Gift of Knowledge

There is no better gift than education and the Del Monte Foundation, Inc. shares the gift of knowledge to interested and qualified out-of-school youth as well as underemployed breadwinners residing near the plantation.

As its year-opener, DMFI conducted a 15-day training on professional driving for some 30 participants as its Community Education Center in Calanawan, Manolo Fortich (Bukidnon). The program was undertaken in cooperation with TESDA and the local government unit.

In his brief message, Manolo Fortich Mayor Ben Albarece reminded trainees of the value of driving as a “stepping stone” in one's career. They can become entrepreneurs or work profitably as professional drivers. DMFI executive director Maya Malferrari also expressed hopes that they can share their blessings with the community, become leaders later on, and be able to help many others.

Here are some of the graduates who hope to drive their way to success:

FLORENCIO CATA-AWAN, 41 years, from Ticala, M.F., part-time driver and hauling truck helper; willing to learn and dreams of driving full-time.

DEXTER TINAMPAY, 21 years, high school graduate, from barangay Lunocan, Manolo Fortich (Buk.); on the M.F.-Santo Xino-Phillips multicab route the last two years.

DARWIN JONAS ALECER, 24 years, from Lindaban, M.F. ; jeepney conductor for over a year; training application endorsed by barangay captain.

In Kenya

Cannery supervisor Jenny Yacapin has left the country recently for a three-year tour-of-duty at Del Monte Kenya Ltd., a sister-company of Del Monte Phils., Inc. Jen, who has served the Bugo Cannery over the last 30 years, will be working closely with DMKL production manager Stergios Gkaliamoutsas and Kenyan cannery workers to help upgrade the plant's cookroom equipment - fillers, seamers, cookers, coolers, can/cable runways and palletizers - as well as help train cookroom supervisors, standard control inspectors and machine operators. He has trained under Angelus Seamer Manufacturer trainors Sam Leach and Robert Bay, and has helped improved line efficiency and recovery at the Bugo cookroom. Joining Jenny in his Kenya assignment is wife Cecilia. Their children (seated) Celgen, a licensed engineer, James Genecel (economics graduate), Gecel (commerce graduate), Leane (due to graduate next year) are in the country.

Kenya Executives: James Karanja, Senior Superintendent; Jenny Yacapin (From DMPI); Vicky Motungwa, Q.C./Q.A. Incharge; Sam Ogubi, Factory Superintendent; Stergios Gkaliamoutsas, Production Manager. Best Wishes From Bugo Cannery Execs Edgar Villegas And Clemente Yacapin.

Go, Grow & Glow

We don't have to spend much to be healthy. You and your family, especially children, can have the right food with the “Go, Grow and Glow” food groups:

Energy giving food or “Go” food Carbohydrate-rich and fat-rich food which give the body the needed “fuel” for work and play. Excellent samples of carbo foods are rice, root crops (ube, gabi, camote, and potato) and sugar, margarine, coconut milk and coconut oil for fatty foods.

Body-building food or “Grow” food rich food which help maintain normal processes and repair worn-out body tissues. Good protein sources are meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, legumes, beans, nuts, eggs and milk. These are also known as “brain food.”

Body-regulating or protective food or “Glow” food Vitamin-and mineral-rich food that help the body fight diseases. Everybody needs protective food rich in Vitamins A and C such as green leafy and yellow vegetables, and food rich in iron and iodine (such as saluyot, pechay, kangkong, squash, alugbati, carrots, malunggay, upo, ampalaya, okra, papaya,guyabano, banana, chico and melon).

Give your children the right kind and the right amount of food everyday to prevent malnutrition. A child's stomach is smaller than an adult's, thus a child cannot eat as much as an adult. Give your child small amounts of food three to five times a day.

Toddlers 1-3 years old have increased nutritional needs for rapid growth and development while pre-schoolers (3-6 years old) are at a state of rapid mental, social and emotional growth. They need more energy-giving, body-building and body-regulating food. It is important for parents to monitor a child's weight and height regularly. Being fat does not mean a child is healthy.

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