Health Benefits of Miraculous Mushrooms

If you are not a fan of mushrooms, perhaps it’s time to change your stance! More and more scientific research is pointing to the fact that mushrooms are in fact a super nutritional and medicinal plant and perhaps can even cure or improve outcomes of serious diseases – even cancer.


This mushroom has been called “the mushroom of immortality” because of its strong medicinal qualities. It has been used for years in traditional Chinese medicine as a cancer treatment and is also used in modern Oriental medicine as a vitality and stamina booster and a strength increaser. Recent studies have shown that it can actually protect human DNA during chemotherapy treatment and help to reduce some of the unpleasant side effects that people may experience when going through chemotherapy for cancer treatment. Reishi mushrooms also contain a compound that improve how your body can tolerate stress, which make them useful for treatment of the symptoms of diseases that are negatively affected by stress, such as multiple sclerosis.


If you've ever had a tasty dish with shitake mushrooms, then you’re already a fan of this delicious mushroom, but you may not be aware that it also holds potent medicinal qualities. In fact, it is used often in Japan for cancer treatment to help lessen the negative effects of chemotherapy. Clinical studies have proven its effectiveness at not only increasing the chance of a patient actually surviving cancer but also reducing the chance that cancer will make a comeback after chemotherapy treatment. It is beginning to be used more and more often in the United States as a compliment to chemotherapy treatment. Shitake also has strong anti-viral properties, and there are many who believe that it has the power to fight the influenza virus, bacterial infections and perhaps even cancer cells within a healthy body. There are some studies being conducted currently to test the effectiveness of shitake mushrooms at preventing cancer from forming in lungs. It has been used traditionally in Japan as a cancer treatment.


The new so called “miracle” drug for multiple sclerosis, which became FDA approved in early 2013, is actually derived from the cordyceps mushroom. The drug, Gilenya, was actually discovered through study of traditional Oriental medicinal practices involving the mushroom. It seems to have positive effects on the immune system response, suppressing the responses that cause the negative effects of multiple sclerosis.

Turkey Tail

Turkey tail mushrooms are another mushroom that has just recently become a focus for cancer treatment and some immune disorders. They've been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years, usually taken in the form of herbal tea. It has been found to be powerfully effective at treating immune system disorders and has recently begun to be used for cancer treatment as well. The FDA approved a clinical trial to test the effectiveness of turkey tail mushrooms for improving immune response during chemotherapy in early 2013.


With access to the internet, you have access to a huge selection of medicinal mushroom options. Most of them come dried and packed into dissolvable capsules which are easy to swallow. Depending on the type of mushroom you are looking to use, they are relatively affordable. Some mushrooms can be purchased online dehydrated, which you could then brew into a tea or mix into your food. If you are interested in learning to grow your own medicinal mushrooms you can find books on the subject and purchase spores online as well, although it should be stated that many people find this difficult to do and some mushrooms actually take years to grow before they can be harvested for medicinal use.


Although mushrooms are generally safe and okay to use, you don’t want to use them without consulting a physician. There may be drug interactions, allergic reactions and dosage considerations that your doctor will want to discuss with you about the drugs. It is not a bad idea to involve a traditional DOM, which stands for Doctor of Oriental Medicine in your treatment plan. The DOM can work hand in hand with your current physician and give you input on how to complement your treatment plan of Western medicine with Oriental medicine that will help. Most DOM’s also practice acupuncture, which can be another complimentary treatment to your current treatment plan. Medicinal mushrooms have been used in many cultures safely for generations and no serious side effects are generally associated with them. The side effects that have been reported tend to be gastrointestinal in nature, such as diarrhea. Because research hasn't been done on the subject, it’s not advisable for pregnant or lactating women to use medicinal mushrooms as dosages are variable and we just don’t know much about how it may affect the baby. However, if you’re pregnant or nursing and you do want to gain the benefits of medicinal mushrooms, you can add edible mushrooms, such as shitake to your diet in reasonable doses without any fear.

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