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The following are notes for the open source Hengemaster novel.

The Story - spontanious reincarnation The Sarsidian Elementum (of Reincarnation)

Must be told in ritual at the centre of the stones

Have amazing music at Mobray, choirs and drums, magical people the greatest artists. Have music ceremony at the henge they left from as the offering to please the God/spirit of rebirths. An open connection to Henge-space must be maintained. They must dress up in tribal paint and do dancing to please the spirit The runes on the stones light up.

ONLY ALFRED gets injured and reborn. He returns from the ceremony with a spirit weapon and then they all know he is the Henge-Master.

This means the villagers will have certain roles and be a cohesive unit. They know about about the reborns. The reborns are the leaders/elders of the colony which numbers a few of hundred in total.

Rebirth as an animal or non-human with human past-life memories is a risk of the ceremony. There are dozens of Henges across the Mixed Realm so there are a total of hundreds of reborn animals currently alive. Andriad runs one of the only sanctuaries for tormented reborns.

What about the evil animals? Children poisened by Mrs Grevil.

Sesheta has the vision but becomes aware that others may have shared the vision. She warns Simian that others may know about Alfred… but he already knows as Mrs Grevil told him. She had the vision when Alfred was born.

brings the after-life judgement upon the teller and the listener but they are reincarnated with memories in tact. If they are reborn as human they keep the same bodily form, though the body will be repaid from any life threatening damage.

General society is not magical Do they believe in magic? Perhaps most believe it doesn't exist anymore? Need myth for it's vanquishment and instillation of the rules for the watchers of the stones.

The stones should have carvings on them, they are not ruins yet.

Alfred needs to meet Mandala early in the book. Maybe in his first journey to through the other realm he has to rescue her. She's been trapped there as a ghost, . She is a bit native-american like, red body paint, tribal, beautiful, wild,apparantly innocent, yet cunning, determined, willfull and not afraid to kill when necessary. She has Mandala tatoos and very long black hair… a damsil in distress archetype. Alfred fails to rescue her on the first attempt, and immediately becomes infatuated by her beauty, repeatedly she calls out to him when he is in the other realm, but he is always too busy or not powerful enough to resuce her. Eventually Simian agrees to help Alfred rescue her, but here Simian reveals he has been posessed by a demon all along and fights Alfred in a trancendental fight. Perhaps Mandala helps Alfred win at the last moment.

After first meeting the reborns Alfred and others return to Mobray. When they go back Alfred must complete his initiation by travling with the stones. He enters the other realm via the stones and rescues Mandala.

What's the barking moose all about? One of them has to get mortally wounded so they can use the Story and all become reborns.

Simian has been in league with Mrs Grevil from the start. A long time ago Mrs Grevil had the same vision Sesheta had and saw the Mobray stone ring choosing Alfred as it's king and the others, heralding the special type of time, - the Thunder time, which is why she came to Mobray, To ensure Alfred died in the necessary way for the dark powers from the other realm to take over and form bone realmfor eons of skull time. During Simian's 4th lifetime as watcher regent Mrs Grevil came to him in disguise as a beautiful enchantress and convinced him that he was in fact the one chosen by the stones and if he only dared to use them alone he would gain the extrodinary powers. He attempted this but attacked by demons from the dark realm and almost died. He had to use all his power to hold them back but was too weak and became posessed by a ancient and powerful demon named xxxxx (long name). It became his mission to groom Alfred to be powerful enough to travel alone through the stones but he would eventually when travelling with him would attack him and destroy him and steal his powers and use them to give Mrs Grevil dominion over this realm while he took over another realm. His greed for more powers let him down, he allowed Alfred to become too powerful and so Alfred defeats him. This is why Simian trains him so well. (and Mandala might help Alfred fight Simian)

Mrs Grevil and Simian arranged the barking moose together. They thought Alfred seemed so pathetic they were starting not to believe the vision of his future enthronement, they wanted to see what he was really made of. The other reborns went along with it because to them the word of Simian is the law. They respect their elders too much (note that Mrs Grevil knows what Alfred looks like so problem when Danny is captured by her and she thinks it's Alfred…)

Someone fed the barking moose the gnome communication stone… someone who wanted to help… maybe it was Stumpy? No, it fell out of the sky and the barking moose ate it.


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