Globalist Puppet Obama Attacks US By Forcing Border Control To Stand Down

Note To Partisans

If you take umbrage at someone calling Obama a globalist puppet, and find yourself in an automatic knee-jerk response, thinking that the preceding president was a globalist puppet, you are right about his predecessor. So what?

If you step in a pile of dog mess, do you try to clean it off, or do you ignore it and talk about what a different pile of dog poo that you stepped in several years ago, that, in your opinion was even worse than this one? Do you look for good things to say about the poo on your shoe and just pretend it's not a god awful, embarrassing reflection upon you?

Do you ignore the fact that if you keep acting like it's not so bad and it could be worse, you are going to be spreading that filth everywhere you go? Do you not understand that people are going to hate being around you as long as you are in denial about the crap on your shoe?

Or do you simply hang out with other people who also enjoy stepping in that same poo pile, and talk about the other poo piles in the past that you contend were so much worse than this one? Haven't you noticed that there is another group forming comprised of people who make it a point to not step in any dog poop?

They have cleaned off their shoes, and they are looking at all the people still remaining in their favorite dog poo group, wondering why they can't smell how bad it is. Some of them are laughing at the fact that some people are going from one dog poo group back to the previous one every so often, thinking that it's going to smell different each time.

These people also laugh at the people who just keeping following the same family of dogs, to make sure they can step in their poo, because it was good enough for their daddy, it's good enough for them.

However, most of the people in this new, non poo group, feel sad to see so many people showing allegiance to one particular brand of dog poo or another. To them, there is nothing funny about it.

Welcome To The Present Time

The reason this article deals with Obama more than Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, Carter or other dogs of that nature is we are living in the now – last time I checked, at least – and Obama is the president who is taking on dictatorial powers.

If you just found yourself thinking a president who took on dictatorial powers reminds you of Bush, and the reason you are thinking that is to reflect the spotlight from Obama back into the past, you really need to get help with that robotic way of thinking that is clearly not helping your life in any manner. As historical perspective, it's a valid point. Bush did take dictatorial measures against the United States.

In so doing, he created an environment where the next guy could continue without even breaking stride, and then pick up the pace. If you would just take off the partisan blinders, it would be evident that the pace of trampling the United States Constitution that Obama has increased over Bush is breathtaking.

Obama Comes Out And Says He Has The Right To Order Your Murder

The NDAA is the law that gives the president the right to drone murder anyone who says is a terrorist. Perhaps you didn't mind it when Bush was doing it to people in the middle east even if there was the “collateral damage” of wedding parties and little children. Hey, you have to break some eggs to make an omelet, right?

Well, how do you like it now that your president and all of his successors, can legally do that same thing to anyone he chooses, US citizen or not, here in your “homeland?” Does it make you feel safer? Is it okay if your wedding party gets bombed?

Somebody Call Oprah!

What's that? You're not so sure about this, now that you can be drone attacked? You must be another one of these racists who can't stand the fact that a black person is in the White House.

What did you say? You're black? It is so sad to see self hating black people. Perhaps Oprah can open up a reeducation camp to help your learn to love Obama, and hence, learn to love yourself again. Your attendance will be mandatory, but at least you'll be in the good company of Dick Gregory and Professor Griff, among many others.

Like Germany Before The Big One

The United States is like Germany before World War 2. People who were awake saw exactly what was going on, and they were talking to each other in disbelief. They tried talking to the people who were not awake, but very few of them woke up until it was too late to avoid hell are earth.

There is this argument that as soon as you bring up Hitler and compare him with anything that is going on in the United States, you have lost credibility. That argument is the only thing that has no credibility.

To ignore historical facts is to allow yourself to take part in repeating them. As many people as Hitler killed, it pales in comparison with Stalin, and the Stalin Hitler combined totals pales in comparison to Mao Tse-Tung in China.

To pretend that recent history is not replete with stories of leaders who were thought to be good, who turned out to be monsters, does not change the reality. Hitler was Time Magazine's Man Of The Year (as was Obama, by the way.) To act like mass murdering leaders are only possible in nations other than the United States is foolish and naive beyond the pale.

Repeating Patterns

There is a pattern of behavior that leaders take on the way to mass depravity. In the United States where we have not yet gone to full scale dictator government, the role of the head leader is played by different actors. Together, they have displayed the pattern slowly and incrementally, building up and leading to potential wide scale horrors.

