Guild Wars 2 Structured PvP – Knocking Out the Dailies


When I am trying to get my dailies done in Guild Wars 2, I like to be efficient. Over time I have learned some tricks to getting them completed as soon as possible, so that is what this article is going to cover. Please note that the time frame still varies, depending on your luck, your team, etc. while playing. But, for the most part, this strategy has proved to be very nice!

The Objectives

The first thing we need to do is look at what objectives there are for the structured PvP dailies. These are as follows:

  • Daily Top Stats
  • Daily Captures
  • Daily Matches Played
  • Daily Player Kills
  • Solo Arena Three Wins
  • Team Arena Two Wins
  • Three Total Team Arena Wins
  • Five Total Solo Arena Wins

Alright, so we need to knock out a total of four of these. Which ones they are do not matter, but the last two are contingent upon completing the two above them, so we will ignore them for the purpose of our daily. Looking down the list, it looks like the following are the most efficient ones to go for:

  • Daily Top Stats
  • Daily Captures
  • Daily Matches Played
  • Daily Player Kills

All of the above are knocked out just while taking part in the matches, regardless as to if you are joining regular hot joins, solo tournaments or group tournaments. On top of this, you will notice that none of them deal with actually winning. That is a great thing, because if you are running with random players (rather than a pre made team), you want to avoid the contingency that says you must win the fights. You simply do not know which ones you will win and which you will lose.

So let us take a look at how to knock out each of these efficiently, and then we will look at the best way of joining matches.

  • Daily Top Stats: You can complete this by either doing the objectives for whichever map you are on or by doing resurrections of allies. I find that resurrecting allies is the easiest way to knock this out, because people just do not seem to do it very often. Even one resurrection can land you the top stats part, and if you can resurrect more than one person you should be good to go here!
  • Daily Captures: For this, you will want to focus on capturing enemy areas, rather than trying to defend your own. If you are next to an area your team owns and an enemy comes after it that you know for sure you can take down, it is usually worth letting them take it real quick so you can capture it back again and get another credit for a capture. As an alternative to all of this, you can also capture your “home” point on three separate matches, being that you are going to be playing through three regardless. I just like to get this part knocked out of the way as soon as possible
  • Daily Matches Played: This is by far the easiest part, because it does not matter what you even do during the match. As long as you are in it before it ends, you get credit for these. Simple enough
  • Daily Player Kills: I find this one to be one of the hardest parts to complete, if you are working as a team. To get this knocked out quickly and efficiently, tag players before your team gets them killed. This will help get you credit for the kill as well, which is all you need. Just make sure you keep all enemies around you tagged!

Streamlining the Process

I generally use tournaments for my dailies because of the rewards. When you win a match, your bonuses are much greater when you were in a tournament than they are when in a normal match, so I prefer them. To help streamline the process, though, I use a slightly altered method than simply tournaments, that goes like this:

  • Queue up for a tournament
  • Join a random hot join

Now, your goal in the random hot join should be to knock out as many of the daily PvP objectives as you can, while waiting for the tournament to pop. To assist with this, join matches with a lot of players (which is great for the kills portion, as well as the number of matches since they end a lot faster). There are times where you can get done with all of the objectives but the matches played one before you even get in to a tournament. After that, all you care about is finishing up by playing enough games. It gets rid of the annoyance of having to try and knock these out through the tournaments (as they really do inhibit true team play), and allow you to focus more on winning matches.

As an alternative to using tournaments for the three matches played part, you can also skip around through the hot joins and look for the ones that are close to being over. Even if you join right before they end, you still get credit for the daily; so go for it!

Concluding Thoughts

If you are going to be playing a lot of structured PvP matches to rank up anyways, you can just let the daily quest get completed on its own. You should have no problems over the course of a couple of hours knocking this out passively, should you choose to do so.

It is also worth noting that even after you are finished with the daily quest, you can still get some more achievement points by finishing up the objectives that you did not do already. You will not get another daily reward chest for doing so, but you will work towards the progression chests (the ones you get when you hit a certain number of achievement points).


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