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Gragas jungle guide

Gragas the Rabble Rouser

Gragas is now played in the jungle, less often mid (only because of the inertia in the meta) and even as a niche disruptive support because of his AOE and CC (like Sion).



  • High AOE burst!
  • Can fight effectively from many ranges.
  • An ulti that accomplishes many tasks.


  • Can't escape from everything anymore (needs more timing).
  • Melee auto attacks.
  • Skill shots (if your are not good at it).
  • slight nerfs in the last patch 5.12 (sustain; native hp regen).

Summoner spells

  • Flash: Flash is still above the other summoner spells. As a jungler it will be used both for offensive and defensive actions. ex: flash+E(with body contact) to close the distance during a gank. The only alternative to flash is teleport (teamplay strategy).
  • Smite: The mandatory spell for a jungler. Smite mechanichs were reworked not long ago. It's now benefic to smite right away on neutrals monsters because it's providing instant buffs as follows:
  • Gromp: Gift of the Toadstool poisons ennemies when they are attacking you (creeps, neutrals and champions) dealing DOT as follows: 10+(5% bonus hps) magic damage over 3 seconds. It doesn't refresh.
  • Crimson Raptor: Razor Sharp provides free true sight for 90 seconds. It fades rapidly once a ward is spotted. Checking the brush is still mandatory (The true sight icon will pop above your head without revealing the ward until you go in the brush. It will just indicate a ward's presence in that brush).
  • Ancient Krug (minor golems): Gift of the heavy Hands provides an 1 second stun against creeps and neutrals every 6 hits. It lasts 90 seconds. There is now some routes starting by this camp depending on the champions you take (mostly ad and as champs; WW, Pantheon, Lee Sin etc…)
  • Greater Murk Wolf: Smiting the main wolf will release a living ward going to the crossroads of this side of the jungle. The ward will chase every ennemy penetrating the jungle and will go back to its initial position when one leaves. It lasts 95 seconds. It can't be attacked. It is useful to prevent counterjungling.
  • Blue Sentinel: Smiting it restores mana over 2 seconds for 25% of your max mana. Note: this bonus is different from the one received by killing Blue Sentinel (mana regen + CDR).
  • Red Brambleback: Will restore 20% of your max health instantly upon smiting. Note: this bonus is different from the one received by killing Red Brambleback (DOT + slow).


  • Happy Hour (Passive): Gragas regenerates 4% of his max HP every time he casts. Static cooldown: 8 seconds.

The reminiscence of the original tank Gragas back to S1, S2. This is now used as a sustain tool for him in the jungle (a part of the build will revolve around HPs). Skills like W et E can be used “randomly” (still with cooldown management) to regenerate more hp if needed. As Gragas won't be fully mana efficient, the blue buff will help a lot.

  • Barrel Roll (Q): Gragas rolls a barrel to a given location then he will need to press Q again to make it explode, or it will explode after 4 seconds dealing magical AOE damages as follows: (80/120/160/200/240/ +60%AP). If it is channeled for 2 seconds and up the damage is increased by 150%: (120/180/240/300/360 +90%AP).

It will also slow the target(s)'s speed as follows: (40/45/50/55/60% movement speed reduction for 1.3 seconds). Depending on the channeling duration it will slow even more as follows: (60/67.5/75/85.5/90% movment reduction up to 2 seconds). Range: 850. Cooldown: (11/10/9/8/7) Cost: (60/65/70/75/80) mana. It deals 70% damage to creeps (but full damage against neutrals !)

This is your main skill. As additional informations; if you double cast rapidly the cask will explode at the end of its range. It wasn't the case previously if I remember well. Also there is now some weird momentum with E (the dash). You will need to cast it at the end of your E or it won't go where you planed. The range is decent. The barrel move speed is ok but avoidable from its max range. In the jungle it is interesting to throw it first and wait 2 seconds to gain bonus damage (the barrel will turn red both “in game” and at your skill's bar). The cooldown triggers once it explodes. The slow's duration was nerfed in the last patch (5.12) from 2 seconds to 1.3 seconds. It will affects ganks slightly.

