Great Business Ideas For You Part 1

This is the first in a series of articles I’m putting out to help you get great business ideas. You might be familiar with some of these ideas. You might like some and you might hate some. You might laugh at some and might think of yet others as unbelievable or downright ridiculous. However, I am sure you will find plenty of business ideas to your liking and will be inspired to start up your own business. All you need is to find a good idea, start your business and keep at it till it is successful. Who knows, maybe your small business will take off and turn into a big business someday soon.

I wish you great success and with that I’m going to begin listing the ideas as follows:

Idea 1 - Reusable Green Lunch Boxes

Are you the inventing sort? Are you worried about what our garbage is doing to the environment? Here is an idea you can wrap your brain around. Everyday kids across the world carry home packed lunch to school. They usually do so in paper bags, zip lock bags and so on. Once they are done with their lunch the kids throw the containers in the garbage bin and the garbage is picked up by gas guzzling, pollution emitting trucks that dump most of it in garbage dumps and landfills. This certainly cannot be good for the environment.

What if you could come up with an eco-friendly reusable lunch box that is food grade, biodegradable and lightweight and looks good so kids won’t mind carrying it to school? I think there would be a great market for such a product given that parents today are more concerned about the environment their kids are growing up in.

With this business you not only stand to gain money but also the great feeling of knowing you are doing something good for the environment and the future of kids everywhere.

Idea 2 – Get Crafty

Are you crafty? I don’t mean cunning. That’s not good for business; is it? Well I guess that depends but when I say get crafty, I quite literally mean create craft. Selling craft is one of the oldest forms of business there is and has never been as easy and as lucrative as it is now.

How is it easy? Well there are so many outlets on the internet where you can place your craft items for sale that it is hard to list them here. However, I will mention the biggest online craft market there is, so you can check it out for yourself and see the kind of items others are selling and hopefully get inspired to sell your own craft. The online craft market I speak of here is The site allows you to set up an online store for your goods and takes care of the selling process thus making things a lot easier on you. There are several such sites and you can find them with a quick Google search.

Of course just placing your items in an online store is not enough. You must get interested visitors to the store so you can make sales. Now, gets tens of thousands of visitors a day all looking for craft to purchase, so simply having a store on it may get you good sales but there’s no guarantee. Instead, you must go out and drive visitors to your store and there are many ways you can do that. You can post in art and craft forums, be active in Facebook groups, tweet your message on Twitter and create your own blog as well as write guest posts for popular related sites. Do all this while pointing links back to your online store and you should see good sales come in over time. Once you build a name for yourself you will not only get a lot of repeat buyers but also lots of referral business.

Idea 3 – Spread Holiday Cheer

Are you a jovial person or can you at least pretend to be? If the answer is yes then I have a jolly business idea for you. Now this can work with pretty much any festival in which gifts are exchanged but for simplicity’s sake and for the sake of keeping it more generic to the majority of people that will read this article, I’m going to use the festival of Christmas as an example of this business idea. This business idea is so simple, that for all I know people are already doing it. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it too or that it won’t be lucrative. Ok, so the idea is as follows. You could start a delivery service. I know what you are thinking; there are already so many delivery services, what is so easy about this business and how could I possibly compete against the giants like UPS, FedEx and so on. You would be right in thinking the idea hokum if I were talking of a regular delivery service. I assure you I am not. I am talking about starting a niche delivery service and one that is much in demand during the festival season. I am talking about starting a ‘gift delivery service’ and that too with a twist. Most delivery services are boring. Think about it for a moment; when was the last time you were as excited by the way a gift was delivered to you as by the gift itself? I mentioned above that I’ll use Christmas as an example of how this business could work so here goes.

You could start a gift delivery service for Christmas season. You or your workers, whoever is doing the delivery, could dress up as Santa and deliver the gifts you’ve been paid to deliver by riding out in your delivery vehicle that’s decked out to look all Chirstmasy with snow and reindeer and so on painted on it. At the point of delivery the delivery man or woman could break out into a Christmas carol. This way you will stand apart from other delivery services, will spread cheer and be in a jolly mood all while earning a tidy sum.

This is just an example of one festival based gift delivery service. You could do this for many other festivals through the year. You could get started marketing ahead of the festival season by passing out fliers and business cards, putting up classified ads, promoting your service online on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Craigslist.

These are just three ideas for now. The next article in the series will contain many more, so if the ideas in this article are not to your taste hopefully you will find something good in the following articles.

Thank you for reading.


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