God's Little Warriors – Part 2

My 8-year old daughter Therese was with CFC-SMS for 3 school years. I will be forever thankful to CFC-SMS for being very open and accepting to Therese's condition. She was diagnosed to have a bilateral moderately severe sensorineural hearing loss when she was 3 yrs old.

Due to CFC-SMS's kind and patient understanding, Therese felt comfortable and was able to be herself. Despite her condition, the teachers' patience allowed her to learn the basics in academics.

My husband and I are also very grateful because while Therese was with SMS, she was able to learn about our faith and values. The Integrated Bible-Based Curriculum is a big help, especially now that she is with the Community of Learners, a big school in Valencia, Quezon City. This school does not offer religion as a subject but rather as an elective in Catechism.

I always mention and recommend CFC-SMS to people in search of a good pre-school. It is where the uniqueness of each child is developed and appreciated. Everybody is welcome. The curriculum is very ideal and more importantly, the lessons are value-laden. Agnes Chinjen

Six and a half year old Pauline is now a Kinder-2 pupil at St. Paul College of Pasig. We could say that our daughter has no difficulty where her studies are concerned. She learned basic academic concepts while in CFC-SMS.

Likewise, her field trips during her pre-school days at SMS greatly helped Pauline in her emotional adjustments particularly in relating with others: At such a tender age, she is well behaved and expresses her faith in God pretty well.

Recently, we witnessed the fruits of her spiritual foundation. Pauline saw the “Piso Para Sa Kapatid Ko” donation can, a project of Couples for Christ and CFC Angkop Foundation, Inc. After explaining to her that a peso donation will give life and hope to street children, she got a pen and paper, and drew something which really touched us. She drew a girl with a smiling face which looked like the sun. That girl was dropping a coin in the donation can. She drew another smiling girl beside the can.

Pauline's creativity allowed us to see her character and talent. For us, a child's academic performance is also important, but what is more valuable is to lay the foundation for one's social, emotional, and spiritual development. This is what CFC-SMS has to offer. Tony and Sandra Cruz

John Abraham A. Padilla was with SMS in Bagong Silang. He is now a Grade 1 student at St. Anthony Nova School m Amparo Village, Caloocan.

Jepoy, as we fondly call him, is Top 3 in his class. He easily identifies objects, the letters of the alphabet and counts from 1 to 100. More importantly, his values were really formed, his character molded.

What sets CFC-SMS apart from other pre-schools is the curriculum? The Bible-based curriculum (IBBC) teaches children love and respect for God, value and love for family and other people, and respect for property. More importantly, the IBBC emphasizes spiritual formation.

I am proud to say that Jepoy's values are so strong that his present school gave him the awards Most Helpful, Most Courteous, and Most Obedient. He also had an academic award Best in Science. CFC-SMS also helped Jepoy develop his concern for other children. Cesar Padilla

My 7-year old son Israel is now in Grade 2 at Holy Rosary in Tala, Caloocan where he performs well in class. He is appreciative of the people around him and interacts well with other people, young and old alike. I remember when he used to be on his own most of the time. Being the youngest in the family then, he had difficulty relating with his older brothers - they are more than 7 years older than him. After we enrolled him at CFC-SMS, he gradually transformed from an inhibited child to somebody who knew how to cooperate with others, especially those his age.

The lessons in class, specifically those pertaining to love for family and other people, made him appreciate his brothers more. That was why it was easy for him to accept his baby brother born a year ago. Vheng and Ness Intia

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