The great generation of Americans who are older seniors and are dying off can barely believe what has become of their country. Some of their children are aware enough to be horrified as well. The generations after that, taken as wholes, seem lost in oblivion, products of the social engineering, distracted, naive and dumbed down.

Following marching orders from the elite globalist cabal that runs most of the world, Obama has accelerated the dictator pattern to the point where many conscious individuals believe that he is the guy they have decided to take things to the Hitler, Stalin, Mao level in the United States.

Screw Fear

I say this not to generate fear. Let's put things in perspective. Nobody gets out of here alive, (at least in terms of what most people mean by, alive.) We all are going to die sometime, so it's not like Mao killed 80 million people who were going to live forever.

Beyond that, this isn't any of our first times at the rodeo. We've been here and back so many times, it's getting ridiculous. Yes, reincarnation is real. The evidence is undeniable to anybody with eyes to see and ears to hear.

Time To Learn The Lesson

The problem is, we come to physical reality from the spiritual realm from whence the physical world is created, in order to learn lessons, individually and collectively. If we learn our lesson(s) in a given lifetime, the next life we have the opportunity to learn new lesson(s). That goes the same for individuals and groups of various sizes, including the one big group, humanity.

We are here to learn the lesson of getting our world back from people and other beings whom we have collectively, over time, allowed to steal it from us. If we do not learn the lesson, we will just keep coming back to face the exact same challenge until we get it right.

It doesn't matter if the mad men currently in control use technology to wipe out humanity. (That seems to be the goal of the beings they are getting their orders from.) Even if this world were to be disintegrated with some kind of secret technology, and if everybody dies, we will incarnate in another world with the same players, and pick up where we left off.

A Long Way To Get To Get To The Story

Okay, with that foundation, I'd like to talk about the latest treason Obama is currently engaged in. Actually, the latest one is probably still hidden, but this is one of the latest ones we know about.

Working with his globalist controllers – whose goal they are getting closer to completion, a one world dictatorial government that will come with a drastic population reduction – they have created a crises of Latin American children, (many with their mothers), somehow finding their way to the southern border crossing points.

For some reason, they all started coming (on trains and then buses) to the actual border patrol crossings, as opposed to trying to sneak in. Gee that seems kind of odd. Eh?

That Much Closer To The North American Union

This is all part of the plan to establish the North American Union, to take the place of the notion of three sovereign nations, Canada, the United States of America, and Mexico. They are first attacking the US Mexico border. Later it will be the US Canada border. There are plans for a potential common currency, known as the Amero. This footnote1) has two links to web pages about the NAU and the loss of national sovereignty of these three countries.

The Worst "Free" Trade Agreement By Far?

The first is from the Boston Globe, which dismisses it as paranoia. The second is from William Jasper writing in The New American about how plans for the NAU are continuing under the auspices of the most sovereign busting trade agreement yet, the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) which is being done in secret, without Congress even being able to see what's in it – but some leaked sections are truly sad and treasonous and take away the rights of people and law makers and courts in the United States (and all the countries that are signing onto it.)

Keep in mind the secrecy of how these globalists often work, when you hear people talking about those of us who are warning people to awaken to what is happening, as being delusional and paranoid. If there is nothing to be concerned about, then why all the secrecy? Obviously, it's because if the people know what is in it, there will be tremendous backlash.

By The Time We Discover The Truth It Will Already Be Too Late

We've got to put pressure on Congress to demand to know what is in the agreement that Obama and many members of both dog poo parties are already endorsing. They want to get it done before we find out, similar to Nancy Pelosi's infamous statement, to the effect of, Let's pass Obamacare so we can find out what's in it. The problem with that is it becomes too late at that point.

One provision we know that is in the TPP is that if anyone online is accused three times of violating copyright, after being found guilty by the special TPP panel that investigates the accusations, they will not be allowed to publish online. There is biometric technology underway to make everyone who publishes online, personally identifiable. (It's there to protect us from the terrorist, don't you know?)

The Plan Is To Let The TPP Pave The Way To The NAU

The TPP is not the North American Union, but it is now the latest effort that is, in part, designed to help facilitate it, since the US and Mexico and Canada are all intending to sign on to it with several other nations. (One of the many naive notions in the Boston Globe article, is the thought that since the three nations to comprise the NAU are to be in the TPP, then the NAU can never come about.)

Meanwhile Back At The Border

Back to our southern border situation: There is an ongoing wave of people who are said to be fleeing terrible conditions in their countries, who are in need of emergency help. Since the federal government of the United States cares so much about all people, especially the impoverished, Obama has, behind the scenes, (i.e. not in writing), ordered the border control to not only stand down, but to actively do the opposite of the job they are mandated to perform.

