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When it comes to gaming, we often like to just throw ourselves out into the midst of battle and hit the ground running. If you want to be efficient, however, you need to pick up on different tips and tricks that will make you much more effective while out on the battlefield. Through this article, we are going to be looking at some tips and tricks for the WvW system within Guild Wars 2. So let's get started!

Choosing Your Battlegrounds

Usually, the first step to getting involved in WvW is to choose which battlegrounds you want to be a part of. Some players will simply start with Eternal Battlegrounds and then work through the others if it seems like there is nobody there, but there is an easier way to tell where people are at: by checking out the detailed score page.


This page, while it may not seem important, is. What it shows is the current ownership in each of the battlegrounds. You can then look at them and find the ones where your team has the most prominence. Usually, it's a good bet that you will find a lot of action there. Even for the home land, where you should own most of the land, you should be able to link up with other groups to take things you don't currently own.

Buying WvW Abilities

You can purchase WvW abilities for different benefits by just taking part in the combat. Pretty much everything you do in WvW will gain some experience that helps contribute to the number of ability points you have. The problem here is choosing which ones you want to work on first.


If you really want to make yourself useful to the siege groups, you can pick one of the main siege weapons and specialize in that before anything else. These are somewhat quick and easy to rank up, and they will allow you to do much more damage when on the siege weapons. With that said, the majority of the time there are already people specialized in them. As such, you may benefit more by choosing more neutral things like Supply Master. At the end of the day, though, you're free to choose your own order. For example, I personally choose to be more of a neutral point allocator: as I have enough to rank something up, I'll throw a point in it. While this isn't as effective at a specific task, it does help when it comes to the overall benefit of the team.

Finding Your Commander and Getting to Them

Commanders are important in WvW combat. Without them, people are not organized and it creates a lot of problems. So much, in fact, that most of us will not even take part (at least not in a serious attempt) if there is not a commander actively on at the time. It just isn't worth the hassle when people are not going to be working together. Luckily, finding your commander is simple. As soon as you enter one of the battlegrounds, open up your map and look for the commander icon, as marked below.


Now that you've found the commander, you want to get to them as fast as possible. In the above map, it is pretty easy to get to them, being that our team owns everything in between our locations. We can just run northeast and enter the gates to Stonemist Castle to get to the commander. But what if they are on the opposite side of the castle and we are stuck at our spawn? Planning the run ahead of time and analyzing what structures are contested and who owns them at the time is important. You want to avoid enemies at all cost when roaming around solo. To help with this, you can use the portals, like the one below.

Even from the spawn, where this has a limited speed effect, it is a good idea because a few seconds can be the difference between you being able to make it to your commander or being picked off by enemies while you try to catch up. Always take these shortcuts when possible!

Supplying Up

Supplies are a central part of the WvW system. They are used for building and repairs, and are extremely important. The goal should be to always be stocked up on them, because you never know when that one or two supplies could be a huge benefit to your team and sway a fight. Here are some tricks to keeping supplied:

  • The spawn area comes with supplies! Every time you die and you are not already full, be sure to pick some up before you return to your team
  • Camps are great for supplies, but towers and keeps also have them. If you are taking them from a tower or keep, though, ensure that it is close to being topped up and that there are no upgrades being done. Taking supplies during an upgrade period could slow it down and do more harm than good
  • If you are not near any structures but find an enemy Dolyak, kill it! Not only do you get the benefits of having finished a quest, but they also reward you with 5 supplies (if you are at 0, or they will top you up to 5 otherwise). This is a great way to get some supplies if you are in the middle of a siege and just used yours


Playing effectively in WvW is important. You help not only your team, but yourself as well. Benefits are gained in terms of point accrual (and therefore rankings), but also in enjoyment since you get more done. Through this volume, we looked at dealing with supplies, ranking up skills, catching up to your team so

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