Giveaways Equal More Revenue

One of my business contacts started her consulting business two years ago. She had very little money for advertising. She settled on a promotional strategy that has resulted in her earning a six figure income every year since the business started. She told me the strategy and at first I didn’t believe her, but after she explained it to me it made sense. She gives away some valuable for free. Customers love this. She went on to explain that this does not mean that you give out free products. It could very well be a simple eBook on a particular subject that is trending. She gave me an example. If you have a website that is related to IT you could give away wallpapers or screen savers that you have designed. Many people do this, but not all ask for contact information as well. She however does. She collects email addresses in exchange for the freebie that she gives away. This way she can add the person to her mailing list. She publishes and distributes a free newsletter biweekly. The newsletter is on a trending business topic and she always includes a special discounted offer for one of her services that relates to the article. She always receives calls after each newsletter goes out.

She said that there is fine line between giving items away for email addresses and becoming annoying to your visitors asking for some every time you give something away. She believes in treating her readers and website visitors with respect. She has adapted the practice of giving them freebies for simply being subscribers to her newsletter. This has helped her build her reputation. She also asks her readers to share the newsletter on social media sites. This has also helped build her reputation and traffic.

She believes that the amount of publicity generated will be greater than if you had spent 10 times as much money as you did for what you gave away. The traffic potential of giving away something valuable for free guide takes time, but the viral aspects are out of this world. This strategy has been her main source of advertising and it has worked extremely well for her. I left that conversation with a new marketing strategy that I believe will make a big difference in the potential success of a new business. I recommend giving this strategy a try today.


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