More then simply allowing all illegal aliens who wish to come into the country to just come on in, border patrol agents (along with other federal employees, including military members) are now helping to change their diapers, clean 'their' toilets, warm up baby 'their' formula, feed and make as comfortable as possible, the never ending wave of illegal aliens who are streaming into the country.

Obama Waves His Magic Wand Again & No One Seems To Notice

Single-handedly, Obama has changed immigration law, although no laws have actually been changed. The reality is, there are no laws but the whim of the dictator, the role being played by Obama for the time being.

Who knew, when he was changing the Obamacare law with passing whims from one week to the next, that he would go so far as to tear down immigration laws? What laws, what parts of the Constitution will he tear down and rewrite next?

We Don't Need No Stinkin' Constitution

Why do we still pretend to have a constitution or law makers or judges any more? How are we allowing this guy to get away with this?

I know that as I see this stuff, and so many other things being done, I just keep thinking, surely there will be some law makers, some judges, somebody somewhere, to do something to make him stop. Surely some people in mainstream media, even though the corporations they work for are owned by the globalists, will speak up and call him out on it.

Yet, he just goes on doing what he wants, when he wants. Military bases are overflowing with illegal aliens complaining about the food, yet Obama, pathological liar that he is, goes on TV and tells people in other countries he will deport them, (wink, wink) if they come in without going through the legal immigration channels.

If You Or I Trafficked Humans We'd Get Life In Prison

It turns out, that the government is paying to put them on buses and let them go anywhere they want to go. Does anybody doubt that welfare is going to be available for them? And health care? Food stamps? Driver licenses? Voting ability?

Meanwhile, veterans are being turned down for the health care they need and they are literally dying decades earlier than they would be if the US was fulfilling our promise to them.

There are diseased people being allowed in, as well as gang members and other criminals. We are being told, it's children, it's OK. Minor aged gang members are technically children. Ask their victims if that makes them feel better. (The dead victims, I guess, we can't ask.)

They aren't all gang members, but it doesn't even matter if there were no gang members. We can't, even in the name of compassion, let people just come in at will. If 7 billion people in the world all want to come to the USA, should we allow it?

Want To Help These Unfortunate People? Stop The Drug War

Whatever actual crises there may be in other nations, a lot of it comes from a failed drug policy which the United State puts pressure on other nations to maintain. If we want to have compassion and help other nations, as well as our own, stop the insane war on drugs which creates thousands of times more problems than it abates.

No country in the world allows people to come in uninvited. You or I can't just move to another country without permission. Why are we supposed to allow everyone else to come in and tax our already overburdened system?

If you want to move to another country, officials will take your application and investigate you. If you're lucky, you'll get an interview and tell why you believe you can contribute to their country. Many nations won't let you in unless you are rich and it's obvious they are going to benefit from your presence in a big way. Even then, they have to make sure you are not diseased, so you don't bring sickness to their people.

What's Really Going On

The globalist plan is to change the cultural and ethnic make up of all the countries of the western world for the moment, and probably all nations with the possible exception of Israel, later on. They do this because they don't want individual nations, or regions within countries having the identity and culture they have been accustomed to. That's explains the wave of Muslims throughout Europe. The idea is to make the majority the minority, while they take away legal sovereignty of the state, by international trade agreements. The globalists want to shake up everything so that nothing is familiar. That is why the family structure is under attack.

If you haven't seen the “public service” announcement from Melissa Harris-Perry of MSNBC saying that your children don't belong to you, click here. (You'll need to hit the back button to get back here.)

Kindergarten Curriculum Includes Anal Sex Lessons

It's the globalist who are pushing homosexuality on children in the name of tolerance. I wrote a post here on Devtome, Jesus Would Vote Yes On A Gay Marriage Initiative, because I believe it. That doesn't mean I support programs which force grade school kids, and sometime kindergarten children to be taught how to engage in anal sex.2)

That's not tolerance. That's a globalist assault on normality. Even if 90+ percent of the population were naturally homosexually oriented, the mechanics of sexual intercourse is totally inappropriate to be teaching young children. It's ridiculous that this is what it means to be a liberal these days. I'm a long time liberal, but how am I supposed to identify with people who think that's a good thing to teach 5 years old how anal sex works – or who believe that Obama can do no wrong, when it's closer to the truth that he will do no right?

