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I don't know who the young man in this video is, but Australia is no better in truth: Please watch the video at this link it is the inspiration for the following rant.

We are not at War!

The comments on this video were made during the Iraq war in America but his words ring so true, right now in Australia.

At present, Australia has 3000+ troops in active service overseas, engaged in over a dozen campaigns in Afghanistan, Timor-Leste, the Middle East, Irag, South Sudan and even the Solomon islands, costing millions of dollars every day.

We are not at war, our country faces financial and social crisis from within our own borders. Why are our troops deployed overseas when we have such need right here?

In Australia today:

  • 1500 Teachers are on strike with schools closed in remote areas
  • Our education system ranks 93rd in the world for education expenditure as a % of GDP - (Ironically, far below most of the countries we currently deploy troops to except Afghanistan at 169 but among developed nations we rank second last)
  • We have a homelessness rate that means 100,000 people will have nowhere to sleep tonight
  • Major budget blowouts across infrastructure projects like the National Broadband Network (NBN) threaten to undermine the works already done.

The Australian Defence Force has a compliment of approximately 60,000 personnel. How much could 60,000 disciplined, trained and equipped personnel do to address any of these issues? …What if the Australian Government were to deploy ADF personnel within our own borders and engage them in nation building activities?

Simple Proposals to Complex needs

1- Give the ADF communications experts the national broadband network to build and roll-out.

2 - Employ the army to build and supply emergency housing in our major cities where homelessness is more evident in the “Lucky Country” than at any other time in history

3 - Provide the armed forces with the budget allowance already blown by the current NBN team and allow the armed forces to treat it as commercial (fundraising) enterprise.

4 - Create and equip the armed forces in each state to respond in support of emergency service personnel and share training/resources.

5 - Create and equip nation building teams from within the armed forces to create low cost housing in remote areas.

Plausible addition - The total budget for defence in Australia this year is approximately 26 Billion dollars - Redirect ONE (1) billion of the defence budget to education and maybe our teachers would not need to strike.

Just 1 year

All it would take, is one year without any troops deployed overseas to bring 1 Billion dollars back into the economy, allowing the nation to utilise those same personnel deployed overseas, to begin nation and city building on our own soil.

Just one year of men and women home with their families, deployed within our own borders to fight the real enemies of humanity: Hunger, Poverty and Need.

Just one year to make the “defence cuts” necessary to solve real issues, for real Australians, inside our own borders.

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