God's Little Warriors – Part 1

This is our guarantee: your children will always have a very special place in the heart of CFC Educational Foundation, Inc. That is why the Moving-Up Day every end of the school year moves not only the parents, but the whole teaching staff of CFC School of the Morning Star (the pre-school of CFC-EFI) as well! We have nothing but simply fond memories with your child. And since the children had been part of our lives, we wanted to know how they are doing. The parents of our pre-school graduates answer our question.

How are they?

Biel is now a nursery student at Xavier School in San Juan. Though he only stayed with CFC-SMS for a year, that was enough time for him to be prepared for the big school. Academically, SMS developed his reading and writing skills, as well as alphabet and number recognition. His teacher in Xavier likewise commented that his penmanship was “very neat.” He writes with straight strokes and is able to write most of the letters and numbers even without models.

Through SMS, he learned to decide for himself - he used to depend so much on others when making choices. He also became a very sociable person, not only with peers but also with adults with whom he was unfamiliar. Spiritually, he volunteers to lead our prayers at home. It was amusing when Biel once called his Dad's attention when the latter forgot to bless the food before eating. He sees the value of prayer and does not forget to do so before sleeping.

Honestly speaking, we relied so much on SMS in preparing Biel for the big school. We are thankful to SMS because the trust we gave the school was well worth it. SMS helped us prepare our son to face the bigger world. Lorenzo and Tess Elicanal

Trysh is a Kinder-2 student at the Poveda Learning Center. Our daughter is still talkative but tolerably so; she simply loves expressing herself! During her pre-school days at CFC-SMS, she developed socially and spiritually. Meeting new friends at Poveda, as well as adjusting to her new school, was quite an easy task for her.

Likewise, the value of independence and responsibility which we inculcate at home was reinforced by SMS. We are also glad since until now, Trysh remembers the prayers she learned at SMS. She still knows how to pray the Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, the Holy Rosary, The Creed, and the Act of Contrition. How we wish there would be more SMS centers around! Martin and Pinky Banson

We praise God since all our 3 daughters, Ma. Clarisse now 11, Mary Louise now 9, and Mary Claudine, now 7, are excelling in St. Paul College of Pasig. All of them had their pre-school at CFC Child Development Center (now CFC School of the Morning Star). With this comes the acknowledgment that it is only through God's guidance that we are raising children who are well-rounded, confident and who have a strong foundation.

We are thankful to CFC-EFI for having helped us provide a good start in the lives of our children. God has given us another blessing - a handsome and healthy baby boy, Luis Rainier. And you know what pre-school we plan to send him to! Chito & Mariles Ligunas

Our son Galo, 6 years old, is now a Prep student at the Ateneo de Manila University. While he was with SMS-Philam, we had him tutored by his teacher for Reading and Writing, and this extra time in school improved Galo 's skills.

CFC-SMS helped Galo to be a stable happy child, good at making new friends. He is not shy, volunteers to tell a story to his classmates, very sweet and caring. He is very independent and well-adjusted. His general average in academic subjects is 94%. We have seen the fruits in Galo, and that is why we keep on recommending CFC-SMS to other parents. Lucino & Arlene Gutierrez

Mariel is now a Grade 1 student at St. Paul College of Pasig. Her independence, sweetness and her being a sociable person allows her to make friends even from other classrooms. She is a God fearing child who loves to repeat Bible stories that she hears or reads about.

While Mariel was with CFC-SMS, the school reinforced the same values we teach at home - values that we believe lay the foundation for righteous living. This way Mariel was able to develop habits that prepared her not only for the big school, but for life in general.

Some examples of these habits are: following a routine (value: order in time), packing away things at the right place after using them (value: responsibility and order in place), using “magic” words, sharing toys, waiting for one's turn (value: respect for others), storytelling about family (value: love of family), daily prayer, acknowledgment of God's presence and goodness (value: love of God), and many others. Indeed, CFC-SMS puts emphasis on Christian values. Gary and Annie Faustino

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