:

  • Kassadin he as ultimate that is like having a longer range flash on an extremely low cool-down. He is by far the most mobile champion in the game.
  • Teemo has a passive movement speed bonus and can activate it to move even faster.
  • Akali although she is not super mobile in moving across the map, her ultimate allows her to dash 3 or 4 times in a fight and so she has extremely high team-fight mobility.
  • Yasuo is the same type of thing, his ultimate lets him dash to people and also he has a couple dashes on low cool-downs he can use.
  • Nidalee gets a movement speed boost in her Couger form as well as from her passive when moving through brush. She also can leap in her Couger form for extra mobility.
  • Rammus has very high mobility with his Powerball ability.
  • Kennen has high mobility because of his Lightning Rush.
  • Nunu has Bloodboil which increases his movement speed pretty much constantly and he can also increase an allies speed.
  • Blitzcrank, Volibear, Udyr, Evelyn, Shyvana, Poppy, and Skarner can be really fast when he use their movement speed abilities.
  • Zed, Zac, Jarvan IV, Leblanc, Lissandra, Kha’Zix, Fizz, and Gragas all have movement dashes or leaps of one sort or another to help the get around the map faster
  • Lulu, Zilean, Kayle, Sona, Oriana, and Karma can all get around fast due to movement speed abilities.
  • All of the ranged attack damage carries I do not consider mobile even though some such as Ezreal, Corki, Sivir, and Jinx have incredible mobility abilities. The moves tend to not be on a very high cooldown or require a reset of some kind. Ezreal, Vayne, and Miss fortune are probably the closest or perhaps Miss Fortune when you look at her strut.

25% of Champions are mobile 75% are not

When you looked at it closely you can see that there are about 120 champions in L O L and about 1/4th of them are highly mobile champions. So playing these champions is going to give you a considerable edge when it comes to catching people out of position, running away from fights, chasing down enemies, or simply just positioning yourself around the map faster. It is overlooked how important this is. I just recently looked at LOLKING.NET and the highly mobile champions are on average having higher win-rates when compared to the other 75% of not so mobile champions in ranked matchups. The other three glaring factors I see are crowd control abilities, and then consistent damage output, and sustain. So it is no wonder why champions like Teemo who has CC (crowd control) in his mushrooms, movement speed bonuses, and consistent damage is ranked in the top 10. Kayle, Yasuo and Sivir are also all in the top 10 of highest winrate champions right now as of 01.25.2014.

Kassadin is my favorite champion in the entire game and that is because he is incredibly broken in my opinion. He has the most mobility, incredible bust damage, two area of effect abilities, and can be built somewhat tank like with a Rod of Aegis and a Zhonya’s hourglass for armor, and his passive for MR reducing 15% and still do mad damage in burst and even sustained form due to the attack speed bonus from his passive. Anyone who has not given Teemo and Kassadin some serious attention are missing out on incredible opportunities to not only have incredibly fun games, but to punish your opponents really hard with strong counter picks to some of the other decent picks for lanes.

Overpowered Much?

For example, Teemo vs any mid or top who does mainly melee auto-attack damage is hilarious. You can poke them away from the minions all day, they an never hit you or farm without being harassed and blinded which makes them miss and then if they try to stick to you and chase you slow with mushrooms, and run away super-fast. Teemo is also safe from ganks because his mushrooms act as a slow, a ward like object, and his passive lets him run if he needs to. Kassadin is similar. He can’t harass as hard in lane, but he can silence and slow people as well as use his Ultimate to easily chase or escape ganks. It is nearly impossible to run away from a Kassadin and also to gank one without considerable crowd control in the form of stuns or silences.

It is for these reasons that not only do I consider Teemo and Kassadin to be two of the best champions in the game while being extremely fun to play, but also that other mobile champions tend to dominate the game. You simply can’t deal with them especially if there are multiple on one team. I mean if you have a mobile mid lane and a mobile jungler or top, the amount of counter play and ganks you re going to be dealing with will be maddening. Not only that, if you step out of position even in the slightest, you can and will be chased down and killed very easily. The only flaw with mobile champions is that sometimes they do not have reliable crowd control or damage such as powerful auto-attacks or a stun, but usually they will make up for it in other ways simply because they are so darn mobile. Mobility with proper warding wins games. So always consider picking mobile champions when you can!

I’ll be talking about some other League of Legends champion types soon, so please check back.

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