Grey Eyes

And I walk these thin lines of confusion with your hand in mine.
Can you see me?
Can you see the flaws in which I hide so devishly?
I cannot separate what I truly am from those that have molded me;
 I am what they made me.
But they, as the makers cannot control me,
For I cannot even control myself.
I have stopped apologizing even when mistakes persist.
And I will continue to stand and be judged and not judge.
You ask me the inevitable about life.
I just stare,
And watch your body flow into the mindless masses of ignorance.
Do you think it is wrong to want to be among the ignorance?
To feel the knowledge of nothing.
A seed of wronging, of sin, of deceit.
And I wait for you, whoever you may be, and my sanctuary?
My Savor?
My redemption.
Please, don’t look at me with grey eyes of hope,
For I have no answers and no words to give.
 Just stay away from the lines that separate us,
Stay within the boundaries of your ignorance


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