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Guild Wars 2 World vs World Commanders Opinion

Guild Wars 2's World vs World system has a commander system that allows players to get a marker that is visible to everyone via the map and the mini map. This is designed to help get players more organized when out sieging, as otherwise we are just like a group of ants trying to figure out where to go or what we should be doing. In fact, you can easily see the difference between when there is and is not a commander on based on whether or not any progress is actually being made. Because of this, we can argue that the commander system is a pretty important one. With that said, though, it most definitely does have its flaws. Through this article we are going to be looking at these.

The Cost

This can really go either way; being good or bad. The cost of getting the commander tag is 100 gold. Now, while this was a lot of gold back when the game was first released, it is far from it now. In fact, you can earn this much in a couple days of playing without too much trouble. This has made the tag extremely affordable to everyone, which is not necessarily a good thing (as we are going to look at next).

A possible solution for this would have been to increase the cost as more people obtain it, or to create a more variable system that takes in to account how much gold people have and what would still be affordable while helping push the limits up. 100 gold when people have almost none is completely different than 100 gold when most of us have multiple times that. Being dynamic with important things like this is important!

Too Many Leaders

As you might have assumed from the previous section, the pricing of these tags has caused an influx of commanders. There are a lot of people with the tags, and many people even have them on multiple characters. They are more like a novelty at this point than a rarity. And this is the complete opposite for what should have been going on. When there are too many leaders and not enough followers, it causes problems.

I do want to bring up the fact that, for the most part, people do use their tags somewhat responsibly. There are still some people, though, that will throw up their tag just to be disruptive because most players will simply follow the tag that is closest to them and will ignore the names. This allows people to split up groups and lead them in to nothingness, detracting from the effectiveness of the sieging group. In some cases this will end up leading to players completely leaving the world vs world area, killing off any chances of being successful in the battles. While this does not happen all of the time, it happens enough to become a problem.

The solution for this is pretty simple: add in some mechanism for players to choose who the active commander should be. Something like a voting system would work perfect for this. For example, if I throw my tag up, it adds me to the list to be voted on. The players, as a whole, vote on who they are willing to follow, and that person gets their tag enabled for everyone to see. If that person ends up not being a very good leader, they can then swap their votes over to someone else, who can then take over and give it a go. While this would definitely lead to some favoritism, the system as it is now is flawed to the point where I think this would be a welcome upgrade from what we are currently dealing with. After all, if we can not get much done in the battleground anyways, why not go ahead and work towards making things more effective?

Commanders Outside of World vs World

This is an interesting aspect of the commander system, and I am still kind of iffy on how I feel about it. Essentially the commander tag can be used anywhere. This means while you are out and about leveling, sitting in towns, etc. people can still see your tags if you have them up. This brings upon some good and not so good things.

First off, the good. When you are trying to show others where you are (and allow them to actually pinpoint your location), this does exactly that. It makes finding other people to help out with things much easier as well. And when doing things like guild missions and such, it makes grouping that much easier. Basically it is like a big flag that says “hey, I am over here!” The value of this is pretty great, and people, for the most part, know to ignore the commander tags while out and about in the regular PvE world.

On the bad side, it can lead to confusion. Sometimes when you have the tag up, random players will keep popping up all over the place to see what is going on or because they think they should be moving towards that tag. While it is not always a problem, it can get annoying sometimes for both people. After all, you may not always want a flood of people coming to where you are, and others are trying to get things done.


The commander system in Guild Wars 2 is awesome, but it does have its flaws. If players were to use the tag more responsibly and not throw it up just because they can, I think the system would work great. Sadly, though, there are always those people that just do not care and will keep it up all the time, sometimes for no reason and others so that they can be disruptive towards the success of others. While I thoroughly enjoy the concept behind the tags, I just think that some changes need to be made to help make the system run more smoothly. Without this, it is all just limiting itself!


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