Guild Wars 2 – Understanding Battle of Kyhlo Structured PvP Map

If you are planning to take part in Guild Wars 2's structured PvP system, it is important to get used to all of the maps. Through this article we are going to be looking at the map called Battle of Kyhlo, to help better understand what is happening in it and what strategies you can employ to help take your team to victory. Please keep in mind that while I am covering this, you can also create your own strategies based on what is available on the map to use to your advantage. This will help ensure that you are playing dynamically, and it will go a long way towards making you a better player!

Main Weapon: Trebuchets

If you have already taken part in the world vs world system, you should already be familiar with trebuchets and how they work. In the Battle of Kyhlo, there are two of these trebuchets: one for each team. If you are not already familiar with these and how they work, they are long ranged siege weapons that are really designed for taking down walls and gates out in sieges through world vs world. In the Battle of Kyhlo, though, it is simply used for doing damage to players and knocking them down.

Essentially the trebuchets can attack almost anywhere on the map except one area: each other. The trebuchets can not be used to hit each other (due to their placement). All three objective points, however, are completely open for attacks. This adds in an interesting strategy, which is to utilize the trebuchet for keeping enemies off the objectives. There are a couple of problems to this though:

  • The trebuchet shoots somewhat slow. Unless someone is attacking your target, you are likely not going to end up finishing someone off
  • The trebuchet is pretty slow at turning, which means that if you need to swap from one objective to another it can be a little difficult. In a lot of cases you will end up getting it turned too late, and between the turning and the firing rate will miss your target

Because of these points, most people will just use the trebuchet to focus on the middle point, the clock tower. This is a pretty central point for PvP and is where people will spend the majority of their time at, swapping it from one team to another throughout the battle. Getting the trebuchet to hit right in the center of this can be tough: you actually have to aim the weapon a little to the right of the center and then fire at half power. This will lodge rocks right to the platform, knocking down any enemies that happen to be on it.

Now, it is important to understand that the trebuchets are just like the ones in world vs world; they can be destroyed as well. If you destroy an enemy trebuchet, you get 15 points towards your contribution. Once it is down, it can then be repaired. Looking on the map near the center, there are repair kits. Picking this up and taking it to a destroyed trebuchet will instantly repair it, granting the fixer 15 contribution points. So if your trebuchet is destroyed it is not the end of the world. Considering you are not able to heal them, you can expect to have to repair it at least once during the battle, if not more. At the same time, this means that you may have to take down the enemy trebuchet more than once.

Using Terrain to Your Advantage

This is one of the few maps that has a lot of terrain to use to your advantage. There are walls and drop offs all over the place, and if they are used properly they can easily make the difference between losing and winning a little skirmish with other players. For example, if you look inside the clock tower you will find that there are walls and floors all over. If you are about to die, it is extremely easy to line of sight your target to keep from taking any more damage. Even if you end up getting downed, you can usually get far enough out of the way to resurrect yourself. Even where the trebuchets are there are walls you can use to help block the attacks of your enemies.

Keep in mind that this also works in the opposite direction as well, in that your enemies can use the terrain to escape your attacks and get away from you. Because of this, understanding the terrain better than your opponents is pretty much crucial on this map. I can not count the number of times I have escaped death from multiple people at once by simply running off behind a wall and doing a quick resurrection before they got there.

Final Note

As a final note, you are much better off if you can keep the two outer objectives and simply ignore the center one. The outside ones are much easier to get to and usually your enemies are not going to target them with their trebuchet, meaning that all you have to do is take on the enemy players. While some will argue that this is a bad idea, I have found that it works pretty often since the central focus is generally the middle. If you are having problems with a lot of players coming to the outer areas as well, you can send in a bunker to the center with the goal of just neutralizing the point. This will usually attract your enemies back to the center to take it over, and while that is going on you should have more than enough time to take the other two points. It is worth keeping in mind that this will work or will not work depending on who you are against. It really just depends on how versatile the other team is and how closely they are paying attention to your strategy. With that said, it works more often than not so it is always worth giving a go!


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