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“Of all that befell the Romans… the cause was one man and one mind. Hannibal” -Polybius

Hannibal was five years old, living in a military camp filled with mercenaries, who were under the command of Hannibal's father, Hamiclar. From the camp he could see the Mediterranean sea, but the beauty available from the mountaintop is not was fascinated Hannibal. The mercenaries (from many different nations, speaking many different languages, with many different accents) would practice with their weapons in camp, and some mornings they would leave wearing armor and carrying their weapons, then they would come back with food and gifts.

“Where do you go?” Hannibal asked nervously to one of the strange Greek men.

“Wherever your father tells us.” He replied, in a rough accent

“But where does he tell you to go?” Hannibal asked “And why do you take your swords?”

“Ahhh” said the man smiling, and rubbing Hannibal on the head, “Already interested in war?” he laughed before continuing. “We go to the Roman camps, and we take what we can.”

“Why don't I go?” Hannibal asked and the man laughed again.

“You're not old enough yet” he answered, “But one day, you will make a fine general.” he took his helmet and placed it on Hannibal's head. It was over-sized and Hannibal could no longer see, but a giant grin appeared on his face.

“Can you teach me to speak like a Greek man?” Hannibal asked him, looking in the Greek's direction, but only able to see his feet. Again the man laughed, but sat to give Lord Hamiclar's son a lesson in Greek.

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