Guild Wars 2 Forest of Niflhel Opinion

One of the PvP maps in Guild Wars 2 is called Forest of Niflhel. This is a map that mixes PvP and PvE aspects together to create a sort of hybrid experience. This happens by offering up the same three objective system we are used to from the other maps, but also adding in a couple of mobs. These are the Chieftain and Svanir. The Chieftain is just outside the blue team's location, the Henge, and Svanir is just outside the red team's, the Mine.

Slaying either of the NPCs grants the team with the last hit 25 points and a nice damage buff. And yes, these both stack as well if your team happens to knock down both of them. The trick here is that, as you might have noticed, I said it is the last hit that gets the reward. If your team deals 99.9% of the damage and an enemy player gets the last hit in, their team will get the points and the bonus. This creates a bit of an issue with getting the kills in. The mobs themselves are sort of tough and will require more than one player unless you feel you have a while to take it down. But instead of just focusing on the NPC, you also have to keep a look out for enemy players to ensure that nobody is coming around to steal the last hit. And when you are dealing with people who have their cool downs set up and ready to go for some big damage, you can put yourself in to a bit of a situation. Not having the system like this would cause its own draw backs, though, as well. The team on each side would have their own mob and it would be very difficult for the other team to get in a kill steal. With it how it is, each team has the chance to steal the mob, should they choose to do so.

This map is separated in to what can be considered as halves. The left half of the map is blue's and the right half is red's. Both spawn points appear to be the same distance from their local points, and right in the center of both is the central point, the Keep. This can be accessed from the front (or, rather the sides) or from the rear (back where the mobs are located at, pretty much). This creates a pretty equal map for both teams without giving either the advantage over the other.

In a sense, the NPCs here can be considered as a central point of the map. Being that they are worth 25 points each, I have seen the result of the match swayed many times by one side taking both of the mobs. Consider that each objective you take is worth a point per tick and each tick is every 5 seconds or so. This is the equivalent of holding all three points for almost a minute, and that is on a per mob basis. If that does not show how important it is to take them, I do not know what is. And this also excludes the fact that you also get a damage buff for over a minute after taking one of them down. Being that it stacks as well, this can lead to winning a skirmish you might otherwise end up losing.

All in all, I think Forest of Niflhel is one of my favorite maps. It has more to it than just capturing objectives, and even the mobs themselves pose a bit of a challenge. I will say, however, that the two mobs themselves are a bit different. The Chieftain does a pull in (he throws his axe like a boomerang and if you are between him and it, it will pull you in to him so he can attack you). Svanir, on the other hand, does a dash and knock down. Which of these is harder to take down really depends on how you are used to playing. I find them both to be about the same, although the Chieftain's is harder sometimes because you have to time everything on your own. With Svanir, you can simply dodge when he starts rushing. On the other hand, with the Chieftain he does not move when he throws the boomerang. This means if you are able to avoid it, you still have a nice distance between you if you are ranged. With Svanir, he dashes to you, so even if you dodge out of the way you are still pretty close.


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