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Author's note: This article is part of an ongoing blog about my adventures in the world of alternate currencies.

Up until now I've been building this site and setting up my mailing list at a nice leisurely pace.

Then it was brought to my attention that yesterday, August 5, was the second anniversary of Devcoin. I figured this would be a great opportunity to start building my subscriber list. I have an open offer of some free Devcoins to anyone who subscribes to my list by Midnight Eastern Standard Time August 8, 2013.1) There are still almost 24 hours left to take me up on this.

I've done (or I should more accurately say attempted) Internet marketing in the past, and I remember how important having a subscriber list is. Some people even view their list as money in the bank because whenever they want some extra cash, they just send out a blast to their list with some affiliate product and odds are good that at least some of the subscribers will buy. I've been on quite a few lists and I can tell when that's what's going on, and I actually find it insulting.

It's not that I'm opposed to making money through my list. Just like the Internet marketers I do often share affiliate links, mostly to sites where you can earn cryptocoins. Most of those sites are free to join so it's not like my subscribers have to pay anything in order to benefit me.

The main thing I want to accomplish, though, is simply to connect with people and share my story. I'd also like to hear from my subscribers. Everyone has a story about how they got involved with cryptocoins in the first place and how they are continuing to interact with them today. As I come across useful information that has benefited me, I want to share it.

And I'd like to sustainably and organically grow traffic and interest in this site because traffic and interest open up doors to other fun and profitable ways to use this website further down the road.

But for now I'm having a good time. I publish everything I write on the blog to the Devtome and that earns me plenty of Devcoins which I can hang onto or trade for Bitcoins on Vircurex. The opportunity to publish my content on the Devtome has actually removed the pressure of having to make this site profitable as soon as possible, giving me the freedom to take the time to do a good job with crafting the content and sharing it with my subscribers in an understandable way.

One thing I want to stay away from is overwhelming the visitor with tons of ads or even tons of opportunities. I've limited the number of sites I recommend where you can earn Bitcoin. I will probably add a few sites here and there as I get the time to try them out myself, but my goal is to keep that number manageable. I can't tell you how many sites I came across in the early days which had long lists of links to sites where you could get uBTC for doing one thing or another. Most of those sites had ads squeezed into every available space, had so much going on I felt overwhelmed just looking at them. I'd start following one list of links, and that would lead me to another list of links and I'd get so lost and forget which list I was working from! Most of those sites had very limited earning potential anyway, and trying to hit them all just was too much to keep track of. I have been much happier and more productive since I decided to just stick to a few tried and true opportunities, and those are the ones I'm sharing here and in my mailings to my subscribers.

Perhaps the most fun aspect of building this site and growing a list of subscribers is the opportunity to give some cryptocoins away. It is so easy to pick up small amounts of cryptocoins with relatively little effort that it's not a huge burden to give some away. The first giveaway opportunity comes with simply subscribing to my list in the next twenty-four hours. I'm already thinking of fun and creative ways to hold future giveaways and looking forward to sharing those as they develop. The prizes won't be huge, but they should at least be as rewarding as visiting a faucet or viewing a few ads. They will also only be available to subscribers.

All in all, I hope that spending time on this site is an enjoyable and profitable experience for all my subscribers and visitors, and that this will be one of the sites you bookmark and come back to regularly. I'm certainly having a lot of fun building it.

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