The following are notes for the open source Hengemaster novel.

Reborn mythology + cosmology

Types of Realm

Celestial Spheres (beyond the notion of 'realms', infinite consicousness, pure magic, pure light) The Spirit realm (inhabited by demons, angels, ghosts, spirit beings, vapour beings, non-corporal beings) The Mixed realm The Bone realm

Types of Time - refer to the speed of change occuring in that time

Thundering time - time of the Rhinocerous Squeeze time - time of men Middle time - time of the monsters Slow time - time of the snail (time of the gnomes?) Dead slow time - time of the skull

Each realm apart from the eternal Celstial Spheres (which is always experiencing simultaniously all 4 time types) run through these types of time in cycles, like music. Sesheta's vision marks the boundary between the Squeeze time and the Thundering time. After that the eons upon eons of the time of the skull will return. The Mixed realm can either have it's magic dry up and become Bone realm for Eons in the time of the skull, remain Mixed realm, or transform into union with the Celestial Spheres.

All magic is pure and good but there are beings who pervet it. If all beings in a realm become perverters of the magic the magic in that realm 'self-destructs' and becomes Bone realm. If Mrs Grevil succeedes she will eventually turn the entire Mixed realm into Bone realm, which it will remain for the time of the skull before any hope of change can emerge. We as reborns and watcher regents must protect this realm from perverters of magic. Most beings in the Mixed realm are not ready for the Story, they would reincarnate as animals the level of Magical awareness potential would crumble. We are entering the most important type of time. A time of maximum change. Some wizards have claimed there to be life on other planets in the Mixed realm and the Shadow Gnomes with their Stellar Wagons allow Mrs Grevil to spread and infect the entire Mixed realm. More than can possibly be imagined is at steak. The fate of the entire Mixed realm depends upon your defeat of Mrs Grevil Alfred.

The realms are not truely separate but are all infact an amalgum. Rather like the flow of water, the celestial realm is like the clouds, the spirit realm is like the rain mountain stream, the mixed realm is like the jungle river and from there onwards the magic river can either dry up and create a bone realm or transform the land into a celestial sphere. Magic, like water flow, transforms. It is up to the inhabitants of the realm to decide how the magic transforms the realm. The mixed realm can become Bone realm or become one with the Celestial Spheres.

More culture of the people of realm is needed

Magic flows down in the present, all the way from the Celsetial Spheres to Bone realm.

This can be told to Alfred in a book while at Andriads or while in Mobray.

What happened thousands of years ago that caused everyone to believe magic had gone extinct?


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