Your Reality Is Being Socially Engineered

What that has to do with opening the borders is, it shows the bigger picture of what is going on. We're being hit from every angle. It's scientifically planned and executed social engineering. It's changing everything we know as normal and making it different, not in some naturally evolving way, but forcing it upon every person and every society in the world in one giant psyop (psychological operation.)

The controllers do not want us feeling comfortable or independent. They don't want the institutions that we have relied upon, like the family unit, to remain in power. They want to be the total power and authority, and for us to be brainwashed to perceive reality however they deem it, and manipulate it, to be.

This Time It's The Demoncrats Outdoing The Repugnantans

They have chosen the democratic party to help usher their current sweeping changes, just as they chose the republican party to usher in their previous sweeping changes. At the upper levels, the two parties will continue to pretend to be opposition, (as is their divide and conquer strategy), and the global cabal will continue to push their policies through both of parties, while changing the make up, culture and morals of the country before our very eyes.

They will continue doing this for as long as we let them. As long as we fall for their traps of partisan politics, as well as the distraction of bread and circuses (TV, sporting events, etc.), the march to the nightmare will continue unimpeded.

What's A Citizen To Do?

  • The first priority is to wake up and help others wake up. Then, while the window of opportunity is still a bit open where letter writing is at least a blip on the radar, we need to write letters to various so called public servants; both regionally and nationally.
  • Watch how your spend you money. Buy locally. While there are still some local businesses, support them.
  • Get health conscious. Get away from the poisons these people are consciously putting into your brain and body to dumb you down, make you sick and prematurely end your life. If, like me, you can't do it all at once, do it incrementally and put yourself on a program like Blake Sawyer's Homeostasis Protocol, that includes some key supplements, including detox, ionized water, and rebounding (mini trampoline) exercise to get your lymph circulating.
  • Listen to the Alex Jones radio show wherever you can tune him in. Besides 160+ AM or FM radio stations, there are various ways to hear him with other technology, some of which you surely have access to, like a computer. Go here and scroll the page to see the various possibilities. The most convenient way it's done is with the # 1 New World Order/NSA tracking tool, (your smart phone.) It's working against you on so many levels, you might as well put it to use working for you.) On your phone, go to whatever app that allows you to download more apps, like The App Store or Google Play and enter Alex Jones. It's free.
  • Get involved locally. Your community is waiting to have someone like you who is involved in the local goings on, to point them in the wakeful direction. You don't have to run for office to be involved locally, but it's an option. Just going to meetings as a concerned citizen and speaking up when the powers that be are acting nefariously will give you plenty of opportunity to help out and educate. On the other hand, perhaps your local participation will not include the workings of government, from either side of the podium.
  • Be willing to make a human connection with people you pass in your day to day comings and goings. The New World Order doesn't want us making those connections. If we have to deal with other actual humans, then they prefer we do it via one of their technological buffers, like a smart phone or computer. If you actually say hello to people you pass on the street, you will make the powers that be antsy, which is a good enough reason to do it. More importantly, you will start meeting people you are supposed to meet, by metaphysical "coincidence." Your life will have the opportunity to grow in new directions, which will make the powers that be unhappy, as well. It may be someone who needs you to help her wake up, or it could be someone who is going to wake you up further, lead you to places you need to be. She may become a long term partner in the quest to take back our world, or it could be someone who just serves a purpose for the time being, before making herself scarce. It can all come about simply from acknowledging the presence of a person passing by you, or standing in a line, that normally you would not speak to. The simple act of showing equality & respect to your fellow humans, acknowledging their existence, even if it's a only a nod and a smile, can have a powerful effect on you and the other person. Plus, it takes away a little bit of the power of the controllers each time we do that. They do everything they can to try to keep us from treating each other that way. It gets in the way of their divide and conquer strategy.
  • Have gratitude. Think of something to be grateful for daily. Write it down in a gratitude journal. You just might be surprised at the power and the sanity that brings to your world.
  • Understand the reality of the law of attraction in terms of the emotions your human broadcasting system puts out. The law also operates with the pictures you hold in your mind, and their related thoughts. When the negative emotions, images, and thoughts come, learn to let them flow past you. Prayer and meditation can do wonders in that regard.
  • Pray and meditate. Don't you dare underestimate (or as Bush 2 would say, misunderestimate) the power of both prayer and meditation. The biggest battles we are facing are spiritual – which should really tell you something when you look at the physical wars being waged. The spiritual realm is where victory ultimately awaits.

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