  • Drunken Rage (W): Gragas drinks the beer in his barrel for 1 seconds gaining damage reduction for 2.5 seconds as follows: (10/12/14/16/18 damage reduction),(30/40/50/60/70 attack damage) and an additional bonus magic damage applied to the next auto attack as follows: (20/50/80/110/140 +30%AP damage +8/9/10/11/12% of target's max hps).Cooldown: 8/7/6/5/4. Cost: 30 mana.

The other relic from his old times tanking kit. It was rewworked as expected. It's more offensive now. Note that you won't be able to cast or even auto attack during the 1 sec channeling. Be aware of this in teamfight. You will still be able to move unlike pre-rework. The bonus damage stands as a buff on the next auto attack for 5 seconds. It's is capped to 300 damage against neutrals. It's an efficient skill in th jungle you should up this right after Q. Dealing additional damage to a single target is a perk into the vastly AOE Gragas skillset. As the reworks in jungle go on the main neutral tend to be togher whereas the lesser monster stay at the same state or tend to be weaker. Better cast it right after Q but before landing the first AA to benefit from the full damage reduction duration.

  • Body Slam (E): Gragas dashes forward dealing AOE magical damage as follow: (80/130/180/230/280 +60% AP).It also applies a knock back and a stun for 1 second on whoever was hit by it. If body Slam Hits a target its cooldown is reduced. Range: 600. Cooldown: 12(9). Cost: 50.

So this one was also remade recently. Previously the damages were split among the whole targets it hit. It wasn't that great. Now you deal full damages to everyone. But in the other side it had a 12(9) seconds cooldown anytime. They nerfed this part because gragas with 40% cdr had a 3.6 seconds dash running away from everything safe. Now you have to hit something to meet the previous cooldown. The Ad part of this skill was also removed recently. It is your utility skill. As the stun duration is fixed at 1 second to every level it should be leveled last. This is an useful tool in the ganks and even in the jungle as it will provide damage and sustain from its stun(free hits). now your natural jungling sequence is Q+Z+E+triggering Q for bonus damage. Beware of the knock back in the jungle as it can bump neutrals off the AOE of your Q not at its max potential (red).

  • Explosive Cask (R) (Ultimate): Gragas throws a bigger cask with a swift ballistic shot to target area dealing AOE magical damage as follows: (200/300/400 +70% AP). It will also knock back anyone took in the AOE on its impact with a distance of 600. Range: 1150. Cooldown:(100/90/80). Cost: 100 mana.

Your ulti is a skill shot that what will split good gragas from bad ones. There is a knock back on it so you can cancel any channels with it. As the range is decent you can throw it behind someone to knock him back to you! A standard combo is R (repelling the enemy to you) + E + Q (or Q first if your are good) for an astonishing burst (usually a kill on anyone but a tank). This ulti is great. It's not a pure engage but you can use it as it was if noone else fits the requirement. Beware! It can also be bad if you knock enemies off your teammates (like Alistar W) Use it wisely with a proper timing so. Also if someone is channeling on an enemy don't use it before the end of the channel (Morgana's ulti for example or Malzahar if you are on ARAM map).

Skill Sequence

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Q x x x x x
W x x x x x
E x x x x x
R x x x

You max Q first then W to enhance jungle farming. E last for ganks and utility. The first three levels can be tweaked between Q-W-E or Q-W-Q depending mainly on early gank opportunities.


