Guild Wars 2 Introduces New Stat: Ferocity


As part of new changes coming about in April of 2014, Guild Wars 2 is getting a new stat called Ferocity. This new stat affects critical damage, and is designed to help make bonus critical damage easier to understand and works to help scale it across the game for balance purposes.

Ferocity works just like any other stat, and influences the critical damage (like precision affects critical hit chance). As part of this, gear that used to have critical damage bonuses will now show Ferocity bonuses instead (it is simply a name swap between the two stats). Trait lines, traits and skills that provide critical damage have been rebalanced one by one.

Building Diversity

One of the issues Guild Wars 2 has had is that there is little build diversity. Much like other games, going with builds that stack critical damage are by far the strongest, so they are the ones most players end up using due to their effectiveness. This is something that ArenaNet is wanting to change, and by changing the balance here they are opening the doors to more diversity between builds. To help illustrate the effect Ferocity will have, at level 80 it takes 15 points in Ferocity to equal a 1% bonus in critical damage. If someone goes with a full berserker build, that will mean a 10% or so reduction in overall damage from where it used to be. While this may not seem like a lot, it helps put the build back in line with the others, and at least helps them become more competitive.

UI Changes

As part of this update, there are UI changes to help better understand how the critical damage modifier works. The base damage from critical attacks is 150% (or an increase of half the attack – if you normally hit for 1000, you would do 1500). The modifier from Ferocity stacks on top of this, but based on the base of 100%. In other words, if you have a 50% increase, it puts you at a 200% total increase (150% base plus the 50% you got to add). It is stacked, rather than compounded.

The UI will show the total amount of critical damage bonus you have, rather than just the increased amount. In the above scenario, for example, it would show 200. This makes it much easier to see exactly where you are, without having to involve math or look up what the base was so you can figure out where you really stand.

Celestial Gear

Celestial gear has always had a higher critical damage than the other stats it gives out, despite being based on a moderate boost to all stats. With the Ferocity changes, it throws this out of line. As a result, the Celestial gear will be getting a 6% increase in all stats (based on their current values). This should help put them in line with other gear, while not pushing them ahead of everything else in terms of critical damage.



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