The following are notes for the open source Hengemaster novel.


When fighting in the spirit realm you have spirit weapons

Spirit shield, spirit sword etc. He can conjure weapons according to his magical ability, which grows - with time spend in the spirit realm? Angel Armour

Angels and blessed spirits in the spirit realm give him weapons as well, which they have enchanted to survive in the Mixed realm - for him only or only until he completes a task and then they take it back when he returns.

Spirit realm is full of beings, good and bad. Even more crowded than the Mixe realm, it being a higher realm has higher magical density and so more conscousness.

Lithomancy Karisma Conjourer colony

Gnomelore - Gnomes source of magic. giant moon fish swam in the puddles of gnome lore. The gnomes fly to Earn on fishback with saddles like horses (see fantasy image for inspiration). These fish are magical due to swimming in gnomelore and one can be a character like Appa as another means of travel.

Gnome magic is no good in battle. It allows their hats to let them breath on the moon or underwater (or perhaps they need Gnome boots to walk on the sea floor). They think they are good in battle and convince the main characters to allow them to form the central core of the army, fishback riders but are utterly useless and after charging they flee. Their spear throws are like little children's and Alfred wonders why he ever entrusted the main charge to them.

They have a magic that lets them tickle people from a distance. Alfred or other character fights with a gnome on his shoulders who can make his enemies fall over laughing in battle, useful in a tight spot.

Alfred over hears a Gnome general “then our fishback riders will strike them with the tickle grip,…. “and there shall be so much apple pie”.. One of them refuses to go underwater because his hat is filled with apple pie. Another betrays them all for 10 hatfulls of apple pie

Shadow gnomes on the second moon have much smaller amounts of gnomelore which is why they got sick of scraping a living and swam in it themselves…..

In the under water henges there is a shadow gnome… “That Gnome isn't wearing a hat! Fishback riders lance attack”.

Gnomes have lullaby magic which can melt solid objects 'sending them to sleep' e.g. prison bars get put to sleep, become 'dream guff' and then they can escape.

It is the process of moving one's consciousness to one's spiritual center.

The spontaneous or induced act of communicating with or serving as a channel for spirits while in a trancelike state of consciousness.

Objects made and infused with magical energy, and carried or placed to achieve a goal. These objects are usually infused with specific energy for specific purposes, for example, protection. CLAIRVOYANCE
The ability to be aware of events, facts or phenomena. A person with this ability will perceive future events in varying detail. This ability is not exclusively an ability to tell the future but also an ability to see what happened in the past without having been there. The insight may be experienced in form which vary from voices to visions and dreams and even music. Also known as Clairsentience, Clairaudience. CONSECRATION
The act of making something sacred, the ritual use of water and salt to exorcise negative energies or evil influences from tools, circle, etc.

How does he become a Henge master - how does he gain magical ability?

In Sesheta's vision she sees Alfred wielding Spirit weapons out side of the the spirit realm, in the Mixed realm! Henge Master

Rebirth works by taking them into the spirit realm and… telling The Story there? Can Mrs Grevil enter the spirit realm? Is she attacking the Kwenditherelle to gain access?

Dunking in Gnomelore bestows an item with magical properties. Some have ended up on Oridean

The henges are in their full glory not ruins… with tops across them? how do they look like? What shape etc?

Henge-space, the paths in the spirit realm between the Henges (spirit realm continues far beyond the the layline paths) 'he was attacked in Henge-space'.

A layline path in Henge-space is formed by the intention of the traveller when he enters.

He receives a map of all the henges telepathically into his mind from an angel? Or are there known henges Simian or another reborn teaches him about? Are they all known?

What is Henge space like? Is it solid?

Problem: simian can't have become posessed many lifetimes ago otherwise the demon that posessed him wouldn't reincarnate - must have been this lifetime when he was young

Have some kind of magical training method in the Mixed realm for Alfred to gain proficiency - quickness of mind, flexibility of mind, strength etc

Some magical items have runes on them, others do not, depending on where it was made.

Wizards + others


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