Summary of the story

Long time ago, there was a kind woodcutter, he respected his parents well but he was very poor. When he went to the mountain to get wood, he decided to cut a wood next to the pond. While he was cutting the wood, his axe fell into the pond. While he wept for the axe, a fairy asked him ‘why are you sad?’he replied, he was a wood cutter and his axe fell into the pond. He was not able to make money without his axe. The fairy said, he would help to find, and he disappeared. Soon, he brought a gold axe and asked whether the axe was his or not. The woodcutter said no. Again he went back to the pond and brought a silver axe. He asked whether the axe was his or not, but woodcutter again answered no. He showed an old axe to him and asked whether this was his. The woodcutter said yes. The fairy was smiling, and he said the woodcutter was very honest. So he gave woodcutter a gold axe and silver axe for prize. So, the woodcutter lived with his parents happily.



Hoping that kind and honest people will get paid off from mystic.


People would form an identity between people who had been poor and honest.


By spreading the story, possible connection would be formed between active bearers saying that honesty will be appreciated.

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