Guild Wars 2 Gets Shared Wallets

Guild Wars 2 has finally made the move to a system where wallets are shared. This includes all of the important currencies, and is a pretty big step forward for the game. Instead of each character you have carrying their very own wallets with different currencies, they all go in to a single shared one. This makes it easier to transfer money between characters (as it is instant and done automatically) but it also opens the doors for easier farming for alternate characters in that even the character bound currencies are now shared. It yet again pushes forward with allowing players to play their own way, taking care of progression on any character they wish but still allowing that to rain forward on to their new characters.

On the same token, it is also somewhat bad for players that organize their finances in the game like I do. For example, I will almost always create a single character that is used as a “mule,” or bank. Their sole purpose is to help out with handling my finances responsibly. For example, I may transfer half of my earnings to this character. It is much like a bank account in that while I can most definitely withdraw it and use it, it helps with the “out of sight, out of mind” scenario and lets me save up a lot easier. In a sense, you can view what I carry on my mule as being savings, and what is on my normal character as being the spending money. By using this method, even if I spend everything I have, I know there is still a lot stored and hidden behind for when I need it at the end game periods. With the new system and its removal of characters each carrying their own currencies, however, this does not work. And to make matters a bit worse, it is no longer possible to deposit gold in to the bank either. You can do it through the guild bank, but to do that you first need to start your own guild and then farm up enough reputation with it to purchase the guild bank. For more casual players (or even more hardcore ones that have a strong sense of loyalty) this just is not going to work. For these people, the only choice is to just hold all the gold in the shared wallet and hope they can exert enough self control not to wipe it out.

Even with my problems, it is hard to fault the system for storing some of the other currencies in the new wallet. Previously, each dungeon currency and such had to be stored in your bank or on your character. That filled up inventory slots pretty quick, leading to a bit of annoyance. After all, if you take part in all of the stuff end game has to offer, you will be filled up quickly by the various currencies. With this change, each of the following is stored in the special shared wallet:

  • Gems
  • Coins
  • Karma
  • Laurels
  • Glory
  • Badges of Honor
  • Fractal Relics
  • Guild Commendations
  • Ascalonian Tears
  • Seals of Beetletun
  • Deadly Blossoms
  • Manifestos of the Moletariate
  • Flame Legion Charr Carvings
  • Symbols of Koda
  • Knowledge Crystals
  • Shards of Zhaitan

My hope now is that with future updates even more condensing is done. For example, giving us a better place to store siege weapons. Or maybe even giving a separate bag for PvE, sPvP and WvW. This would go a long way towards allowing us to hold even more items and take part in the different aspects of Guild Wars 2 without having to constantly worry about going back to the bank to drop off things. Since each of these game types is designed to be separate from the rest, it makes sense to finish the separation completely.


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