Since I entered into the crypto scene, I have always yearned for a tool that would allow me to effectively and efficiently execute trades and (hopefully) gain a profit from doing so.

A little while back I stumbled across this bot over at called the “Simple BTC-E Trading Bot” and was intrigued by it's concept. I had seen many other bots advertised, and most were scams with trojans and/or backdoors in them. I had even stumbled across fake versions of this bot itself!

I got the bot and began to learn. The bot's title may say “Simple” but it is in fact the opposite–not in a bad way though–in a way that means it is so complex and has so many features that make it far from simple.

Inside this bot there is actually not only one bot. In total there are four bots at your disposal right from the beginning, for you to take advantage of . You have the following:

Buy Low - Sell High bot (Does what the name states, Buys low, Sells High) RSI-30 bot (What is RSI? RSI stands for “Relative Strength Index”, which I will get into in a second. This bot Calculates the RSI in intervals of 30) RSI-60 bot (RSI-60 is the same as above but calculates at 60 intervals instead of 30) Ratio bot (Is based on how many orders for buy and sell are present for that particular currency then divided to give you the ratio at that time.) Each of these bots work tremendously well in my experiences and some even work hand in hand. You can run more than one bot to maximize your trading and potential profits.

The RSI bot or Relative Strength Index bot (both 30 and 60) works on the concept of a technical analysis indicator which measures the magnitude of gains over a given time period against the magnitude of losses over that period. It then uses these calculations to determine a buying and selling point. The RSI-30 bot calculates in 30 trade intervals while the RSI-60 bot calculates in 60 trade intervals.

I have been using this bot for quite some time and can not even begin to express how happy I am to have found it and be able to use it. Setting the bot up is a breeze. All you have to do is:

Go to Btc-e and sign in Go to finances On the left side of the screen, click API Create an API with Info and Trade options (if you do not already have one) Open the Simple trading bot Input your API Public and Secret keys into the bot Begin trading The bot has made me a nice profit, even for the low-coin-flow people such as myself, this bot will get you coins, all you need to do is be patient What I recommend (if plausible) create a separate account just for this bot, and set the bot up on a computer that will always be on, so you never have any delays or complications with your active computer if you have to update or shut down, etc. This is what I do, and it works fantastic.

The Simple trade bot has built in securities that prevent you from losing any coin due to errors. These are called “Blocks”. There are 2 of them in the current version, and they are the “Block trade if profit is less than xxx” and “Block trade if drop is less than xxx”. These securities work flawlessly and, if used, will make sure you never get a bad trade.

The developer thought of many things while building and designing this bot for the user. The securities, features and AI (Artificial intelligence) is astonishing.

Below you will see a screenshot of my bot in action with my profit that I had made over night and demonstrating some of the fail-safes.

While the bot may not be as simple as the name states, once you go over the help section over at their website and the FAQ's, diagrams,etc., you will get a grasp on how to master the bot and to profit off of it immensely. I have heard stories of people making thousands of fiat from this bot alone.

The price of this piece of software is a very fair one. 0.6BTC for 4 trading bots that you won't find anywhere else. You want to take 5% off of that? had over to my other post HERE and take a 5% discount off the bot as a gift from Gigabytestorm :)

To Conclude; this bot is a highly sophisticated piece of software, that when tuned properly, has the potential to make you a very nice profit for yourself, and turn that profit into more profit.

If I were to give this a rating out of 5, it would definitely be a 5 star rating. I have not found any flaws that would cause trouble, the developer is constantly pushing updates and it's one of those things that “just work”.

Hope you enjoyed the review and I hope you use that 5% discount code and grab yourself a copy of this amazing piece of work.


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