Guild Wars 2 Obsidian Sanctum Change

Obsidian Sanctum is the portal that leads to a jumping puzzle within the world vs world area. Within it, you are not only against the obstacles you have to overcome but also other players. To make matters even more tough, the other players can throw out traps and help kill you while you try to work your way through. With skills that do knock backs, roots, etc. this can make the jumping puzzle a pretty tough one. This has always led me to having mixed feelings about the jumping puzzle and where it is located; on one hand I have enjoyed trying to work my way through it. On the other, it can get pretty annoying (and in that sense is much worse than the normal puzzles, being that at least with those you do not have to keep dealing with other players too). As of a recent change, though, the jumping puzzle has changed a bit. It is kind of amazing how much of a difference a very small change can make.

So what is this change? Now instead of teleporting to the jumping puzzle from the world vs world areas, you can do it directly from anywhere; even the PvE zones. This effectively turns it from being a fighting area to one that is more accessible. Or at least that is how it makes it feel. In all actuality there are still a lot of people who hang out in them, but the entire way it works now makes it feel more like you are just jumping in to a puzzle. And for those who were running it for the rewards, it makes accessing it (to evaluate whether or not you are ready to run it) much easier and significantly cuts down on the amount of time you have to spend just getting to it. Nothing is worse than wasting 10 minutes to see if it is clear, just to find out that you will have to return to it again later!

While the change does not really affect how the jumping puzzle works, it does make me a much happier person. I have always had an issue with a jumping puzzle that is part of the world vs world zones, and have had the feeling that it should really be separated. It is a mixture of a PvE aspect that just really does not belong in the setting. After all, we are dealing with some wars here; not trying to run an hour long puzzle so we can grab a reward. While I still have mixed feelings on whether or not the puzzle should still allow the PvP aspects, I do think that it is nice to have that option available. That helps add to the difficulty of it, while still allowing it to be a separate beast from the rest of the PvP world we spend our time in. To me, it is proof that a difficult game mechanic can be awesome, but that it has to be handled properly first. Just throwing something out there and hoping it will stick is just not going to cut it.


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