New Changes to GW2 For Newbies

Most MMORPGs are a bit difficult to grasp at first, and Guild Wars 2 is no exception. There are a lot of things to do within the game, and a ton of special qualities you need to get used to. To help new players ease into the game, ArenaNet is implementing some changes to assist with getting up to speed and gaining a better (and faster) understanding as to how the game works, how to progress through the levels, and explore the world. The end result is a game that is much easier to grasp and get involved with, without the requirement of constantly asking questions in chat or being forced to research things outside of the game.


A Revamped Content Direction System

One of the best systems Guild Wars 2 has is that when it comes to the story quests, it tells where to go. Even getting from one map to another is easy due to it showing where to cross over each one at. This cut out a lot of the annoyances that are often experienced with questing.

The problem with this system, however, is that it only worked with the story quests. These really don’t get players far, and you instead had to rely on exploring a lot of the world solo in order to complete different tasks, join WvW combat, craft, etc. in order to level up in between story quests. This new system is changing that around so that it helps understand where you “should” go and how to get there. The reason it’s where you “should” go is because the game is just as open as it always was. As such, you can completely disregard the new system if you would like and just continue doing whatever makes you happy!


Slowing Down the Rush of Information

To help keep new players from becoming overwhelmed by the massive amount of information the game includes in regards to its different systems and options, there is now a new system that is considered as a reward for leveling up. Things are gradually brought into the game so that new players can work on one aspect at a time, rather than being thrown out there, given a lot of information about all of the possibilities, and then being left to figure out what they like on their own.

As an example of this, WvW and PvP will be brought into the game at levels 18 and 22, explaining what they are and how to take part. For those that have already reached these levels on at least one character, however, they can jump in immediately (without the level requirement).

In essence, the goal isn’t to make things harder to understand for existing players or to take anything away from them. Instead, it is to help streamline the learning experience by giving it in bite-sized chunks instead of all at once.


Storyline Changes

The storyline is being changed such that an entire chapter unlocks at one time. Rather than doing a single quest and then having a (sometimes long) gap before being able to take part in the next quest in the line, you can now knock them all out in succession.

While this benefit isn’t huge in helping understand the game better, it does help with keeping up with the story. It can be considered as being like watching an entire season of a television show at once, as compared to a single episode every week. There is a huge adjustment there when it comes to quality of life.

Stat Changes

Rather than having stats that increase with every level, they are now being spread out more and are more easily visible. The effect is stated to be the same as before when it comes to comparing stat boosts in the old method and the new, but the new one makes these changes more prominent (and boosts the feeling of achievement and progression in the process).



These new changes aren’t going to affect anything for more experienced players. While new characters will benefit from the more refined storyline and paths, players are still free to choose how they want to progress through the world and level up. It is still possible to level up solely through sPvP or WvW combat, or by choosing the zones you feel the most comfortable with. At the same time, however, it helps those that aren’t sure what to do with figuring out some ideas on where to go.

There aren’t a lot of details on exactly how the system is going to work and what paths it is going to be taking players down yet, but it should still be helpful towards getting people up to speed much faster, while at the same time reducing the amount of questions asked in chat and confusion newer players currently face. And, of course, making the game easier to understand is important because it increases the number of players that are willing to stick around (an integral part of things like WvW and sPvP).


Source: GW2 - Upcoming Changes for New Players

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