Helping the Poor

I believe we have a God ordered mandate to help the needy and poor. There is no question that easy the pain, hunger, and suffering of the less fortunate is a Christian duty to us all. They are our responsibility. I fully support ensuring that people are fed and clothed and that there are programs in place to teach work and life skills to those who need it. To allow suffering to run rampant in our society is not just an injustice, it is a sin.

Temporary, Not a Career

That being said, any welfare system should be a temporary stepping stone to self-dependence not a generation to generation career choice. I complete understand that there are legitimately disabled people who have paid year after year into the system and they should be treated much better than they are right now. But these are true needy people; they are not leasing brand new BMW’s or buying $50,000.00 Pickup trucks. They are hurting and they should be helped. Once they are back on their feet the assistance should be re-directed to other unfortunate souls that may have fallen on tough times. The system we have now is broken in many areas. People receive assistance from the government and then are not taught how to get back to self-sufficiency. So begins a vicious cycle of total dependency on government programs that are being funded at the expense of hard working people who, in many cases, are living paycheck to paycheck themselves.

What is the Answer?

To be honest, I don’t know. I am not a fancy politician; I don’t know how to invent solutions wrapped in ten thousand words of undecipherable legalese. I’m just an average Christian, family man, and cop. But common sense has to come into play at some point. A good start would be to stop sending billions, yes billions with a “B”, in foreign aid to countries were the vast majority of the politicians and citizens would like nothing more than an American’s head on a stick for their birthday. We should not be funding countries that despise us and burn our flag at every get together they have. Even a fraction of that money funneled into educational assistance, training classes, and job growth projects would make a tremendous difference to those in need. The only answer I have is that people in our country are hurting and hurting bad and that needs to stop. We should have a greater obligation to our family before we hand it out to hateful strangers.

We have a divine obligation to clothe the needy and feed the hungry. The way we are doing it now is broken and needs to be repaired. Godspeed Roughmen.

Becoming Rough Men


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