Why Harriet Tubman Is A Hero

Harriet Tubman is a hero she saved many lives, she is hero because she put herself before others she believed everyone is equal and never stopped trying to prove so. If everyone was like this the world would be a much better place. Harriet Tubman had achieved many things in her life. She got married to when she was twenty four John Tubman he was a free man. She was only with him for five years because she escaped slavery. She had freed three hundred slaves on the underground railroad she led them to Philadelphia where there no slaves and all are free. Harriet Tubman had to overcome constant blackouts, when she was young a slave was running away so the owner threw a brick to slow the slave down she stood in front of it and took thee blow. Thus resulting in blackouts this was a major handicap for her helping people. Lots of people would lay low after such an accident. Harriet Tubman was cared for in a daycare for the first five years of her life but then she had to work around the owners house. When she was twelve she started working picking cotton in the fields. She did that for the rest of her time as slave. Harriet Tubman is a hero she saved many lives and risked hers. She died around her family. she was having problems with her head after that brick had hit her. She heard buzzing and could not sleep during her surgery she died.

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