Guild Wars 2 World vs World – The Importance of Dolyaks

All too often I see people ignoring the dolyaks that are in the different battlegrounds in Guild Wars 2. These NPCs play a pretty big role in the siege effectiveness (both for offense and defense), but are often missed or skipped over due to people not realizing what they are good for. This article is to help clarify why they are important and why they need to be protected.

Structures Need Materials

The different structures need materials in order to be upgraded. Unlike us, who can go to camps to get some supplies, the keeps and towers have to rely on NPCs called workers. This is important to understand because it means that if there are no supplies, no upgrades are going to be taking place.

So how are supplies added to the structures? That is by dolyaks. These are NPCs that travel between camps (where the supplies originate from) and the different structures. They take a linear path, always following the same one. Along with this, they are aggressive (or enemies) to both mobs and all enemy players from both of the other worlds. This puts them in a very risky situation, where pretty much everyone and everything is trying to kill them. Because of this, they have to be protected well in order to keep them flowing efficiently from one area to the next. And without this happening, there will be no supplies transferred. In essence, protecting these dolyaks is the only way to upgrade structures, being that you are not able to take supplies on your own.

Dolyaks Are Passive... Sometimes

Dolyaks come in two forms: passive and aggressive. In most cases, though, they are going to be passive. The passive ones are those that are traveling. You can knock them back, knock them down, root them, etc. and they will never attack you. In fact, if you knock them off their path they will walk back over to the path again before continuing on their journey! This can be annoying if you are trying to defend one, but is invaluable for trying to take one down before it gets to an enemy structure.

If you see a dolyak that is in a camp (in that it is not traveling), it will be aggressive. These do attack, but they are pretty weak. They are really about the equivalent of a normal mob, so they are killed easily and do not do too much damage. When I see these in a camp, I will usually take on a guard or two along with the dolyak and just use some AoE attacks to take them all down.

Upgrading Dolyaks

There are upgrades to dolyaks that can be made, adding guards to them and otherwise enhancing their survivability. These guards are great for fending off mobs that may be on the path or roaming, but they are not so good against players. Even a single player can take out the guards and dolyak on the highest upgrades possible. For this reason, I always suggest that they are not upgraded unless you just want to waste money. While it does help out a little, the value just is not there. Instead, the money should be saved for more important things (or, rather things that actually help out).

How to Get Dolyaks to Travel

Sometimes you may find that some dolyaks are not going anywhere. This is because their chain has been broken. Essentially each camp has dolyaks that spawn. One will go towards the keep or tower on each side of it. Some have two and some have three. It is important to note that they will only go towards a structure if it is owned by the same team that owns the camp, though. For example, if you are on blue and just took a camp but red owns all of the structures around it, the dolyaks will not travel. Instead, they will just stand in the middle of the camp and wait for attackers to come in. As soon as you take one of the nearby structures, you will notice that the dolyaks start traveling again. Of course, this makes sense because if they were traveling but you did not own the structure they were going towards, an enemy might get the supplies and benefit from their trip. This is the opposite of what you want!

Protecting the Dolyaks

There is an achievement for helping escort dolyaks. You will get credit for this regardless as to whether or not the dolyak gets in to a battle with any mobs or players; simply walk beside it to get the credit. Note that you will have to follow it through a whole trip; you can not just follow it for a few seconds and hope to get credit for the achievement.

Protecting the dolyaks can get a little annoying and bothersome after a short period of time. They walk extremely slow and they will follow a very inefficient path. If you are going to be escorting, you want to be sure that you have a bit of time available and that you let your patience build up first. Otherwise you are in for a bad experience. Along with this, you will want to walk in front of the dolyak, watching all sides of it. If you see a mob that may be within range (keep in mind that mobs travel and path as well), you will want to kill it away from the dolyak. This will help speed up the path a little in case the mobs can do knock backs or other snares that would otherwise slow it down some more.

On a good note, the dolyaks are just normal mobs. If you are escorting one and it takes a bit of damage, as soon as it is out of battle again it will regenerate its health back to full. This is much better than the alternative, which would make it nearly impossible to successfully escort them!

Killing Enemy Dolyaks

As I said a little earlier, when you protect dolyaks you work towards an achievement. Well, killing them goes a bit further. You get both an achievement and rewards for taking them down. They count as a quest when killed, so you get gold, karma, etc. off them. Along with this, it does not matter if they are in the passive (camp) state or in the active (traveling) one. And to take matters a bit further, you just have to hit them one time before they die in order to get the full gold credit for that quest. So if you see that your allies are attacking some NPCs and there are dolyaks as well, be sure to knock in a few hits on each of them before they die so you can get the quest credit and rewards!

Keep in mind that while you are getting benefits from killing enemy dolyaks, the enemies are also gaining those same benefits from taking yours down. This is a big reason why you have to actively protect them. For example, any time I see a dolyak I will go out of my way to ensure it goes down, and most other players will as well. As part of this, we also generally kill dolyaks before any other NPC, just because we get more rewards by doing it and want to ensure that we get at least something.


Dolyaks are a pretty central part of the Guild Wars 2 world vs world system, although they are often ignored or missed. This article should have shed some light on the importance of these mobs, as well as what they do and how you can help them out. So any time you are out in world vs world and you see a dolyak that needs help (at least one from your team), be sure to protect it! At least, unless it is about to be walking in to a group of enemy players, as there is no way you are going to keep them from killing it in that case.


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