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Guild Wars 2: Captains Airship – is it Worth it?


One of the additions to Guild Wars 2 that came out with the event Escape From Lion's Arch is the Captain's Airship Pass. What is the selling point of this item? That it is an airship you can go to in order to do pretty much anything you need, accessible instantly from any of the PvE zones.

“Awesome!” you say. You can now be out taking down some epic dragons and then drop in to the airship to take care of crafting, banking, or anything else you need. It is perfect, right? Well, not so fast. Do we not already have a zone that has all of this stuff? It is called “Lion's Arch.” In fact, it is one of the first areas we come to while playing the game, as it is the central hub for everything PvE. Another selling point of the Airship Pass is that you can use it to teleport to any of the other towns. Where else can you do this from? Again, Lion's Arch.

For a lot of us, Lion's Arch has been our go to area for handling everything. You could teleport there for free from any zone and you could easily go from there to any of the other towns. It made traveling fast and easy, not to mention cheap. With this new Airpass, though, and the current patch, things have changed. Lion's Arch is now considered as being “Under Attack!” You are probably asking what this means and why you should care. Its importance is in the fact that you can no longer teleport there from anywhere in the map. To make matters worse, you can not even pop in there from the world vs. world zones or from within the structured PvP lobby. Essentially you are forced to pay in order to get back, or do a lot of running. Your alternative? To get the Airship pass.

There is a slight method to get around this, although it is a bit inefficient. That is to go to world vs. world or the Heart of the Mists and exit through the main portals there, or to teleport directly to Vigil Keep Waypoint. This will lead you to the new “town” that is supposed to take up for Lion's Arch, right outside of Gendarran Fields (it is in the north east corner). This area has merchants, a Black Lion Trading Post NPC, banks and some other things, and it also contains the portals to the other main towns so you can do what you need there as well. It is pretty close to what Lion's Arch used to offer us, but not quite. Essentially whether or not you get the Airship Pass is dependent upon whether you need to move quickly or you are patient. The pass is pretty much just a convenience pass. Is there any value in this? Different people will have different opinions. Just explore the new town a bit, see what it takes in order to get to the NPCs you use the most often, and use that knowledge to help make your decision.

As for the cost of this new pass, you might wonder? It is 150 gems for a two week pass that you can get at any point through the shop within the game. As of now (and for the next couple days), though, there is another one for 1000 gems that is for an unlimited period of time. If you really like the convenience of the pass and plan to play the game for a long time still, it is clear that you will want to grab the unlimited time one. Just keep in mind that, assuming you can take the time to move around a bit, you can still handle all of your business even without the pass.




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