An offensive setup with a bit of tanking. Why is that ? Several reasons: This guide is meant to be played in solo queue. There is at least two ways to build Gragas in the jungle nowadays: as a pure tank or as an aggresive hybrid. You won't benefit from you maximal potential as a tank in solo queue. You will depend on the ability of your mates to dps while you front lane. And they won't be very good at it until you reach decent ELO. Whereas building as a defaut AP in the jungle from start won't stop you to carry the game. Gragas will still be at least an aggressive off-tank from the mid game with a more defensive build as the game goes on. Always go in with Gragas he has the skillset to do it and should be played (and built) accordingly. Dont play him as glass canon Q only thrower (also known as Gangplank syndrom) those days are over. The other perk of this mastery build is that if there is no frontlane at all you should switch to a full tank only with minor drawbacks from this setup (way less than a 21/0/9). The loss from not having a full defensive tree will be a bit balanced by more gold and stuff from a more efficient farming in the jungle.

  • On the ferocity tree you pick eveything AP related:
  • _5/5 Sorcery: +2% AP
  • _1/1 Feast: +20 hp per unit killed. Static cooldown 25 secs.
  • _5/5 Natural: Talent: +10 AD + 15 AP at lvl 18
  • _1/1 Oppressor: +2.5 dmg to targets with impaired movements.
  • _5/5 Piercing Thought: +7% MPen
  • _1/1 Deathfire Touch:

Your standard combo is : Q…(W with timing)+E+AA+Q+AA(+AA). You will hit at least once after Q as the target is slowed. To maximize Oppressor engaging with E can be a thing.

  • On the Cunning tree take the minimal setup for thejungle:
  • _5/5 Savagery: +5 bonus dmg to monsters (neutrals) and minions.
  • _1/1 Runinc Affinity: +15% buff dration from neutrals.

Runic Affinity can be remplaced by secret Stash depending of your willing of teamplay. The more of a teamplayer your are the less you take Runinc Affinity because Blue buff will usually go to the midlaner (after the first one).

  • On the Resolve tree take the minimal setup for the jungle:
  • _5/5 Unyielding: +5% bonus armor and magic resist. It was nerfeda as +5 flat armor mr was better. It's goins better late game as Gragas will built some armor and/or magic resist.
  • _1/1 Though Skin: -2 dmg from heroes and neutrals. The flat reduction is early game friendly. depending on you style it can by swapped with Eplorer: +15 movement speed in brush and river. The more your gangk the more tou can take the second option.


  • 9X Magic Hybrid penetration (marks). Even if the AD steroids are gone on Gragas I still prefer those over AP because of the teamfights. It can be tweaked with AP without problems
  • 9X Flat armor (seals). The standard for every junglers.
  • 9X Flat AP (glyphs). For early AP jungling. Standard magic resist per level works too.
  • 3X Flat AP (Quintessences). Same purpose

If you have some sustain problems you can had some flat HP but it's not so clear if it is realy ahead AP in this case. There is also room for movement speed as usual in the quintessence area.

Alternative build, more suited for teamfights


(update needed)

Before E was tweaked a 40% CDR Gragas was very temptative. You had major mobility on the map with your 3.6 seconds dash that travels through minor obstacles (“thin” trees, cliffs, base's walls). You also were virtually uncatchable if someone tried to run after you. Now you only can match the old cooldown by hitting something. No more super mobile Gragas. So I advocate for an optimal CDR based on the duration of his W. So the formula 100-((duration/cooldown)*100) 100-((20/25)*100)= 20. You pick 20% cdr then you focus on AP because of your burst. Hi Athene's Unholy Grail ! You can start with Doran's ring +2 hp pots or boots + 5 mixed pots. On you first trip back you can buy another Doran's ring and chalice of harmony and boots. Your core build will be: Sorceres's Shoes + Athene's Unholy Grail + Rabadon's Deathcap (+ Doran's Ring*2). With this you be pretty tanky from the other AP's view. There is more items viable on Gragas. Early Rod of Ages for more spam. Abyssal scepter because of your AOEs. Deathfire Grasp if you like to go at close range often. Zhonya vs AD heavy or CC heavy. In fact you will have to build him according to the opponents.

Jungle Route


Mid late game teamfights

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