This piece of prose is written with two different styles, in the form of a social network and in paragraph form. Brace for non-understandable gibberish!

Chapter 1: Dinner

Jason and Amy were contemplating the matter of dinner. Jason said “We already went out for dinner last week. Our monthly budget is pretty tight and I'm not sure if we'll be able to get through!” To which Amy replied “To heck with that! Tonight I'm craving for some P.F. Changs! Of course we should go out for dinner!” Jason sighed and nodded his agreement. Amy said happily, “Ok, I'll just send out a tweet saying we're going out!” Jason ignored her sentiment and went to get the car keys.

Amy Dashle

Whoo! Jason n me r going out 2 dinner 2nite! #dinner #fridaynight #food

Chapter 2: P.F. Chang's

“Wow, according to Yelp! this restaurant is 4.5 stars! And a 5 star review was posted by a top reviewer. Plus, The Ken checked in here yesterday, so it must be great! Jason and Amy arrived at the entrance.

“How may I help your, sir and madam?” said the hostess.

“We'd like a table for two, thanks!” replied Jason.

The hostess sadly answered “I'm sorry, but all of our tables are full. The wait will be approximately twenty minutes. Is that alright?”

Amy said “It's okay, thank you!”

The hostess handed a pager to Jason and explained that when it lit up, they were to return them and go to their table. Jason walked to the waiting area, Amy following close behind, after the hostess finished.

“A FIFTEEN minute wait! I can't believe this. I saw a couple of empty tables, why can't they seat us now!” exclaimed Amy, “I need to write a facebook status about this!

Amy Dashle

OMG! I can't believe this! @ P.F. Changs and they are making us wait FIFTEEN minutes! OMG who do they think they are? #WTF!

After twenty minutes, the pager lit up, and Jason and Amy returned it to the hostess.

“Follow me, please!” said the hostess, happily.

The hostess grabbed two menus and Jason and Amy followed her. The hostess showed them their table and gave them the menus, wishing them a happy and enjoyable meal.

“Ohmygod, they said fifteen minutes! We waited for twenty! Time to update my status!” exclaimed Amy, once the hostess had become out of earshot.

Amy Dashle

OMG! I can't believe this! @ P.F. Changs and they are making us wait FIFTEEN minutes! OMG who do they think they are? #WTF!

Chapter 3: Ordering Food

Amy and Jason both looked over the menu and contemplated the matter of ordering food. “The Hong Kong Lo Mein looks pretty good,” thought Jason, “but I really want to try the Shanghai Beef and Broccoli…” Amy already knew what she was ordering. “I'll have the Chow Mein Pizza and a Diet Coke, please.” said Amy to their waitress. Jason added, “and I'd like the Shanghai Beef and Broccoli.”

Jason and Amy's waitress replied to Jason “Would you like anything to go with that, sir?”

Jason replied simply “A water would do me well. Thank you.”

The waitress took their menus and left to add the order. After about fifteen minutes, the food arrived. Jason recieved cold ice water with a half slice of a lemon placed on the top of the glass, as well as his Shanghai Beef and Broccoli. which looked delicious. Fragrant brown sauce poured over perfectly green and tender broccoli crowns and immaculately cooked Grade A beef, which was in turn over a bed of traditional Jasmine rice. Amy's Chow Mein Pizza looked slightly unappetizing compared to Jason's impeccably prepared dish, but it didn't make any difference to Amy.

“I must take a picture of this and post it on instagram to show my friends the food I'm eating!” exclaimed Amy, excitedly. Amy reached into her purse and grabbed her iPhone to snap a photo of her entree. She tapped the Instagram icon, then the camera icon, and adjusted the food. “OMG, this looks awesome under the 'Hudson' filter!” Shortly afterwards, the picture was posted for all of Amy's 4532 followers to like. Meanwhile, Jason was sitting at the opposite end of the table, looking increasingly annoyed. “Jason, why are you so annoyed?” asked Amy. “It already has seven likes and three comments!”

Jason muttered something under his breath and just said, “I'm not annoyed.”

amy dashle <3

chow mein pizza for mwah! jelly anyone? hehe! <3 <3 <3 <insert picture here>

Chapter 4: Going Home

Soon, both people had finished their meal and were ready to leave. “Wait, Jason! Just need to update my status!” said Amy as Jason rose to leave the table, after he had paid for the entire bill.

Amy Dashle

Just had a great dinner at P.F. Chang's! Can't wait until next time!

After Amy had finished her facebook status, Jason walked to the exit of P.F. Chang's bade a good night to the hostess, and exited the restaurant, Amy following close behind checking the number of likes her status had received. They got into the car and Jason drove out onto the road, back to their apartment.

Chapter 5: Home

Pretty soon, they were back home.

“Ahh, home sweet home…” said Jason as he stretched out and took of his shoes.

Amy, on the other hand, exclaimed “Yes! Five likes already!”

After that, she placed down her phone on the counter and took of her coat. Jason, after taking of his coat, then walked over to the couch and woke up his computer.

“Yes!” he exclaimed as he noticed that World of Peacecraft was still open. It usually took a fair amount of time to load and he only needed eighteen more experience points to become an envoy of peace for his nation and gain extra perks and items such as access to hidden areas and secret levels. He was leaning back in his desk chair as he heard a loud voice.

“Jason!” yelled Amy, “Why don't you ever pay attention to me! All you do is play your stupid game and sit around! Just look at me and not your game for a moment! You're hopeless!”

The End


Guys never pay attention to girls even though girls always do things for them! Guys really stink, and they need to learn from girls. Girls are so much better at relationships!

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